man Richard Randolph‏‎, son of William "William000 Randolph" Randolph and Dorothy Lane‏.
Born ‎ Feb 22, 1626/27 at Morton Hall, Warwickshire, Eng, died ‎ 1671 at Dublin, Ireland‎, approximately 45 years
Virginia Prominent Families Vol 1-4
Chapter V The Randolph Family.

Richard Randolph, b. Feb. 22, 1627; d. 1671, in Dublin, Ireland. Married Elizabeth Ryland, daughter of Richard Ryland, and settled at "Morton Hall," Warwickshire, England. Their second son:, Richard, married Eliza, daughter of Richard Ryland, and had four sons and four daughters.
Bob Juch

Richard Randolph, baptized 24 Feb 1621/22 at Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire, England; married Elizabeth Ryl

Their second son, Richard, married Eliza, daughter of Richard Ryland, and had four sons and four daughters.
Richard RANDOLPH [Parents] was born on 21 Feb 1621 in Moreton- Morrell, Warwickshire, England. He was christened on 23 Feb 1621 in Haughton Parva, Northampstonshir, England. He died on 2 May 1678 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Elizabeth RYLAND before 1650 in , Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth RYLAND [Parents] was born in 1625 in Of, Morton Morell, Warwickshire, England. She married Richard RANDOLPH before 1650 in , Yorkshire, England.

They had the following children:

F i Dorothy RANDOLPH was born on 3 Mar 1647 in , Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. She was christened on 1 Apr 1647.
F ii Mary RANDOLPH was born on 7 Oct 1648 in , Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. She was christened on 2 Nov 1648.
M iii Richard RANDOLPH Jr. was born in 1649 in Of Moreton Hall, Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. He died in , , , England.
M iv Col. William RANDOLPH of Turkey Island was born on 7 Nov 1650. He died on 21 Apr 1711.
M v Thomas RANDOLPH was born on 3 Feb 1652 in Of Moreton Hall, Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. He was christened on 3 Feb 1651 in Morton Hall, Warwickshire, , England.
M vi John RANDOLPH was born on 20 Jul 1653 in , Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. He was christened on 20 Jul 1653.
F vii Elizabeth RANDOLPH was born on 8 Dec 1655 in , Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England. She was christened on 1 Jan 1656.
F viii Margaret RANDOLPH was born on 25 Feb 1657 in Moreton Hall, Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
M ix John RANDOLPH was born about 1655 in Morton Hall, Warwickshire, England.
F x Dorothy RANDOLPH was born in 1657 in Of Moreton Hall, Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
F xi Mary RANDOLPH was born in 1659 in Of Moreton Hall, Moreton-Morrell, Warwickshire, England.

Married ‎ 1647 at Yorkshire, England (22 or 23 years married) to:

woman Elizabeth Ryland‏‎, daughter of Richard Ryland and Mrs Richard Ryland‏.
Born ‎ 1625 at Morton Morell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ 1670 at Dublin, Ireland‎, 44 or 45 years


man William Randolph, Col‏
Born ‎ Nov 7, 1650 at Warwickshire, England, died ‎ Apr 21, 1711 at Turkey Island, Henrico Co., VA‎, 60 years, buried ‎ 1711 at Henrico County, VA - Turkey Island Cemetery
Col. William RANDOLPH of Turkey Island [Parents] 1 was born on 7 Nov 1650 in England. He was christened on 7 Nov 1651 in Warwickshire, Morrell Parr., England. He died on 21 Apr 1711 in Turkey Island, Henrico, Virginia. He was buried in Warwickshire, England. He married Mary ISHAM in 1678 in Of, Henrico, Virginia. William resided 2 in "Turkey Island, " VA.

Mary ISHAM [Parents] 1 was born in 1660 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, Virginia. She died on 25 Dec 1735 in Turkey Island, Henrico, Virginia. She married Col. William RANDOLPH of Turkey Island in 1678 in Of, Henrico, Virginia.

They had the following children:

F i Elizabeth RANDOLPH was born in 1680. She died on 22 Jan 172
M ii William RANDOLPH Jr. was born on 6 Dec 1681. He died on 19 Oct 1742.
M iii Col. Thomas RANDOLPH of Tuckahoe was born on 3 Feb 1682. He died in 1730.
M iv Thomas RANDOLPH was born in Jul 1683 in Of England. He died in 1729.
M v Col. Isham RANDOLPH was born on 24 Feb 1685. He died on 2 Nov 1742.
M vi Col. Richard RANDOLPH of Curles was born on 2 May 1686. He died on 17 Dec 1748.
M vii Henry RANDOLPH was born in 1687.
F viii Mary RANDOLPH was born in Nov 1692/1693.
M ix John RANDOLPH was born on 20 Jul 1693. He died on 15 Mar 173
M x Edward RANDOLPH was born in 1697.
M xi Henry RANDOLPH was born in 1698 in Turkey Island, Henrico, Va. He died in 1798.
M xii Randolph ISHAM was born on 24 Feb 1685/1687 in Turkey Island, Henrico, Virginia.
William Randolph (1651-1711) the first of the "Turkey Island Randolphs"
was the son of Richard Randolph (1621-1671) of Morton Hall, Warwickshire;
grandson of William Randolph (1572-1650) of Little Haughton, Northampton-
shire; great grandson of Richard Randolph, of Hams, Sussex, Gentleman.
Henry Randolph (1623-1673), an uncle of William Randolph, also settled in
Henrico County(3).

