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William and Mary Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 4,
(Apr., 1897), pp. 275-282.


BOLLING. - In an old volume of "the laws of Virginia", known as the "Purvis Collection",
are entries which show that it once belonged to Robert Bolling, the emigrant: "Robt. Bolling,
the son of John and Mary Bolling, of all Halloway's Barking Parish, Tower street, London, was
born the 26th day of December, 1646, and

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came to Virginia October ye 2d, 1660: & in the yeare 75 married Jane, the daughter of Thomas
Rolfe, gent., by whom he had one son, John Bolling, Born ye 27th day of Jany, 1676. She
dying he married a second venture Anne, ye daughter of Major John Stith, in ye yeare 1681, by
whem he hath Robt Bolling, Born Janr ye 25th, 1682, ditto Stith Bolling, Borne March ye 28th,
1686, ditto Edward Bolling borne ye first day of October, 1687, ditto Anne Bolling born ye
22d of July, 1690, ditto Drury Bolling borne ye 21st day of June, 1695, ditto Thomas Bolling
borne ye 30th day of March 1697/8, & Agnes Bolling borne ye 30th November 1700, and that god

almighty may bless these Blessings shall be the continuall prayer of theire father Robt.
In another place in the same handwriting of the period is: "These may certifye all persons
to know that in the yeare one thousand six Hundred ninety & nine, there was in Charles City
County, in Virginia, men, women, children, & slaves, the number three thousand nine hundred
and fifty was listed P Robt Bolling then sherr."
The book descended to the Robert Bolling who wrote the Bolling Memoirs, as there is written
on a leaf: "Ex Libris Robert Bolling, jun. 1764". There is also this item of family interest
evidently written by him: "Robert Bolling(1) and Anne Bolling, her maiden name was Meri-
wether(2), [had issue] Mary, married William Stark 1727/8, Elizabeth -- James Munford 1727/8,
Anne - John Hall, Lucy - Peter Randolp, Jane - Hugh Miller, Martha - Richd Eppes, Susanna -
Alexander Bolling, Robert - Mary Tabb".

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woman Anne Cocke‏‎


woman Lucy Bolling‏
Born ‎ May 3, 1719 at Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA, USA, died ‎ Jul 8, 1767 at Henrico, VA, USA‎, 48 years
4› Lucy Bolling [6868.6.1.4] (3 May 1719 - April 1782 ) married Peter Randolph of “Chatsworth” 20 July 1738. Peter was clerk of the Virginia House of Burgesses (1740-9) until he resigned to fill the unexpired term of Richard Randolph, and a councillor (1749-67).
Lucy and Peter were the parents of four children born at “Chatsworth
Archibald Cary, Richard Randolph, John Hales, and Seth Ward Sr. presented the will of Peter Randolph that left “Chatsworth” and substantial other property to his wife for life, and conveyed large tracts of land to three minor sons, William, Beverley, and Robert. He mentioned no daughters (will dated 4 May 1767, recorded Aug. 1767 ).
5› William Randolph [6868.] (c.1750) of “Chatsworth,” Henrico County, orphan of Peter Randolph, chose Richard Randolph his guardian September 1767. He married Mary Skipwith, daughter of Sir William Skipwith and Elizabeth Smith, in November 1767. Randolph represented Cumberland County in the Virginia House of Delegates (1793).
6› Peter Skipwith Randolph [6868.] (- Nov. 1799 ) of “Chatsworth” married Elizabeth Southall (1771- 27 Oct. 1809), daughter of James Southall and Frances Jones, February 1789. As Peter Randolph of “Chatsworth,” only son and heir of William Randolph, he sold 777 acres near Skinquarter Creek to Thomas Osborne, son of Thomas Osborne 26 May 1774. Peter and Elizabeth deeded 495 acres on the Appomattox River to George Markham 12 July 1794.
7› William Beverley Randolph [6868.] of “Chatsworth” married Sarah Rutherford, a daughter of Thomas Rutherford of Richmond.
8› Elizabeth Randolph [6868.] (- 5 Aug. 1840) only daughter of William B. Randolph, died at the residence of her grandfather Thomas Rutherford.
5› Col. Beverley Randolph [6868.] (11 Sept. 1753 - 7 Feb. 1797) chose Mrs. Lucy Randolph and Richard Randolph his guardians May 1768. Beverley was a student at the College of William and Mary 1771-72, until the Revolution when he left to command a regiment.
He married Martha Cocke 14 February 1775. Randolph was head of a household of two whites in Cumberland County in 1784.
Randolph represented Cumberland County in the Virginia House of Delegates (1777-8, 1779-81) and was governor of Virginia (1788-91). The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography devotes a topic to Randolph.
The grave of Governor Randolph is at Farmville Cemetery, Farmville, Virginia. His stone reads as follows.

