woman Anne Randolph‏‎, daughter of William III Randolph and Ann Carlin Harrison‏.
Born ‎ 1740 at Wilton, Henrico, VA, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
Anne Randolph, b. 1740. Married (1760) Benj. Harrison, of Brandon, on James River, Va. No issue.

Anne Randolph, c. 1755
John Wollaston (1730sā€“1775)
Oil on canvas
Gift of Kate Brander Mayo Skipwith Williams, 1951.34

To portray William Randolph's two eldest daughters, who were still children, John Wollaston turned on its side the canvas he used for the Wilton group and adapted to a horizontal format the then antiquated convention of enframing a figure behind an oval frontispiece.

In this portrait, Wollaston has given permanence to a parental imperative. This young heir to aristocracy is groomed by costume and behavior to follow the example of her mother. Anne Randolph (c. 1744ā€“46ā€“1767) dresses in the manner seen in Wollaston's portrait of her mother, she turns her head gracefully in the same fashion, and her hands repeat her mother's mannered, genteel pose. At so young an age, Anne Randolph already has been made a lady.

Anne Randolph would marry Benjamin Harrison of Brandon, Prince George County. She died soon afterward, in her early twenties.

Married ‎ 1760 to:

man Benjamin Harrison‏‎


woman no children Harrison‏‎