(1) The facts are fully set forth in James Branch Cabell's Branch of
Abingdon . . . Richmond, Virginia (1911).


(3) Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, XIII, p. 55.

(4) Ibid., VII, p. 424, and Stanard's Some Emigrants to Virginia, p. 5.
In the Virginia Magazine, etc., Vol. XIX, p. 193, is mention of William
Baugh, late of London, now gone into Virginia (date 5 June, 1639). Mr.
Stanard adds that "probabaly this is William Baugh who was born about
1610 and was a justice of Henrico County in 1656."

(5) For this list see WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, Vol. XXIV, p. 131,
et seq.

Page 206.

ancestry of only six is known: Isham, Pleasants, Randolph, Chamberlaine,
Batte and Byrd.

Mrs. Isham (of the list) was the widow of Henry Isham (first of his
family in Virginia) who was born about 1628, came to Virginia about 1656
and died about 1676. He was the son of William Isham (1588-1631) and
Mary, daughter of William Brett of Toddington, Bedford, and grandson of
Sir Euseby Isham of Pytchley, of an ancient Northamptonshire family(1).

John Pleasants, the immigrant, was born about 1644-5, in Norwich,
England, the son of John Pleasants (born 1618) of St. Savior's, Norwich,
worsted weaver; grandson of John Pleasants (1588-1640) of All Saints and
St. Saviour's, Norwich, worsted weaver, great grandson of Robert Pleasants
(ante 1558-1591) of Norwich; great great grandson of William Pleasants
(died 1583) of All Saints and St. Paul's Parishes, Norwich(2).

William Randolph (1651-1711) the first of the "Turkey Island Randolphs"
was the son of Richard Randolph (1621-1671) of Morton Hall, Warwickshire;
grandson of William Randolph (1572-1650) of Little Haughton, Northampton-
shire; great grandson of Richard Randolph, of Hams, Sussex, Gentleman.
Henry Randolph (1623-1673), an uncle of William Randolph, also settled in
Henrico County(3).

Thomas Chamberlaine (circa 1652-1719) was the son of Edmund Chamber-
laine of Maugersbury (who died 1676) and grandson of Edmund Chamberlaine
of Maugersbury, Esquire, sheriff of Gloucestershire (who died 1634) and
great grandson of Sir Thomas Chamberlaine, of Prestbury, Gloucestershire,
ambassador from Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Elizabeth to several courts(4).
(1) Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. IV, p. 123 and
Vol. XVIII, p. 85, et seq.

(2) Ibid., Vol. XVI, p. 218; XVII, pp. 84, 197, 319, 425.

(3) Ibid., Vol. III, p. 261 and WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, Vol. IV,
p. 125. Thomas Randolph (1605-1639), the poet, was a half-brother of
Henry Randolph (who came to Virginia) and of Richard Randolph (father of
William, of "Turkey Island").
The most powerful of the Henrico families (during the period under
discusion) were the Randolphs, Cockes, Eppses and Byrds.

William Randolph (1651-1711) was the descendant, on both sides of the
house, of generations of gentlefolk. Henry Randolph (the uncle of William)
had gone to Virginia about the middle of the seventeenth century. He
occupied the not unimportant political office of Clerk of Henrico from
about 1656; and was clerk of the Virginia House of Burgesses from about
1660 to his death in 1673. Page 209. William Randolph was "well introduced"
at his coming into the colony. He succeeded his uncle as clerk of
the county holding the office until 1683 when he was in turn succeeded by
Henry Randolph (son of the first Henry). William Randolph occupied during
the years of his residence in Virginia nearly every office of either
prominence or financial worth in Henrico County: magistrate, clerk,
coroner, militia officer (of various grades) member of the House of
Burgesses, moreover, he was speaker of the House and clerk of the House
and for a short time in 1695 was attorney general of Virginia.

William Randolph married Mary, daughter of Henry Isham (see ante) who
settled in Henrico County, was a merchant, militia officer and bore the
distinctive "gentleman" affixed to his name. Mrs. Randolph was also the
sister of another Henry Isham, who engaged extensively in merchandizing,
and of Mrs. Ann Eppes the wife of Colonel Francis Eppes (the third of his
name) who was a grandson of the first of the Eppes family in Henrico.

