woman Adele De Donzy‏‎, daughter of Robert De Vermandois and Adelaide Of Vermandois‏.
Born ‎± 934 at Vermendois,Normandy,France, died ‎ 974‎, approximately 40 years
Adele could be a daughter of one of Robert's sisters. This was discussed at soc.genealogy.medieval.

Married/ Related to:

man Geoffrey 1st D'Anjou‏‎, son of Fulk 2nd D'Anjou and Gerberge Du Maine‏.
Born ‎± 938 at Anjou,France, died ‎ Jul 21, 987‎, approximately 49 years. Occupation: ‎ 960; Count of Anjou
Nickname: Greygown
Name Prefix: Count

Geoffrey was the son of Fulk "the Good" and was count of Anjou 960-987. "The Chronicle of the Counts of Anjou" describes him as 'stout-hearted and strong and most successful in battle', and tells of his single-handed victory against Etheluf the Dane, a Goliath like figure. He was known as Greygown after a witness to the contest picked him out at the French court by the color of his robes.

There is confusion about Geoffrey's two wives and their relationship to each other. It is thought they were mother and daughter. The subject was discussed at soc.genealogy.medieval by khf333@@aol.com.



man Fulk 3rd Of Anjou‏
Born ‎ 970/971 at Anjou,France, died ‎ Jun 21, 1040 at Metz,Moselle,Lorraine,France‎, approximately 70 years, buried ‎ at Abbey of Beaulieu-les-Loches,Tours,France
Nickname: The Black

Fulk Nerra, by turns brutal monster and pious pilgrim, was one of the most dramatic figures of the 11th century. The extreme product of an age when appetite and emotion controlled men's behavior, and religion was a materialistic tit-for-tat with God, his acts of atonement succeeded appalling acts of violence.

In 992, he won a major pitched battle against the count of Brittany at Conquereuil, a victory which was achieved only when he rallied his retreating army with the "force of a gale sweeping corn". Slaughter, pillage and devastation followed in the wake of this and his other triumphs and passion compounded violence: he had his first wife burnt at the stake for infidelity.

Yet Fulk Nerra undertook the pilgrimage to Jerusalem an astonishing three times in an age when few made this difficult journey even once. He also visited Rome and founded two abbeys: Beaulieu-les-Loches near Tours and St. Nicholas at Angers.

Behind these extremes was a man of policy and purpose, revealed in the effectiveness of his campaigns and the strategic siting of his castles. Facinating yet repellent, he was a leader of undoubted if crude ability.

Elizabeth Hallam
woman Ermengarde D'Anjou‏
Born ‎± 952 at Anjou,France‎