woman Elfrida Of Devon‏‎, daughter of Ordgar UNKNOWN and Wulfrith UNKNOWN‏.
Born ‎± 945 at Lydford Castle,Devonshire,England, died ‎ Nov 17, 1002 at Wherwell Abbey Hampshire,England‎, approximately 57 years
Also Known As:<_AKA> Aethelflaeda
Name Prefix: Lady

Married ‎ 964/965 (approximately 11 years married) to:

man Edgar Of Wessex‏‎, son of Edmund 1st UNKNOWN and Elgiva Of England‏.
Born ‎ 943 at Wessex,England, died ‎ Jul 8, 975 at Winchester,Hampshire,England‎, 31 or 32 years
Nickname: The Peacable
Name Prefix: King

Edgar, called The Peaceful (944-75), Saxon king of the English (959-75), younger son of King Edmund I. The first King of a united England. In 957, during the rule of his brother, King Edwy (940?-59), Edgar was chosen by the Mercians and Northumbrians to be their sovereign. One of his first acts was to recall the monastic reformer St. Dunstan, whom Edwy had exiled; Edgar subsequently made Dunstan bishop of Worcester and London and archbishop of Canterbury. In 959 Edgar succeeded to the entire English Kingdom. His reign was notable for the establishment of national consolidation, reformation of the clergy, improvement of the judiciary system, and formation of a fleet to defend the coast against the Scandinavian Vikings.



man Aethelred 2nd Of Wessex‏
Born ‎± 968 at Wessex,England, died ‎ Apr 23, 1016 at London,England‎, approximately 48 years
Nickname: The Unready, The Redless
Name Suffix: King Of England

Ethelred II, called The Unready or Redless (968?-1016), Anglo-Saxon king of England (978-1016), son of King Edgar and half brother of Edward the Martyr. His reign was marked by bitter military struggles. After negotiating a treaty with Richard II, duke of Normandy (reigned about 996-1026), Ethelred married Richard's sister Emma (died 1052). This marriage provided the basis for the subsequent Norman claim to the English throne. Although Ethelred paid tribute to the plundering Danes, Sweyn I (the Forkbeard), king of Denmark, invaded England in 1013 and proclaimed himself king. In 1014 Ethelred fled to Normandy but returned a few months later upon Sweyn's death. Sweyn's son and successor, Canute II, invaded the country a year later and, following Ethelred's death, became king of England. Ethelred's sobriquet, "The Unready," is a corruption of the Old English unraed, "bad counsel," which is a reference to his misfortunes.