William Randolph left, at his death, a most comfortable fortune and the
succeeding generations of his house formed, wtih him their "founder", a
constellation of ability seldom rivalled in the history of the American


Ancestral Records and Portraits
Colonel William Randolph, of "Turkey Island," on the James River, Henrico Co., VA was born in Yorkshire, England, about 1651 and died Apr 11, 1711. He removed to Warwickshire, Eng., and emigrated from that place about 1674, being the first of the family in Virginia. He was Captain of the Militia of Henrico Co 1680, Lt-Col 1699, one of the Royal Council of VA; a Burgess 1700-1705; by appointment of Their Majesties, William & Mary, Feb 6, 1690, the founder and trustee of William and Mary College,\; and by appointment of His Majesty William III, Escheator-General for the south side of the James River.
William Randolph
born in 1651, died April 11, 1711; was son of Richard Randolph, a royalist, and Elizabeth Ryland, his wife. His family was an ancient one in Northamptonshire, England. He came to Virginia about 1673, succeeded his uncle Henry Randolph as clerk of Henrico county in 1673, and held the office until 1683; burgess 1685 to 1699, and in 1703, 1704-1705 and 1710; attorney general 1696; speaker of the house of burgesses 1698. He married Mary, daughter of Henry Isham, of Bermuda Hundred, on James river, and had issue: William, the councillor, who married Elizabeth Beverley; Thomas, of "Tuckahoe;" Isham, of "Dungeness;" Sir John; Richard, of "Curls;" Elizabeth, who married Richard Bland; Mary, married William Stith; Edward, a sea captain; Henry, died unmarried.

Turkey Island received its name in 1607, when a group of explorers and settlers led by Captain Christopher Newport, sailed up the James and found an islet on which there was a great number of turkeys and other fowl. They named the islet, Turkey Island. Many years later, the Randolph family lived on the land (William Randolph of Turkey Island). Turkey Island Plantation was later owned by General George Pickett, who led Pickett's charge at the battle of Gettysburg. The home was destroyed by Federal gunboats on their way up the river to attack Richmond.
William Randolph lived on Turkey Island, on James River, Henrico county, Va. He came to Virginia in 1674.
Ancestor of a number of distinguished persons and statesmen in Virginia.
Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4
Chapter V The Randolph Family.
Image Not Shown
Randolph Coat-of-Arms The arms are described as follows: Gules, a cross fleury, argent, bearing five mullets uierced, sable. Crest-An antelope erased, holding in the mouth a baton. Motto-Fariqu£ sentiat (To speak what he thinks).
I. Archibald Cary. Married (May 31, 1744) Mary Randolph, of Curl's Nec
II. Anne Cary, b. Feb. 1745. Married (Nov. 18, 1761) Thomas Mann Randolph, of Tuckahoe, Goochland Co., Va.
III. Jane Cary, b. Feb. 12, 1751. Married (1768) Thomas Isham Randolph, of Dungenness, Goochland Co., Va.
The following is copied from the Baltimore Sun, March 26, 1904:
Perhaps the largest connection in Virginia is that of the Randolphs. The first Colonial settler, William, left seven sons and two daughters, whose descendants are to be found in every state in the Union. Robert Randolph married Rose, daughter of Thomas Roberts, of Hawkhurst, Kent, England. They had one child, William, whose wife was Dorothy, daughter of Richard Law and widow of Thomas West. Their first son was Thomas, the poet, whose works have been edited by Hazlett. Their second son, Richard, married Eliza, daughter of Richard Ryland, and had four sons and four daughters.
(((The second son of this union was William Randolph, who was the progenitor of the numerous family of Randolphs in America. He married Mary Isham, of the Isham family of Northamptonshire, England, baronets. (Contributed by Edward C. Meade.) )))
First Generation.
We are informed, by one of the descendants, that William Randolph bought at one time the whole of Sir Thomas Dale's settlement, amounting to five thousand acres of land, and as much more of other persons, reaching down to Four Mile Creek, on James River. The two settlements of Varina and Curls, so long the property and abodes of the Randolphs, were on this estate. The estate of Bacon, the rebel, once formed a part of this tract, and there are still some remains of the fort which he erected, when contending with the Indians.
The estate called Varina, which continued longest in possession of the Randolphs, was so called from a place of that name in Spain, because the tobacco raised at both places so resembled each other in flavor.
The Randolphs are connected not only with the Episcopal Church, but ministry, both in England and America
William Randolph, b. 1651; d. April 15, 1711. The following inscription was copied from his tombstone at Turkey Island, by Dr. Robert C. Randolph, of New Market, Clarke Co., Va.:
Col. William Randolph of Warwickshire, but late of Virginia, Gent., died April 11, 1711. Mrs. Mary Randolph, his only wife. She was the daughter of Mr. Henry Isham by Catherine his wife. He was of Northamptonshire, but late of Virginia, Gent.
In 1674 he emigrated to Virginia and settled at Turkey Island, on James River, Henrico County, Va. Was clerk of Henrico County from 1683 to 1711; was member of the House of Burgesses from 1685 to 1699 and from 1703 to 1705, and again in 1710; Speaker of the House, 1690; Clerk of the House, 1702; Attorney General, 1696, and of the Royal Council a member. There is on file at Henrico Court House a paper dated 1698 bearing signature and a fine impression of his arms-"Gu, upon a cross or, fin mullets gu."
Col. William Randolph married (1680) Mary Isham, daughter of Henry Isham, of Burmuda Hundred on James River, and Catherine, his wife (maiden name unknown). Their children, arranged in order, by John Randolph of Roanoke, are as follows:
1. William Randolph, Jr., known as Councillor Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, Nov. 1681. Married (1705) Elizabeth Beverly.
2. Thomas Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, June, 1683, settled at Tuckahoe on James River, Goochland Co., Va. Married (1710) Judith Churchill.
3. Isham Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, Dec. 1684, settled at Dungenness, Goochland Co., Va. Married (1717) Jane Rogers, of Shadgate Street, London, Eng.
4. Richard Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, May, 1686, settled at Curls Neck. Married (1714) Jane Bolling.
5. Henry Randolph, b. Oct. 1687; d. unmarried, in England and willed his share of Curls estate to Richard.
6. Sir John Randolph, Knight, b. at Turkey Island, April, 1689; settled in Williamsburg, Va. Married (1718) Susanna Beverly, sister of his brother William's wife.
7. Edward Randolph, b. Oct. 1690, settled in Bristol, Eng. Married (1715) Miss Grosvenor, of Bristol, and had among other children Edward Randolph, Jr., who married Lucy Harrison; Elizabeth, married Mr. Yates, of Gloucester Co.; Mary, married Rev. Robert Yates. Their daughter, Catherine, married Dr. Robert Wellford, a surgeon in the English army, who settled in Fredericksburg. (See Secretary Nelson's record.)
8. Mary Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, 1692. Married (1712) Capt. John Stith. Their only son, Rev. William Stith, was president of William and Mary College and historian of Va. He wrote his "History of Virginia" in 1740; died at William and Mary College, 1752. He married (Feb. 1744) Judith Randolph, of Tuckahoe. Mary Stith, daughter of Capt. John Stith and Mary, née Randolph, married Rev. William Dawson, D. D., second president of William and Mary College. Their daughter, Mary Dawson, married Ludwell Grymes. Their daughter, Mary, married Rev. Walker Maury, of Norfolk, Va. Their daughter, Anne, married Maj. Isaac Hite.
9. Elizabeth Randolph, b. at Turkey Island 1695, youngest child of Col. William Randolph and Mary, née Isham, Married (1711) Richard Bland, of Jordan's Point on James River. She was his second wife and d. Jan. 22, 1720. Among other children they had:
Henrico County, Virginia: Beginnings of Its Families: Part I
William Clayton Torrence
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 2.
(Oct., 1915), pp. 116-142.

