man Marcum "Marcome Cooper" Cooper‏‎, son of David D Cooper and Elizabeth Mary "Elizabeth Wilder" Wilder‏.
Born ‎ 1750 at Edgecombe, Nash, NC, USA, died ‎ 1840 at Nash, NC, USA‎, 89 or 90 years

Marc drew 8 pounds, 12 shillings for service in the Revolutionary War. This may
have abeen for service or for provisions provided to the Continental Army.
According to the 1790 Census, he had three sons over 16, three under 16, four
females and four slaves.
Note: See Will dated 30 Aug 1809, recorded in Nashville, Nash Co, NC, in file
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UNCLE3@prodigy.comEvent: LDS Ancestral File 120J-6KW 1 2 3 5 6
Census: 1782 Nash Co., North Carolina Early Tax List (Marcom) 1 2 3 5 6
Census: 1790 Nash Co., North Carolina 1 2 3 5 6
Census: 1800 Nash Co., North Carolina p.95 (Marcom) 1 2 3 5 6



!Source: Family Group Sheets from Earline Day.!Source: Family Group Sheets from Earline Day.[1835673.ged]
From Appendix D [The Marcum Cooper Family] of The Rackley Family of Nash County, North Carolina, by
Timothy Wiley Rackley, pages 739-756:

Marcum was a son of David Cooper and his wife Mary, who were in Nash County as early as 1748. David eventually moved into Wake County, North Carolina, and owned land on Little River. He later moved to the Spartanburg District of South Carolina. In his will dated 17 March 1792, David Cooper "gave and bequeathed unto his son Marcome Cooper three head of sheep which he hath already." (Last will and testament of David Cooper, Spartanburg District, South Carolina.

On 22 October 1764, Marcum Cooper purchased 100 acres on the north side of Sapony Swamp on Stoney Branch from Edward Moore. On 3 November 1770, Marcome Cooper purchased 417 acres on the bank of Sapony Swamp at the mouth of Stoney Branch from William Worrel and his wife Elizabeth. In 1785 he purchased 206 acres, 165 acres, and 75 acres of land holdings ranged along the south side of Roady \\\\\\\\\Branch and the north side of Sapony. His wife was Sarah (Sally) Jackson, daughter of George Jackson. According to family Bible records of David Cooper (son of Marcum Cooper) and Marcum's last will and testament [Nash County, North Carolina deed bppls. ,arroage regoster. amd estates records], eight children were born to Marcum and Sally: Vinson, Hardy, David, Rhoda, George, and William (Billy), John D and Mary.
U S Federal Census Index for North Carolina 1790-1890
Name: Marcom Cooper State: NC County: Nash Year: 1782 Database: NC Early Census Index
Nash County NC - CENSUS - 1790 Census - Halifax District
1st free white males under 16 years
3rd all other free persons
5th slaves

Cooper, Marcome................................3-3-4-0-4
Jackson, Wm...................................1-1-4-0-4

Taylor, Rosaman, Nash Co. Will file, CR.069.801.8, 19 Apr 1827, proved
Aug Ct 1829, “being very old and feeble”; executor George Cooper, being
“anxious to dispose of my worldly goods” “amongst my blood relations”- all my
negro slaves (Porte, Harriett, Yancy, Isaac, America, Mingo, Milly, Harry,
(Granberry) to be equally divided between George Cooper, William Cooper and
John Deans; my land which I have deeded to George Cooper; all other property
divided among George Cooper, William Cooper and John Deans; executor to carry
on suit in Nash court between myself and the heirs of Saml. Winstead, if suit
is lost, damages to be paid from my money, signed Rosaman Taylor (X), wit.
(either A. or Hy Blount), Abraham Evans. 1-6-00.

Married ‎ 1780 at Nash Co., NC (50 or 51 years married) to:

woman Sarah Juliet "Randolph, Sarah Juliet Randolph" Jackson‏‎, daughter of George Jackson and Elizabeth Mary "Elizabeth Wilder" Wilder‏.
Born ‎ 1755 at Edgecombe, Nash, NC, USA, died ‎ 1831 at Nash, NC, USA‎, 75 or 76 years
SOURCE: Rootsweb WC - Add Ons to My North Carolina Family - Entries: 83229 Updated: 27 Sep 2002 Contact: Paulette Faulkner < sparrowsma @ hotmail. com >
Daughter of Col. William & Mary ?Isham? Randolph, apparently adopted by George & Mary Jackson.

