woman Of Pamplona Oneca‏‎, daughter of Garcia, King Of Pamplona Iniguez and UNKNOWN Uracca‏.
Born ‎estimated WFT 826-871, died ‎estimated WFT 863-954‎, approximately -83 years

Married ‎estimated WFT 844-890 (approximately -64 years married) to:

man Anzar II, Count Of Aragon Galindo‏‎, son of Galindo I, Count Of Aragon Anzarez and UNKNOWN Guldregut‏.
Born ‎estimated WFT 819-866, died ‎ 893‎


woman Urraca Anzarez De Aragon‏
Born ‎estimated WFT 863-894, died ‎estimated WFT 921-982‎, approximately -88 years
man Galinda II, Count Of Aragon Aznarez‏
Born ‎estimated WFT 855-894, died ‎ 922‎