William Randolph came to Virginia about 1673.(1) Henry Randolph (uncle of William Randolph) came to Virginia about 1650 and was for some years a prominent official in Henrico County. For the descendants of Henry Randolph see WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, IV.,
p. 125.
I don't have much information on Thomas Jackson but I do have some information on William. William settled the area around Amelia County (close to the Appomatttox Courthouse) mostly on Flatt Creek. Thomas settled an area near there just west of Swift Creek not to far from skinquarter. After Ralph Sr. settled the area around Cattail swamp just south of St. Petersburg most of his family migrated further north and inland along the Swift Creek and upper portion of the Appomattox River around Flatt Creek. Ralph Jr. and his son Joseph settled around the Swift Creek area in Chesterfield Co. Joseph Jackson (son of Ralph Sr. bother to William) Settled the area around Rock Castle on the north side of the James River. Even though they all seem to settle in different counties they are all within about a 45 mile radius. Included in that Radius are the plantations of Randolph, Jefferson, Neil, Eppes, Carter, Bolling just to name a few. From:
Richard COCKE the immigrant
Married Mary ASTON daughter of LTC Walter ASTON (immigrated 1628)
Patented land along the James River - Eastern side of Curles Neck in 1636
He built Bremo - seat of the Cock family for 6 generations
John Hartwell Cock moved the family seat to Upper Bremo in Fluvanna County
in the 19th century
Nathaniel Bacon Jr the rebel settled on Curles Neck in 1674 - some of his lands
were purchased by William Randolph in 1700.

His daughter Anne married Robert Bolling
Surnames: Randolph, Shufflebarger
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Yes, some does fit. I also have the same information on your 6-Peter Randolph married Sarah Greenhill in 1778. I don't know anything of the the Poythress's except that Henry Randolph IV married Tabitha Poythress in 1742.
I have a Captain William Randolph but my information is different. Here's what I have: Capt. WM. Randolph, b. 1745, Henrico Co, VA, was a son of Henry Randolph IV & Tabitha Poythress. He was a grandson of Henry Randolph III & Elizabeth Eppes. Capt. WM. Randolph married Miriam Ann Eppes. He was a Capt. in the Revolutionary Army from Dec 5, 1776 to Aug 6, 1779, a record of which is found in Chesterfield Co, VA, Order Bk. No. 6. He moved his family to Sullivan Co, NC, which later became part of TN abt. 1796. He resided in many of the East TN counties & is reported to have died abt. 1810 in Hawkins Co, TN. After his death, his widow, Miriam Ann moved in with her daughter, Mahala Conley in Warren Co, TN. Miriam died around 1815. Their children:
1. Nathaniel Randolph, b. 1765
2. Samuel Peyton Randolph, b. Oct 1766 (My direct line)
3. Isham Randolph, b. 1771
4. Henry Randolph, b. 1773
5. Elizabeth Orpha Randolph, b. Jan 1769
6. Mahala Randolph
7. Tabitha Randolph
8. Edmund Randolph, b. 1784
9. Miriam Randolph, b. Dec 1785

I'd am interested in exchanging more information with you. especially on Capt.Wm. Randolph. Would you send me an email to my address at ? I've got more on my family & maybe we can figure it out. Thanks!
Surnames: Randolph, Eppes, Greenhill, Isham, Pegram, Poindexter, Claiborne
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Jodi: I found your post. I'm trying to link up the few Randolph relatives with Eppes, Poythress. I keep getting close, but your query had the correct surnames, just not the correct first names!
1. I have a William Eppes (1691-1710, Henrico Cty, VA) who married Ann Isham, had daughter Mary Eppes.