Beverley Randolph
died February 7th 1797
in the 43rd Year of
his Age.
1788 — 1791

A widow of the colonel, Martha received a pension until her death in Warren County 21 September 1838.
6› Lucy Bolling Randolph [6868.] (7 Nov. 1775) married William Randolph, son Thomas Mann Randolph, by 26 November 1792 when her father gave her 416 acres in Cumberland County in consideration of the marriage. They had three children.
7› Thomas Beverley Randolph [6868.] (31 May 1792) married Maria Barbara Mayer 31 May 1814.
7› Ann Cary Randolph [6868.] (31 Oct. 1794) married as his second wife William Strother Jones in Cumberland County 27 October (bond) 1825.
7› William Fitzhugh Randolph [6868.] (29 Mar. 1796 - 16 July 1859) married Jane Cary Harrison (9 Feb. 1797 - 28 Nov. 1883) in Cumberland County 10 September (bond) 1817. Randolph represented Cumberland County in the Virginia House of Delegates (1824-5). They were residing in Fauquier County in 1850.
5› Robert Randolph [6868.] (c.1760- 12 Sept. 1825) married Elizabeth Carter (c.1763- 29 Nov. 1832 ), daughter of Charles Carter of “Shirley.” Robert was commander of a cavalry regiment in the war for independence, and original member of the Society of the Cincinnati. They were the parents of eight.
6› Elizabeth Carter Randolph [6868.] (2 Oct. 1782 - 3 July 1866) married Thomas Turner (23 April 1772 - 3 Jan. 1839) of Fauquier County 2 October 1798.
6› Peter Beverley Randolph [6868.] (c.1783- 19 Aug. 1839) married Lavinia R. Heath, a daughter of Henry Heath, in Chesterfield County 9 January (bond) 1808. He died in Powhatan County, age 56.
6› Anne Fitzhugh Randolph [6868.] (c.1790) married Charles L. McKenna.
6› Robert Lee Randolph [6868.] (1791- 26 Dec. 1857) married Mary Buckner Thurston Magill (16 July 1809 - 29 Jan. 1890) 11 June 1830. Their son Rev. Alfred Magill Randolph is profiled in the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography. Robert and Mary were residing in Fauquier County in 1850 with four children in their household.
6› Capt. Charles Carter Randolph [6868.] (14 Oct. 1788 - 20 Dec. 1863) married Mary Anne Fauntleroy Mortimer. They were residing in Fauquier County in 1850.
6› Lucy Bolling Randolph [6868.] (2 Dec. 1796 - 18 Nov. 1861) married Dr. Richard Chichester Mason (c.1793), an 1816-graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 14 May 1816. Richard and Lucy, ages 57 and 52, were residing in Fairfax County in 1850.
6› Landonia Randolph [6868.].
6› Mary Braxton Randolph [6868.] (26 Nov. 1800 - 9 May 1864) married Hill Carter (c.1796) of “Shirley” 20 November 1817. The Census of 1850 for Charles City County enumerated Hill and Mary B., ages 54 and 49, with five children in their household.
5› Anne Randolph [6868.] married William Fitzhugh (24 Aug. 1741 - 6 June 1809) of “Chatham,” son of Henry Fitzhugh of “Eagle’s Nest” and Lucy Carter, daughter of Robert Carter of “Corotoman.” He represented King George in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1772-6) and the Revolutionary Conventions and Stafford in the Virginia House of Delegates (1776, 1780-1, 1787-88) until elected to the senate (1781-85). He was also a delegate to the Continental Congress (1779-80). The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography devotes a topic to Fitzhugh.
To learn more about William Fitzhugh, read his biography at
6› Ann Fitzhugh [6868.] married a Craig.
6› Mary Lee Fitzhugh [6868.] married George Washington Parke Custis (30 April 1781). The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography devotes a topic to Custis.
7› Mary Randolph Custis [6868.] married Robert Edward Lee (19 Jan. 1807 - 12 Oct. 1870), commander of the Army of the Confederacy and president of Washington and Lee University.