woman Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1680 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ UNKNOWN at Stafford, Virginia, USA‎

Married/ Related to:

man Philip Peyton‏‎, son of Philip Peyton and Mary Rush‏.
Born ‎ 1675 at Overwharton Parish,Stafford, VA, died ‎ UNKNOWN at Overwharten Parish, Stafford, Virginia, USA‎


man William Peyton‏
Born ‎ 1690 at VA, died ‎ 1771 at VA‎, 80 or 81 years
PEYTONs along the Aquia ~ Genealogy
Edna Barney

1. on Page 1:
"... 1583 and 1604 at All Hallows the Less, were Mirable 1582, Richard 1583, Walter 1584, Martha 1585, Jone 1587, Henry PEYTON 7 April 1590, Mary 1593, Elizabeth 1594, Margarett 1596, Hester 1599, Anne 1600, and Henry PEYTON 26 August 1604. ..."
2. on Page 13:
"... Virginia in 1699, but I calculate that to be a later Charles. There were Charles and Margery PEYTON who christened a daughter in Stepney at Saint Mary Whitechapel Parish, London in 1687. ..."
3. on Page 15:
"... In the parish records of Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England are two entries which could relate to this Robert PEYTON: Susana PAYTON, daughter of Robert & Mary PAYTON, ..."
4. on Page 17:
"... 12. Colonel Valentine PEYTON (Henry, Henry) was born39 in 1627, in London, England. He was christened40 on 31 July 1627 in Saint Dunstan-in-the-West, London, ..."
5. on Page 18:
"... peace to determine all causes '&c' not touching life or member". In a deposition dated 27 February 1663, Colonel Valentine PEYTON stated his age as "thirty-four years or thereabouts". ..."
6. on Page 19:
"... 26 September 1677, transcribed in "William and Mary Quarterly", Volume 4, Number 2, page 87). Valentine and Frances had the following known children: 24 F i. Judith PEYTON was born49 in 1662. ..."
7. on Page 20:
"... " The name of Henry PEYTON appears in the Provincial Court Proceedings of Maryland (Saint Mary's City) on 30 April 1658. Walter HALL petitions against Henry PAYTON concerning a boat which Henry FOX lent to PAYTON ..."
8. on Page 21:
"... in 1658, and lay directly across the Potomac River from Aquia Creek. It had been a part of Saint Mary's County, Maryland. Referring again to the Provincial Court Proceedings of ... interesting that at the same time brothers Henry and Valentine PEYTON were mentioned, there was a Robert PEYTON at Harvey, Saint Mary's Hundred, 1661. ..."
9. on Page 23:
"... Mary RUSH married Philip PEYTON by 23 April 1678, according to a deed of 200 acres from William RUSH to his son-in-law, Philip PEYTON, who ..."
10. on Page 25:
"... Fourth Generation The Virginia Cavaliers 26. Philip PEYTON (Philip, Thomas, Henry) was born' 1644/1645 in Bisley Parish, Gloucestershire, England. ..."
11. on Page 45:
"... Chesapeake" by Donald G. Shomette). This Valentine seems to be the only one who fits. Valentine and Mary Butler PEYTON purchased Lot 9 at Prince and Fairfax Street in Alexandria, ..."
12. on Page 47:
"... + 64 M ii. Philip PEYTON was born about 1720 and died 10 April 1795. + 65 M iii. Robert PEYTON was born about 1725 and ..."
13. on Page 48:
"... Also did James, Thomas and Yelverton PEYTON. The 1771 will of William PEYTON mentions William, Charles, John and Benjamin as sons and Ann, Mary, Judith, Susannah and Hannah as daughters. ..."
14. on Page 50:
"... Bryan STONE were witnesses to both the 1771 will of William, the father of Ann, and to the will of Mary (Peyton) SMITH, the sister of Ann. ..."
15. on Page 53:
"... Sixth Generation The Virginians 41. Henry DADE (Elizabeth PEYTON possible child of Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry) was born 151 in 1705. ..."
16. on Page 54:
"... "Daniel FRENCH, Fairfax County, Virginia deeded land, June 10, 1766 to his cousins, Frances, and Mary PEYTON, daughters of Henry PEYTON of Prince William County, Virginia." ("Virginia Genealogies" by Reverend Horace Hayden, 1891, page 506). ..."
17. on Page 56:
"... Frances, and Mary PEYTON, daughters of Henry PEYTON of Prince William County, Virginia." ("Virginia Genealogies" by Reverend Horace Hayden, 1891, page 506). According to ..."
18. on Page 58:
"... CRESSWELL was a British Loyalist in Virginia, and sleber was his code word for rebel. Henry married Mary and Albert PEYTON and Robert PEYTON were likely their sons' 56. 84 M iii. ..."
19. on Page 59:
"... They had the following known children: 85 F v. Mary "Molly" PEYTON was born in 1756 in Virginia. She died before 1804, probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky. ..."
20. on Page 60:
"... Their children were Mary Howe PEYTON who married Colonel Addison B. ARMISTEAD; Henry James PEYTON; Robert Rutherford PEYTON; Susannah Margaret PEYTON who married Doctor Robert O. ..."

