man William T "William Randolph" Randolph‏‎, son of Thomas Randolph and Judith Fleming‏.
Born ‎ 1713 at VA, died ‎ 1745 at Goochland Co., VA‎, 31 or 32 years
William Randolph
son of Thomas Randolph, of "Tuckahoe," was born in 1712, burgess for Goochland in the assembly of 1742-1747, but died in 1745 and was succeeded by George Carrington. He married Maria Judith, daughter of Mann Page, of "Rosewell" Gloucester county.
Thomas Randolph, son of William Randolph and Mary Isham, born June 1683, married Judith Fleming, daughter of Charles Fleming, 16 October 1712.
In addition to land Thomas inherited from his father, he purchased the tract his brother John inherited 3 September 1714. It was upon this latter tract that he built “Tuckahoe” before 1723 when he patented a neighboring 734 acres “back of a survey formerly made by William Randolph and on which the said Randolph now lives.”

Virginia Prominent families vol 1-4
Children of Thomas and Judith (Fleming) Randolph
3› Col. William Randolph [RA.2.1] (1713-1745) married Maria Judith Page, daughter of Mann Page and Judith Wormeley. The Virginia Gazette reported that Mrs. Randolph gave birth to a daughter, 1 January 1738/9, their first after about four years of marriage.
Randolph served a partial term in the Virginia House of Burgesses, representing Goochland County (1742-5).
The will of William Randolph, of “Tuckahoe,” named wife, Mary, and children Thomas Mann, Mary, and Judith Randolph. He mentioned also Rev. William Stith, husband to his sister Judith (will dated 2 Mar. 1744/5, recorded 19 Nov. 1745). A codicil dated 20 July 1745 spoke of brother-in-law Mann Page of “Rosewell” in Gloucester County. William was dead before 23 September 1745 when the vestry of St. James Northam elected Tarleton Fleming to succeed him.
4› Thomas Mann Randolph [RA.2.1.1] (1741- 20 Nov. 1793 ) married first Anne Cary 18 November 1761, and second Gabriella Harvie, a daughter of John Harvie (1742- 6 Feb. 1807), in Henrico County 15 September 1790. His father-in-law, a delegate to the Virginia Assembly (1777-8) and the Continental Congress (1777-9), is in Hollywood Cemetery.
To learn more about John Harvie, read his biography at Congress.g
A colonel during the Revolution, Randolph lost property of £4,549 at the hands of Cornwallis during the Revolution. He built “Salisbury,” Chesterfield County, on 1,350 acres he bought from Abraham Sallé in 1777, which he deeded to Dr. Philip Turpin in 1789.
Thomas Mann Randolph served in the Virginia legislature over a period of twenty years. He was in the House of Burgesses (1769-76), the five Revolutionary Conventions (1774-76), the Virginia Senate (1776-78, 1791-93), and Virginia House of Delegates (1780-81, 1783-87, 1788).
Randolph left a will in Goochland County (will dated 6 Nov. 1793, recorded 19 May 1794). Mrs. Gabriella Randolph married second John Brockenbrough 18 April 1797.
Children of Thomas Mann and Anne (Cary) Randolph
5› Mary Randolph [RA.] (9 Aug. 1762 - 23 Jan. 1828) married David Meade Randolph in Goochland County 11 December (bond) 1780. See their family
5› Henry Cary Randolph [RA.] (8 Jan. 1764 - 13 Mar. 1765
5› Elizabeth Randolph [RA.] (19 June 1765) married Robert Pleasants in Goochland County 15 October (bond) 1784.
5› Thomas Mann Randolph [RA.] (1 Oct. 1768 - 20 June 1828 ) married Martha Jefferson. See their family
5› William Randolph [RA.] (16 June 1770 - 5 May 1848) married Lucy Bolling Randolph.
5› Archibald Cary Randolph [RA.] (24 Aug. 1771 - 3 Oct. 1771
5› Judith Randolph [RA.] (24 Nov. 1772 -1837) married Richard Randolph in Henrico County 30 December (bond) 1789. See their fami
5› Anne Cary Randolph [RA.] (16 Sept. 1774 ) married Gouvernor Morris, U.S. Minister to France.
5› Jane Cary Randolph [RA.] (17 Dec. 1776 - 2 Mar. 1832 ) married Thomas Eston Randolph in Chesterfield County 8 April (consent) 1795. She died at her residence in Leon City, Florida.
5› Dr. John Randolph [RA.] (11 Sept. 1779 - 19 July 1834 ) married Judith Archer Lewis in Powhatan County 12 June (bond) 1809. He died at his residence in Amelia County leaving a wife and seven childre
5› George Washington Randolph [RA.] (14 Dec. 1781 - 4 July 1783).
5› Harriet Randolph [RA.] (24 Nov. 1783) married Richard S. Hackley during the administration of Gov. John Page, 19 December 1805.
5› Virginia Randolph [RA.] (30 Jan. 1786) married Wilson Jefferson Cary (c.1783- 5 Sept. 1823 ), who died at “Carysbrook,” Fluvanna County.
Children of Thomas Mann and Gabriella (Harvie) Randolph
5› Thomas Mann Randolph [RA.] (1792- 15 Mar. 1848 ) married first Harriet Wilson (c.1796- 29 Jan. 1822) in 1813, and second, Lucinda Ann Patterson of New York. “Impoverished,” he left most of his estate to his wife, Lucinda Ann (will dated 19 May 1844, recorded 20 Oct. 1851
Harriet Wilson Randolph, one of the six children by his first wife, married U.S. Senator Albert Smith White (24 Oct. 1803 - 4 Sept. 1864) of Alabama.
To learn more about Albert Smith White, read his biography at
5› Mary Jane Randolph [RA.] died in infancy.

