man David Meade Randolph‏‎, son of Richard Randolph and Ann Meade‏.
Born ‎ 1758 at VA, died ‎ 1830 at Washington, DC‎, 71 or 72 years
› Capt. David Meade Randolph [RA.5.1.2] (14 Mar. 1759 - 22 Sept. 1830 ), a militia captain during the Revolution, married Mary Randolph in Goochland County 9 December 1780. Prior to the marriage his father gave him all his lands in Bermuda Hundred and 1,000 acres in Cumberland County called “Dry Creek” and all its slaves and livestock. David was head of a household of four whites and 21 blacks in Cumberland County in 1782. Their children were the following. Capt. Randolph, who escorted Washington on his tour of Chesterfield in 1791, was considered the “best farmer in the whole country.

5› Richard Randolph [RA.] (30 Oct. 1782 -1859) married Elizabeth Gibbon.
5› Thomas Mann Randolph [RA.] (16 July 1784 - 30 Mar. 1786
5› Lavinia Randolph [RA.] (7 Oct. 1786 - 8 Feb. 1789).
5› William Beverley Randolph [RA.] (11 June 1789 - 15 May 1868) married Sarah Lingan.
5› Thomas Nelson Randolph [RA.] (5 Dec. 1791 - Sept. 1792
5› daughter Randolph [RA.] (July 1794 - July 1794) died at 8 days.
5› David Meade Randolph [RA.] (Dec. 1798 - 1 Oct. 1825 ).
5› Burwell Starke Randolph [RA.] (Feb. 1800 - 2 Oct. 1854).

Married ‎ Dec 9, 1780 (47 years married) to:

woman Mary Randolph, The Queen‏‎, daughter of Thomas Mann Randolph and Anne Cary‏. Adoption parents: N.N. and N.N.
Born ‎ Aug 9, 1762 at Tuckahoe, Goochland, VA, USA, died ‎ Jan 28, 1828 at Arlington, VA, USA‎, 65 years, buried ‎ 1828 at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington Co., VA
Mary Randolph, a native of Chesterfield County and author of the first American regional cookbook, lived nearby at Presquile Plantation during the last two decades of the 18th century after her marriage to David Meade Randolph in 1782. The couple then moved to Richmond, where Mary Randolph's reputation as cook, hostess and entrepreneur flourished. They later moved to Washington, D.C. In 1824, she published The Virginia Housewife, an important collection of recipes and advice that has been reprinted many times since. In her book, Mary Randolph revealed not only her own culinary genius, but also the rich and diverse heritage of early American cuisine.
Department of Historic Resources, 1999

Randolph, Mary b. August 9, 1762 d. January 28, 1828
Author. Best known today for being the first person buried on the grounds that would become Arlington National Cemetery.
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USA
Plot: Section 45 Lot Beside the Custis Walk near Arlington House


man Beverly Randolph‏‎
clerk in the United States Treasury, at Washington, D. C
man James Randolph‏‎
James, Maury and Richard, were in the employment of the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.
man Maury Randolph‏‎
James, Maury and Richard, were in the employment of the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.
man Richard Randolph‏‎
James, Maury and Richard, were in the employment of the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.
man Richard Randolph‏
Born ‎ May 1785 at Prince William Co., VA, died ‎ Jan 21, 1859 at Near Clifton, OH‎, 73 years
Richmond Whig & public advertiser (Richmond, Va. : 1833 : Semiweekly)
Title Died- On Jan. 21, near Clifton, Ohio, Richard Randolph, formerly of Culpeper County, He was born in Prince William County, in May 1785. (p. 1, c. 5)
Publication Friday, March 4, 1859.
Gen. note From the marriage and obituary citations compiled by Bernard J. Henley from Virginia newspapers on microfilm at the Library of Virginia.
man Thomas Mann Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 16, 1784, died ‎ Mar 30, 1786‎, 1 years
Would like information on the location of Varina "Plantation" and "Neck
> 'o the Land Plantation". These properties were owned by William Hatcher
> and his sons in the 1600s. Am planning a trip to the area and any advice
> as to the locations of where these properties were will be greatly
> Thanks.

The following excerpt is from the book VIRGINIA LANDMARKS REGISTER, p.202.
"Varina plantation is part of the ancient Varina Neck, just east of Henrico
Settled during the second decade of the 17th century, Varina Neck was the
site of the glebe of Henrico Parish, established before 1640.
The first Henrico County Courthouse was built next to the glebe before 1666.
In 1680 Varina was one of twenty sites in the colony selected for
development as a port town. A tavern was built there during the 1680's, and
a ferry traversed the river on Sundays, court days, and other public
The Reverend James Blair, who later became the first rector of the College
of William and Mary, made his home at the Henrico or Varina Glebe between
1685 and 1694 when he was rector of Varina Parish.
During the 1720's Thomas Randolph of Tuchahoe purchased land at Varina
(from the Farrar family of Farrar's Island in Varina), and his son and
successor, Thomas Mann Randolph, developed Varina into a prosperous working
In 1828 Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., sold Varina Plantation to Pleasant Aiken
of Petrsburg, whose son and heir, Albert M. Aiken, built the present Varina
plantation house, a relatively late expression of the Classical Revival,
just before the Civil War. Aiken's Landing became one of two major points in
the South where Union and COnfederate prisoners of war could be exchanged.
In the mind-19th centruy a romantic legend arose linking Varina Neck with
John Rolfe and Pocahantas, a tale which lingers to this day."
Deane Ferguson Mills
York County, VA
woman Lavinia Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Oct 7, 1786, died ‎ Feb 8, 1789‎, 2 years
man William Beverly Randolph‏
Born ‎ Jun 11, 1789, died ‎ May 15, 1868‎, 78 years
The Library of VA

Daily dispatch (Richmond, Va.)
Title Died at his residence "Chatsworth" in Henrico County on Sunday, May 3, 1874, William B. Randolph, aged 89 years. (p. 1, c. 2; p. 2).
Publication Tuesday, May 5, 1874.
Gen. note From the marriage and obituary citations compiled by Bernard J. Henley from Virginia newspapers on microfilm at the Library of Virginia.
Other Format Available on microfilm (Library of Virginia Film 20).
Subject - Topical Obituaries -- Virginia
Subject -Geographic Richmond (Va.)
Added Entry Henley, Bernard J. (Bernard John)
Added Title Bernard J. Henley papers.
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man Thomas Nelson Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Dec 5, 1791, died ‎ Sep 1792‎, 0 years
woman Dau Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 1794, died ‎ Jul 1794 at 8 days old‎, under 1 year old
man David Meade Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Dec 1798, died ‎ Oct 10, 1825‎, 26 years
man Burwell Stark Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 1800, died ‎ Oct 2, 1854‎, 54 years