"PEYTONs Along the Aquia ~ Genealogy", by Edna Barney, published 2004

William PEYTON made his will in Saint Mark's Parish of Culpeper County, Virginia on 7 July 1771. It was probated there on 21 October 1771 and there was an Estate Administration on 20 August 1774. (Culpeper County, Virginia Will Book B, page 29)

On page 49, his son Charles married Lettice WHITECOTTON, 1766, in Stafford County, Virginia. John PEYTON was born 1736 and was alive in 1771.

On page 50, his daughter Judith was born about 1727 in Culpeper County. Her husband was Samuel ALLEN.

On page 100, the maiden name of the wife of Benjamin was FRAZER. On page 101, William PEYTON (died between 1786-1787) made his will in Culpeper County, Virginia on 6 October 1786. It was probated there on 17 April 1787 and is recorded in Will Book C, page 269.

man Philip P Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1700 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
Patricia Allen Date: April 24, 2000 at 23:11:29
of 1521

I am looking for the PEYTON OR PAYTON Family Bible that PHILIP PEYTON or PAYTON took to Kentucky with him ca. 1785 per HENRY PAYTON in his Rev. War pension application. S 8943.
Pension 2) Major DANIEL PEYTON
b. ca. 1762, d. 5 May 1826,Jackson Co., Ala., as Alabama State Representative m. in Amherst MARY ROACH (dau. Ashcraft Roach)Philip wrote form saying "if you need security for my sonne Daniel PEYTON, I obligate myself" 24 Sept., 1785. perhaps,
4)KARRENHAPPUCH PEYTON married NORTH EAST to Wayne Co., Ky., 6)BARSHEBA PEYTON married 03 June 1787, SAMUEL ARBUCKLE, to Franklin Co., Ky., area became Anderson Co., Ky. then to Clay Co., Missouri., 8)perhaps NANCY who married 01 Mar. 1787 Benjamin Lankford.
Refer to The Peytons of Virginia, 1976 for information on Philip Peyton, his children and his ancestors, pp. 95-104. This book can be found on microfilm in most major libraries, and family history centers.

man Charles Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1702 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ 1730 at Stafford, Virginia, USA‎, 27 or 28 years
man John Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1704 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ 1760‎, 55 or 56 years
man William Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1706 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
man George Peyton‏‎
Born ‎ 1708 at Stafford, Virginia, USA, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
Thomas Pendleton Peyton was b. 13 Aug 1838; he was a physician; he m. 1) Virgnia Price 1 May 1860; he m. Octavia Boardman Anderson 17 June 1863; he d. 2 Oct 1881. He served as Pvt. CSA 1861-1865. Virginia Price d. 1 Apr 1862. Octavis was b. 6 Mar 1839; she d. 9 Aug 1918. Thomas and Octavia had 5 ch.: Henry Sutton+, b. 28 Sep 1865; Maj. Thomas Pendleton Peyton, Jr., b. 30 July 1867; Benjamin Guinn b. 18 Sep 1869; Edwin Aubrey, b. 18 Nov 1871; and ___ Peyton, d. 2 Dec 1873.
Maj. Thomas m. Annie Buck Hill 5 Sept 1894; he d. 21 Oct 1926. They had 8 ch. b. 1895-1909.
TP Peyton (1838-)was the son of Henry Peyton (1799-1891), the son of George Peyton (1760-1831) who served in the Rev War, Pvt. 16th Va Inf.
For additional info, you may wish to borrow a copy of the book via interlibrary loan. Be sure to get Volume Two.