Married ‎± 1735 (approximately 6 years married) to:

woman Maria Judith "Mary" Page‏‎, daughter of Mann Page, Honorable and Judith Wormeley‏.
Born ‎ Feb 24, 1714/15 at Roswell, Gloucester, VA, USA, died ‎ Mar 2, 1741/42 at Goochland, VA, USA‎, approximately 27 years
2. Mary Randolph, b. 1738. Married (1758) Tarlton Fleming, of Rock Castle, Goochland Co., Va. This was the first connection between the Randolphs and Flemings.

complications of childbirth


man Thomas Mann Randolph‏
Born ‎ 1741 at Tuckahoe, Goochland, VA on James River, died ‎ 1793 at Tuckahoe, Goochland, VA, USA‎, 51 or 52 years
Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
IV. Thomas Mann Randolph, of Tuckahoe on James River, only son of William Randolph of Tuckahoe and Maria Judith, née Page, was b. 1741. Married, first (Nov. 18, 1761), Anne, eldest child of Col. Archibald Cary, of Ampthill, Chesterfield Co., Va., and Mary, née Randolph, of Curls Neck on James River, Henrico Co., Va. Issue, thirteen children:
1. Mary Randolph, b. Aug. 9, 1762. Married (1782) David Meade Randolph, of Presque Isle on James River, Va. She was known as "the Queen." Of their children, Beverly was a clerk in the United States Treasury, at Washington, D. C., and three of this sons, James, Maury and Richard, were in the employment of the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.
2. Henry Cary Randolph, b. 1763; d. in infancy.
3. Elizabeth Randolph, b. 1765. Married (1785) Robert Pleasants, of Filmer.
4. Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., Gov. of Va., b. at Tuckahoe, Goochland Co., Va., 1767; removed to Edge Hill, Albemarle Co., Va.Married (1790) Martha Jefferson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson, President of U. S.
5. William Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe 1769, Married (1794) Lucy Bolling Randolph, daughter of Beverly Randolph, of Cumberland Co., Va. Left two sons, viz.:
1. William Fitzhugh Randolph. Married Jane Cary Harrison, of Clifton, Cumberland Co., Va. She became entirely blind. Her two sons, Beverly Randolph and William Easton Randolph, resided near her at Millwood, Clarke Co., Va. William married Susan Randolph, daughter of Dr. Robert C. Randolph, of Newmarket, Clarke Co., Va. Her only daughter married George Tabb, of Gloucester Co., Va.
2. Beverly Randolph married Miss Mayor, of Pennsylvania. They left one son, William Mayor Randolph, who removed to St. Louis, Mo.
6. Archibald Cary Randolph, b. 1771; d. in infancy.
7. Judith Randolph, b. 1773. Married (1793) her cousin, Richard Randolph, of Bigarre, who was a brother of John Randolph of Roanoke. They had one son, who was a deaf mute; who left a large property to be divided among his heirs-at-law. Col. Thomas Jefferson Randolph, of Edge Hill, Albemarle Co., Va., received forly dollars from the executors.
8. Anne Cary Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe 1775. Married (1795) Gouverneur Morris, of Morrisania, N. Y., U. S. minister to France.
9. Jane Cary Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe 1777. Married (1797) Thomas Eston Randolph, of Bristol, Eng., and had six children:
1. Mann Randolph, Capt. U. S. Navy.
2. Dr. James Randolph, of Tallahassee, Fla. Married Miss Heywood.
3. Lucy Randolph. Married Mr. Parkhill, of Jacksonville, Fla.
4. Harriet Randolph. Married Dr. Willis. No issue.
5. Elizabeth Randolph. Married Francis Wayles Eppes.
6. Dr. Arthur Randolph, of Tallahassee, Fla. Married Miss Duval, and left children.
10. Dr. John Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe, Goochland Co., Va. 1779; removed to Middle Quarter, in the same county. He married (1804) Judith Lewis, of Amelia Co., Va. Their eldest son, William Lewis Randolph, married Margaret, daughter of Col. Thomas Jefferson Randolph, of Edge Hill, Albemarle Co., Va., and had issue:
a. William L. Randolph, Jr. Married (1866) Agnes Dillon, of Savannah, Ga. They reside near Charlottesville, Albemarle Co., Va., and have five children.
b. Margaret Randolph. Married Edward C. Randolph and left four childre
11. George Washington Randolph, b. 1781; d. an infant.
12. Harriet Randolph, b. 1783. Married (about 1803) H. Richard Harkley, of New York. Consul to Cadiz. He d. leaving two daughters-one of whom married Capt. Talcott and had several children. One son, Randolph Talcott, lived in Richmond.
13. Virginia Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe, Goochland Co., Va., Jan. 31, 1786. She married at Monticello, Albemarle Co., Va. (Aug. 28, 1805), Wilson Jefferson Cary, of Carysbrooke, Fluvanna Co., Va. He was a great-nephew of Thomas Jefferson, President of United States. They had five children.