2. Daniel Eppes married about 1770 Sallie Pegram (daughter of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott Baker, VA).

3. Capt. William Randolph married Dorothy Poindexter about 1809.

4. Col. William Randolph married Mary Isham, Ann's sister, Capt. Henry Isham's daughters.

5. Nancy Randolph married Iredell White in Tennessee, about 1840.

6. Peter Randolph married 1778 Sarah Greenhill, daughter of David Greenhill and Catherine Claiborne.

7. Elizabeth Poythress married William Gilliam @ 1650.

Does any of this fit into your lines? I am trying to finish a family history book before I have to return to a job, and I'm trying to tie up some loose ends. If I find something that fits, may I have your permission to site your information with your name? I would appreciate it.


I am interested in the Randolph and Royall families. I am researching Winifred Randolph 1760's who married John Short. She is supposed connected to the Randolph Family of Turkey Island. Royall is supposed to have a connection to my Farley family through the Archer family from Archers Hope.
the address above is actually a real estate ad that includes a history of
the area near Archer's Hope.
I am interested in the Randolph and Royall families. I am researching
Winifred Randolph 1760's who married John Short. She is supposed connected
to the Randolph Family of Turkey Island. Royall is supposed to have a
connection to my Farley family through the Archer family from Archers Hope.
Surnames: Woodson, Randolph, Royall, Isham

I am presently researching these Colonial settlers of Henrico Co. Would like to share info with anyone also researching these surnames..Ruth

Thanks. I am looking for John Woodson who married Dorothea Randolph whose sister was Jane Randolph mother to Pres. Thomas Jefferson. Dorothea's grandson was named Thomas Jefferson Woodson. I am trying to work backwards to find the direct line to T. J.'s father.
Hi-thanks for the reply. I am researching Dorothea Randolph who married John Woodson. Dorothea was sister to Jane who was mother of Pres. Thomas Jefferson. dorothea's grandson was named Thomas Jefferson woodson. I am trying to work backwards to find who John Woodson's specific line is. I also am researching the GRIFFITH surname -specifically Nancy Anne Griffith who married a Robertson in Tn. then moved to Mo. in the 1850s. Looks like we are related in two lines. Ruth in California
The only info I have on Isham Randolph's dau Mary is she was b. Nov. 15, 1725 and d.Oct. 13, 1803. She married Charles Lewis, July 15,1746 in Virginia. I don't have any info about her marrying a Sturgeon. Sorry. Ruth

Here are most of the Cullingworth names on the 1781-1876 Grantee index. There were lots!
(some not in order by date) 1869-1870
July 13, same to Lightfoot, Wm (Deed), Book 87, pg 82
July 26, same to Goddin, W.T. (Trust), Book 87, pg 133
Jan 3, same to Randolph, Wm, Book 87, pg 498
1805 BAILEY, Jn. from Randolph, Wm & wx (wife?) (Deed), Book 7, pg 300
Will of William Humpherys of Henrico Co., Planter
After debts are paid, I give to my daughter Margaret Floyd, wife of Maurice, 10lbs.
To 3 granddaughters (daughters of said Margaret), Jane Eyre, movable goods to be divided, including what shall come to me from Robert povall.
Daughter Margaret, now wife of Maurice Floyd, to be exec.
I forgot to include my grndson William Eyre: he is to have equal share of movables and 10lbs.
Dated 19 Jan, 1685/6
Wit:William Randolph, James Cocke,
Probated June 1, 1687
I just posted an old newspaper article from the Richmond Enquirer that lists Confederate soldiers buried on the property of William RANDOLPH of Chatsworth, Henrico Co., VA.

The following surnames are included: JORDAN, WILLIAMS, COCKFIELD, GIVENS, GOALDEN, MATTHEWS, COBB.

This was scanned from an original issue of the Richmond Enquirer and Examiner dated November 19, 1869, and you can see it online here:

I hope it's helpful!
William Randolph
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William Randolph (1650 - April 11, 1711) was a founding father, colonist and land owner who played an important role in Virginian history and politics.

He was born in Warwickshire, England to Richard Randolph (1627-1671) and Elizabeth Ryland (1625-1670). Randolph was also the nephew of English poet Thomas Randolph. He moved to Virginia in 1674 and married Mary Isham later that year. He was the second member of the Randolph family to settle in North America with the first being Henry Randolph. Shortly after arriving, he built his home at Turkey Island, Henrico County. He was one of the founders of the College of William and Mary. He was also the patriarch of the entire Randolph family of Virginia which married with members of the Lee, Washington, and Harrison families and included notable members such as President Thomas Jefferson, Chief Justice John Marshall, Peyton Randolph and Robert E. Lee.

