man The Illustrious, Duke Of Saxony Otto‏‎, son of Duke Of Saxony Ludolph and UNKNOWN Hedwige‏.
Born ‎± 851 at Saxony, Germany, died ‎ Nov 30, 912‎, approximately 61 years

Married ‎estimated WFT 864-893 to:

woman UNKNOWN Hedwige‏‎, daughter of I, King Of Germany Arnuph and Of Bavaria Oda‏.
Born ‎estimated WFT 837-860, died ‎± 903‎, 1st married/ related to: Otto De Saxony, ‎2nd marriage to: The Illustrious, Duke Of Saxony Otto, 3rd marriage to: Otto The Illustrious UNKNOWN


man I, The Fowler, King Of Germany Henry‏
Born ‎± 876 at Saxony, Germany, died ‎ Jul 2, 936 at Mensleben, Saxony, Germany‎, approximately 60 years