man Mark Antony UNKNOWN‏‎, son of Marcus Antonius Crecitus of Rome UNKNOWN and Julia of Rome UNKNOWN‏.
Born ‎ at Abt. 82 BC, died ‎ at August 30, BC. Occupation: ‎ at Triumphir of Rome;
Committed Suicide
Committed suicide in Alexandria
He bore the title Triumvir of Rome. He was a Roman political leader and
general. A dashing young soldier of good family, he became a protege of
Julius Caesar. As a tribune or consul in Rome with Julius Caesar in 44
he vetoed the Senate bill to strip Caesar of his army. After serving as
Caesar's lieutenant in the Civil War against Pompey, he gained power from
victory. He was in nominal control state affairs after Caesar's murder in
A.D. He committed suicide after defeat by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa &

Married/ Related to:

woman Octavia Minor of Rome UNKNOWN‏‎, daughter of **Augustus Caesar and **Atia of Rome Balbus‏. PRIVACY FILTER
1st married/ related to: Mark Antony UNKNOWN, 2nd married/ related to: Claudius Marcellus


woman Antonia Minor of Rome UNKNOWN‏ PRIVACY FILTER