His children with Mary Isham were:

William Randolph Jr. (1681 - 1742) of Turkey Island.
Thomas Randolph (1683 - 1729) of Tuckahoe.
Isham Randolph (1685 - 1742) of Dungeness.
Elizabeth Randolph (Bland) (1687 - 1719)
Henry Randolph (1687 - ?)
Richard Randolph (1691 - 1748) of Curles
Mary Randolph (Stith) (1692 - ?)
Sir John Randolph (1693 - 1737) of Tazewell Hall.
The number of children the couple had is not certain because of deaths in infancy and the naming children after their deceased siblings although at least nine children survived adulthood.
Virginians-The Family History of John W Prichett
William Randolph (c.1650-1711) of “Turkey Island”

Although I am not a descendant of William Randolph, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic RA to his family.

William Randolph, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Randolph might describe his life as follows.

Since I was baptized in the parish of Moreton-Morrell in Warwickshire, England, 7 November 1650, I correctly testified 2 December 1678 that I was 28 years old and again on 1 August 1689 that I was 38. I was married to Mary Isham by 13 November 1678 when her brother Henry Isham made his will mentioning sister Mary Randolph. It is said she could play a guitar-like instrument called a cittern.
Henrico County, which I represented in the House of Burgesses (1684-1711) where I was clerk (1699-1702), charged me for five tithables, essentially a head tax, in 1679, and I paid property taxes on 1,655 acres in Surry County and 19,465 acres in Henrico County in 1704.
In 1706 I gave 167 acres on Turkey Island Creek to son William and plantation “Curles” to son Henry.
My 1711-will divided large tracts of land among our seven sons and left a ring each to our two married daughters.
The family of William Randolph
The following are the children of William Randolph.

William Randolph (1681-1741) of “Turkey Island”
Thomas Randolph (1683-) of “Tuckahoe”
Isham Randolph (c.1685-1742) of “Dungeness”
Sir John Randolph (1693-1737) of “Tazewell Hall”
Col. Richard Randolph (1690-1749) of “Curles”
Elizabeth (Randolph) Bland (-1719)
Mary (Randolph) Stith (c.1692-)
Edward Randolph (1690-)
Henry Randolph (1687-)

Randolph acquired 1,221 acres on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek by patent in 1695. Although no deed discloses it, Randolph evidently purchased from Edmund Jennings 3,256 acres — half his patent of 6,513 acres on Tuckahoe Creek, which Jennings got 20 October 1689. A deed from John Pleasants to Randolph mentions land “next to the land which ye said William Randolph purchased from Edmund Jennings.”
Randolph also held 2,926 acres in Charles City County 15 October 1696.
The will of William Randolph remembered his wife, Mary, seven sons, and daughters Stith and Bland (will dated 6 Mar. 1710/11, recorded 1 June 1713).
Henrico County, VA - Turkey Island Cemetery

File submitted for use in the USGenWeb Archives Shelley J. Armstrong

My family and I recently visited the family cemetery of Wm. and Mary Randolph at Turkey Island. The cemetery is on private property and we had to get special permission to copy the info from the tombstones. I promised the owner that I would put the info on the web. There is a 4 foot cement wall around the cemetery with no gate so it was quite an experience. Hope someone out there enjoys reading about our Randolphs.
Catherine Knaub

2 & 4
(This one was cracked in a number of places and virtually illegible)
This Mo_______ __cred
In Memory of
late wife of (William)_________
of the___________of Henrico
____________________of Peter
(Beverley) __________
_____of _________family in
(No stone by the Va. Conservation Com. 1946)
(However, this must be William Randolph, II's wife Elizabeth Peyton
Beverley, as the children Peter, Beverley, and Peyton make sense, as well as
the fact that it looked like "wife of William")

Sacred to the memory
of Dungness in Goochland County
Adjutant General of this Colony
He was the third son of William Randolph
and Mary his Wife
The distinguishing qualities of the gentleman
he possessed in the most eminent degree to justice
probity and honour so firmly attached that
no view of secular interest or worldly advantage
no discouraging frowns of fortune could alter
his steady purpose of heart By an easy compliance
and obliging deportment he knew no enemies but
gained many friends thus in his Life meriting in
universal esteem
He died universally lamented Nov. 1742 aged 57
Gentle Reader go and do thou likewise.

