woman Isabella Capet‏‎, daughter of Philip 4th UNKNOWN and Jeanne Of Navarre‏.
Born ‎ 1292 at Paris,France, died ‎ Aug 27, 1357 at Castle Rising,Norfolk,England‎, 64 or 65 years
Nickname: The Fair
Name Prefix: Princess
Name Suffix: Of France

Married ‎ Jan 22, 1307 at Boulogne,Pas-de-Calais,France (20 years married) to:

man Edward 2nd Plantagenet‏‎, son of Edward 1st Plantagenet and Eleanor Of Castille‏.
Born ‎ Apr 25, 1284 at Caernarvon Castle,Caernarvon,Wales, died ‎ Sep 1327 at Berkely Castle,near Gloucester,England‎, 43 years
Name Suffix: King Of England
Cause of Death: Murdered
30th King of England, Prince of Wales, Earl of Chester. He
reigned 1307-1327. He was deposed and murdered at Berkely
Castle and was buried in Gloucester Cathedral. It was said that
he preferred the company of men.



man Edward 3rd Plantagenet‏
Born ‎ Nov 13, 1312 at England, died ‎ Jun 21, 1377 at England‎, 64 years
Name Suffix: King Of England