man Hugh Capet, King Of France‏‎, son of Hugh Capet, Magnus of Paris, Poitou and Orleans and Hedwig UNKNOWN, Of Germany‏.
Born ‎ 946 at Paris,Seine,France, died ‎ Aug 24, 996‎, 49 or 50 years
Name Suffix: King Of France
Elected King of France in June 987. Crowned at Noyon on July 3,987.
Founded the Capetian Dynasty which ruled France until 1328.Ancestor of the Bourbon Dynasty that ruled France until 1848 and rules Spain.

Hugh Capet became king of France in 987. He founded the Capetian line, which ruled France from 987 to 1328. His election as king by the French nobles marked the end of the struggle between the nobility andthe last feeble heirs of the Carolingian line. As king, Hugh had certain powers but they were more theoretical than real. The only lands he actually ruled over were those he inherited as count of Paris.
Hugh Capet, Duke of France in 956, King of France from 987 to 996, born in 938, died October 24, 996, buried at St. Denis. He was the son of Hugh (Hugues I), Duke of France, Cte de Paris, who died 956 and his third wife, Hedwig, daughter of Duke Heinrich I of Saxony. Hugh Capet married Adela (Adelaide), probably daughter of William Towhead, Duke of Aquitaine, by Adele of Normandy). Hugh Capet was a descendant of Louis I, theDebonaire, King of France, through his daughter, Gisele.

Married/ Related to:

woman Adelaide Of Poiteau‏‎, daughter of William 3rd Of Aquitaine and Gerlock (Adele) Of Normandy‏.
Born ‎± 950, died ‎ 1004‎, approximately 54 years



man Robert 2nd Capet‏
Born ‎ Mar 27, 972 at Orleans,France, died ‎ Jul 20, 1031 at Meulan‎, 59 years
Nickname: The Pious
Name Prefix: King
Name Suffix: Of France

Robert II, byname Robert the Pious, French: Robert le Pieux, king of France who took Burgundy into the French realm.

The son of Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty, and Adelaide of Aquitaine, Robert was educated at the episcopal school of Reims under Gerbert of Aurillac, later Pope Sylvester II. Soon after his own coronation (July 987), Hugh prudently arranged the election and coronation (December 987) of Robert, thus facilitating his son's eventual succession (October 996) as sole ruler. His excommunication as a result of his marriage within the prohibited degrees of relationship was eventually lifted after the repudiation of the childless Bertha in 1001. Constance of Arles, whom the King married two years later, was the mother of his successor, Henry I.

Robert's domain was not extensive; and, to increase his power, he vigorously and tenaciously pressed his claim to fiefs as they became vacant. Thus, when the duke of Burgundy died without an heir (1002), Robert went to war against a rival claimant. Only in 1015, however, did he finally succeed in subduing the rich duchy. (The gain was transitory, for in 1032 Henry I granted Burgundy to his brother, Robert, and it thereafter remained for centuries outside royal control.)

A patron of the Cluniac monastic movement, Robert apparently ruled firmly and judiciously in his own lands.
woman Gisele Capet‏
Born ‎± 978 at France‎
woman Hedwig Of France‏ PRIVACY FILTER