(In between 2 stones for Isham which had the same inscriptions was the VCC

Bill Scroggin
Will of William Randolph of Turkey Island and County and Parish of Henrico,
Gent., being in the 60th year of my age (parts of these pages are missing)
To wife Mary, for life, the plantation I live on, 400 acres, part of 1000
acres called Turkey Island, and at her death to my son William, also to
her rest of land in Va., except land at Pigeon Swamp in Surry County, already
disposed of; also to her, land on Martins Swamp and an acre in the Town
of Bermuda Hundred.
My land at Curles to sons Thomas and Isham, 750 acres, to be equally divided,
my son Thomas to have his choice.
To sons Richard and John, 3 tracts of land I purchased of John Woodson,
Samuel Knibb and John _______, 900 acres to be divided. To Richard the
upper part, and John the lower.
To son Edward, all the tract on Chickahominy Swamp, between Mr. James Cocke
and Joseph Watson, 625 acres, which I bought of Thomas Cocke, dec’d.
All my lands which lie between lands given to son William above Westham
upper creek and Tuckahoe Creek, being 3256 acres, purchased of Edmund Jennings,
Esq.. to be equally divided between sons Isham, Thomas, Richard, John,
and Edward. Son Isham to have the lower part adj. Son William, and then
Thomas, Richard, John, and Edward, the latter having the upper part.
To son Isham, half of the lower island above Westham.
Land on the north side of James River above Turkey Island to son Edward.
Land at Pigeon Swamp in Surry with all appurtenances and slaves, being
1000 to 1100 acres, to be set apart for use of Micajah Perry & Co., Merchants
in London, to raise tobacco to pay off debts incurred to them. Sons Thomas
and Henry to take charge of running it and pay themselves for their trouble.
After all debts paid off, they are to divide the land.
To wife, household items and several negroes.
To daughter Stith and daughter Bland, each a ring.
Executors wife and sons William, Henry, and Thomas.
Dated 6 March 17__. Wit: ______ Randolph, __dridge.
Recorded 1 June 1713.

Source: Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia, Part One, 1654 - 1737,
abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, p. 90


In this genealogy no comprehensive treatment of the Randolph
family will be attempted. Only the line of that family sufficient
to show the Randolph strain which united with the Yates blood,
will be set forth.
William Randolph, of Yorkshire, England* (b. 1651, d. Apr.
11, 1711), emigrated to Virginia about 1674, and settled at
Turkey Island, in the James River. He is known as William
Randolph, of Turkey Island. He married Mary Isham, daughter
of Henry and Catherine Isham, of Bermuda Hundred.+
Edward Randolph, son of William Randolph of Turkey
Island, married "a Miss Groves, an heiress in England,"++ and
they had a daughter Elizabeth Randolph,+++ who married Reverend
William Yates, of Gloucester County, Va.
William[1] Yates (d. 1691), of Shockeley, Chester Co., England,
and his wife, Katherine, had:

Rev. Bartholomew[2] Yates (b. 1676, d. July 26, 1734), who
married Sept. 14, 1704, Sarah Mickleburrough.

They had:

1. Catherine[3] Yates (b. June 24, 1706).
2. Sarah[3] Yates (b. March 3, 1707).
3. Bartholomew[3] Yates (b. Feb. 9, 1712).
4. Reverend Robert[3] Yates (b. Jan. a, 1715), who married
Mary Randolph, daughter of Edward Randolph, and sister
of Elizabeth Randolph, who married Rev. William Yates.
5. Frances[3] Yates (b. Nov. 15, 1718).
6. Rev. William[3] Yates (b. Dec. 10, 1720), of Gloucester Co.,
Va., who married Elizabeth Randolph, whose ancestry is
shown above.

Rev. William[3] Yates (b. Dec. 10, 1720), President of William
and Mary College 1761-1764, as stated, married Elizabeth Ran-
dolph. She survived him and after his death she married (2ndly)

* _Bristol Parish_, 213.
+ The Isham lineage is well established back to 1424--Beveridge--
John Marshall, I, 10. The Randolph lineage is well established back
to 1550.--Id.
++ _Bristol Pavish_, 138.
+++ Va. Hist. Mag. 7, 436.


Colonel Theodorick Bland, of the American Revolution, brother
of Frances Bland, mother of John Randolph, of Koanoke.

They had:
1. Col. Wiiliam[4] Yates, of the American Revolution.
2. Edward Randolph[4] Yates (under age in 1783), of Amelia
County, Virginia, who married (M. B. in Mecklenburg Co.,
Va., dated Sept. 20, 1783), Elizabeth Murray, daughter of
John Murray of Mecklenburg County, Va. Edward Ran-
dolph Yates, though of Amelia County, Va., when he mar-
ried, seems to have owned land in Mecklienburg County,
where his will is found of record.
They had:
John Murray[5] Yates, who once lived in Dinwiddie Co.,
Va., and who acquired under his father's will the tract
of land in Mecklenburg County, Va., known as "Mill
Grove". He married Ann Bailey,--who at the time was
a widow,--Mrs. Wood.
They had:
1. John Murray[6] Yates, Jr., who married a widow Bos-
well and had:
(1) Littleton[7] Yates,
(2) John Murray[7] Yates.
2. Edward Randolph[6] Yates, who emigrated to Califor-
nia in 1849, married in that state (name of wife not
known), and had nine chiltlren.
3. William Moring[6] Yates, married Miss Cralle of Hali-
fax County, Virginia, resided in that county, and had
two daughters.
4. Joseph A.[6] Yates (d. unmarried), of Lunenburg
County, Va.
5. Benjamin Lewis[6] Yates (b. 1827, dead), of Lunen-
burg Co., Va., married Sophia M. Ralls, of Albemarle
County, Va., and had:
(1) John L.[7] Yates, Clerk of Lunenburg Co.
(2) C. N.[7] Yates,
(3) B. L.[7] Yates, Jr.
(4) Anna[7] Yates, who married one Moore.


