woman Lucy Bolling Randolph‏‎, daughter of Beverly "Beverley Randolph, Beverley Randolph" Randolph, Governor of VA and Martha Cocke‏.
Born ‎ Nov 7, 1775 at Cumberland, VA, USA, died ‎ Mar 6, 1841 at Warren, VA, USA‎, 65 years

Married ‎ 1794 (46 or 47 years married) to:

man William Randolph‏‎, son of Thomas Mann Randolph and Anne Cary‏.
Born ‎ Jan 16, 1770 at Tuckahoe, Goochland County, Va, died ‎ May 5, 1848 at Chitower, Albemarle, VA, USA‎, 78 years


man William Fitzhugh Randolph‏
Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
1. William Fitzhugh Randolph. Married Jane Cary Harrison, of Clifton, Cumberland Co., Va. She became entirely blind. Her two sons, Beverly Randolph and William Easton Randolph, resided near her at Millwood, Clarke Co., Va. William married Susan Randolph, daughter of Dr. Robert C. Randolph, of Newmarket, Clarke Co., Va. Her only daughter married George Tabb, of Gloucester Co., Va.
man Beverly Randolph‏
Born ‎ 1844, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
2. Beverly Randolph married Miss Mayor, of Pennsylvania. They left one son, William Mayor Randolph, who removed to St. Louis, Mo