Thomas Mann Randolph, of Tuckahoe, married, secondly (1790), Gabriella Harvey, by whom he had another Thomas Mann Randolph, who was subsequently Gov. Thomas Mann Randolph, of Edge Hill.
Thomas Mann Randolph, son of Gabriella, née Harvey, married, first, Harriet Wilson. Issue:
1. John Randolph. Married Margaret Timberlake, of Washington, D. C.
2. Mary Randolph. Married John, son of Professor Chapman, M. D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
3. Margaret Randolph. Married F. A. Donkins.
4. Harriet Randolph. Married Albert S. White.
Thomas Mann Randolph, son of Gabriella, née Harvey, married, secondly, Miss Patterson. Issue:
Henry Randolph, of Washington, D. C., clerk in one of the departments.
Daughter Randolph. Married Mr. Howard, of Baltimore, Md.
woman Mary Randolph‏
Born ‎ Jan 1, 1737/38 at Tuckahoe, Goochland, VA, USA, died ‎ 1769 at Goochland Cty, VA, USA‎, approximately 32 years
From "The Virginia Gazette" (Williamsburg, Va.)

"Born- We hear from Goochland County that Mrs. Randolph, wife of William Randolph, of Tuckahoe, Esq., was safely delivered of a daughter on New Year’s Day to the great joy of the family; they having been marry’d about 4 years and had no child before." (p. 3, c. 1)

Publication Friday, February 10, 1738.

Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
2. Mary Randolph, b. 1738. Married (1758) Tarlton Fleming, of Rock Castle, Goochland Co., Va. This was the first connection between the Randolphs and Flemings.

Richmond Whig & public advertiser (Richmond, Va. : 1833 : Semiweekly)
Title Married- On Apr. 2, at Elk Hill, the residence of R. Harrison of Goochland County, by Rev. R.H. Wimer, George E. Tabb, of Gloucester County, to Mary Randolph, dau. of Wm. F. Randolph of Clarke County. (p. 4, c. 5)
Publication Tuesday, April 21, 1840.
Gen. note From the marriage and obituary citations compiled by Bernard J. Henley from Virginia newspapers on microfilm at the Library of Virginia.
woman Mary Judith "Judith Randolph" Randolph‏
Born ‎ 1736 at Tuckahoe, Goochland, VA, USA, died ‎ 1750‎, 13 or 14 years
1. Mary Judith Randolph, b. 1736. Married (1756) Edmond Berkeley, Jr., of Barn Elms, Middlesex Co., Va. (was his first wife). He was the eldest son of Col. Edmond Berkeley and Mary, née Nelson, daughter of Thomas Nelson, of Yorktown, Va., known as Scotch Tom, and Margaret, née Reid, his first wife, who married Joseph Clayton. Edmond Berkeley, Jr., married, secondly, Mary Burwell. Issue: Norbourn, Carter, William, Betsey, who married Churchill; Lucy, who married Hepanon; Alice, who married Fontaine; Sally, and Lewis.
woman Priscilla Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ at Tuckahoe on James River, died ‎ UNKNOWN

Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
4. Priscilla Randolph, b. at Tuckahoe, unmarried