(5) George M.[7] Yates,
(6) Joseph M.[7] Yates,
(7) Addie M.[7] Yates,
(8) William A.[7] Yates,
(9) L. E.[7] Yates.
6. Louise Murray[6] Yates (d. unmarried).
7. Ann Bailey[6] Yates, who married Henry Tucker, and
(1) John Murray[7] Tucker jkilled in the Confederate
service, in the Civil War).
(2) Maria L.[7] Tucker, who married Dr. John A.
Watson, of Mecklenburg County, Va.
(3) Anne Bailey[7] Tucker (d. unmarried).
8. Mary E.[6] Yates, who married (first), John H. Tis-
dale, of Mecklenburg Co., Va., and had:
(1) Richard E.[7] Tisdale,
(2) Addie M.[7] Tisdale.
9. Martha J.[6] Yates, who married (first) Dr. Leroy
Murrell and (second), William Campbell, of Peters-
burg, Va.
Issue by first marriage:
(1) Louisa Yates[7] Murrell,
(2) Ellen[7] Murrell.
Issue by second marriage:
(1) William Lee[7] Campbell (d. circa 1923).
10. Susan Dean[6] Yates, who married Daniel W. Tisdale,
of Lunenburg County, Virginia, who died (in Notto-
way County), and had:
(1) J. A.[7] Tisdale,
(2) Fannie M.[7] Tisdale,
(3) Henrietta[7] Tisdale,
(4) Ann Bailey[7] Tisdale,
(5) Robert Lee[7] Tisdale.

John L.[7] Yates, Clerk of Lunenburg County, Virginia, con-
tinuously from 1878 to the present (1926), and still the incumbent
of that office, married Mary Frances Cooksey, and had:
1. Elliott[8] Yates (died young).


2. Mamie Murray[8] Yates, who married Dr. Edwin L. Kendig
(State Senator), and had:
(1) Edwin[9] Kendig, Jr.
3. Helen[8] Yates, who married Dr. Dennis Kendig, and had:
(1) Frances Yates[9] Kendig,
(2) John Dennis[9] Kendig.

The Cooksey ancestry of Mrs. John L. Yates (Mary Frances
Cooksey), is shown below:

Charles[1] Cooksey married Sarah Ann King, of Brunswick
County, Virginia, and had:
1. Miles Hamlyn[2] Cooksey, who moved to Kentucky, and mar-
ried, (first) Martha Cheatham (of Virginia), and had
issue. After her death he married (second), Ermine
Hatchett, and had one child, a daughter.
2. Tyree Wesley[2] Cooksey,
3. Hartwell Parker[2] Cooksey,
4. Charles[2] Cooksey,
5. Leanna[2] Cooksey, who married (first) Crafton, (second),
6. Prudence[2] Cooksey (who never married).
7. Mary[2] Cooksey (who never married).

Charles[2] Cooksey married Evelyn Adelaide Royal, daughter of
Littleberry and Elizabeth (Winn) Royal (married in 1818), of
Prince Edward County, Va.

They had (ten children):

1. Ann Theresa[3] Cooksey, who married Reps (?) Toone,
2. Evalyn Adelade[3] Cooksey, who married Stokes (?) Toone,
3. Fletcher[3] Cooksey (d. during the Civil War).
4. George Hamlyn[3] Cooksey, of Kentucky, who married Ruth
Smith, of Kentucky.
5. Ella Eudoro[3] Cooksey,
6. Pernetta Louis[3] Cooksey,
7. Sallie Booker[3] Cooksey,
8. Ida Parker[3] Cooksey, who married Phillip Hill, of Lunen-
burg Co., who moved to Missouri.
9. Waiter M.[3] Cooksey,
10. Mary Frances[3] Cooksey, who married John L. Yates.

woman Dorothy Randolph‏
Born ‎ Mar 3, 1646/47 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ Apr 1, 1647 at Moreton Morrell, England‎, approximately 1 years
woman Mary Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Oct 7, 1648 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
man Richard Randolph‏
Born ‎ 1649 at Moreton Hall, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ 1703 at Henrico, VA, USA‎, 53 or 54 years
man Thomas Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 3, 1651/52 at Moreton Hall, Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ Apr 21, 1711 at Turkey Island Henrico, VA, USA‎, approximately 60 years
man John Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 20, 1653 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ 1682 at in the Strand,England‎, 28 or 29 years
woman Elizabeth Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Dec 8, 1655 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, Eng, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
woman Margaret Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ Feb 25, 1656/57 at Moreton Hall, Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England, died ‎ Apr 4, 1726 at Turkey Island, Henrico, VA, USA‎, approximately 70 years
woman Elizabeth Randolph‏‎
Born ‎ 1680 at Turkey Island, Henrico, VA, USA, died ‎ Jan 22, 1719/20 at Jordans Point, Marion, WV, USA‎, approximately 39 years