This is in my estimation all wrong: After David D Cooper died Sarah married George Jackson and his dau was Sarah Juliet


man David Lee Cooper‏
Born ‎ Oct 12, 1773 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ Oct 30, 1853 at Randolph, Johnson Co., MO at 79 yrs‎, 80 years, buried ‎ 1853 at Cooper Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Johnson Co., MO

1830 Census > Kentucky > Trigg > Not Stated
David Cooper 2221100100000 1111101000000

1850 Census Jefferson Twp., Johnson Co., MO 4 Oct 1850 by C D Cobb
422-424 Cooper, Albert G 42 farmer 200 KY
Eliza I 29 MO
Thomas I 9 MO
Isaac M D 2 MO
Albert D 3/12 MO
423-425 Cooper, David 76 farmer 3000 NC
Elizabeth 62 KY
Daniel 27 farmhand Ky
Franklin 22 farmhand KY
Webster 20 farmhand KY
Minerva 17 KY
Wills of Johnson Co Mo
Volume E
Micro-Film V12-3542
11 Cooper David
3 pages, no transcription available poor condition of record.
302 Cooper Albert
1 page
653 Cooper Eliza Jane
6 pages

Wills of Johnson Co Mo
Will Book D
1852- 1860
Micro-Film V12-3541
45 Cooper W.O.
2 pages
216 Cooper Franklin
2 pages
Cooper, David Lee -- 12 Oct 1773 Nash Co, NC-16 Sep 1852 Rand, m. Christian Co, KY 5 Dec 1799 Elizabeth (Wadlington) = Johnson Cem; Ref: Duncan Genealogy

Cooper Cemetery
Located in Jefferson Township, Sec. 16, R24, T44
Albert J., d. 6 Feb. 1888 at 80yrs 6 days
Eliza Jane, d. 18 Aug. 1893 at 72yrs 8mo 23 days, wife of A. J.
Franklin, d. 11 June 1875 at 47yrs 3mo 24 days
Mary A., d. 24 Feb. 1891 at 50yrs 3mo 20 days, wife of Frank
Webster, 1 Apr. 1830-4 Jan. 1905
Frank, son of H. and M.
Infant son of H. and M., 20 Nov. 1870
David, 30 Oct. 1853 at 79yrs
Elizabeth R., 5 May 1787-27 Apr. 1855, consort of David
Jule T. Granvill, 9 Nov. 1823-23 --- 1847, at 24yrs 6mo 14 days, consort of R. D.

woman Elizabeth Denton Cooper‏
Born ‎ Feb 24, 1757 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ 1834 at Nash Co., NC‎, 76 or 77 years
Nash County, North Carolina Vital Records Abstracts
about Cooper, Elizabeth
Name: Cooper, Elizabeth
Birth Place: Nash co., NC
Father: Marcus Cooper
Mother: Sarah
Marriage Place: Nash co., NC
Spouse: Mr. Tucker
Residence: Nash co., NC
man Vinson Cooper‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 27, 1769 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ 1855 at Johnson Co., MO‎, 85 or 86 years
man Hardy Cooper‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 28, 1771 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ 1777 at Nash Co., NC‎, 5 or 6 years
woman Rhoda Deans Cooper‏
Born ‎ Apr 1, 1776 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ UNKNOWN‎
man John D Cooper‏
Born ‎ Mar 6, 1779 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ 1827 at Wilson Co., TN‎, 47 or 48 years
Cooper, John D. -- 6 Mar 1779 Nash County, NC-1828 enroute to Wilson Co, TN, [s\o Marcum & Sarah Juliet (Jackson)]; m. Nash Co, NC 30 Jul 1810 Margaret Peggy (White), children: (1) Nancy W. (26 Jan 1811 NC-13 Jan 1886 Rand) m. Samuel G. Johnson (2) Sarah Sally J.(7 Nov 1812 NC-31 Jul 1888 Rand) m. TN 19 Dec 1812 Barnaby Eagan, (3) Millsie Lucy (16 Sep 1814 TN-8 May 1855 Macon Co.) m. 26 Jun 1836 Hiram Milsapps, (4) Charles Wesley (abt 1815 NC-bef. 22 Apr 1850 Macon Co.) m. 9 Frb 1833 Josephine (Titus), (5) Mary Berry "Polly" (6 May 1817 TN-7 Feb 1884) m. TN 25 May 1833, (6) William H. "Buck" (b. 1819) m. Chariton Co. 9 Aug 1841 Mary Ann (Mayo), (7) Elizabeth White m. Josiah Smith Harlan, (8) Rhoda (17 Apr 1823 TN-17 Jul 1895 Rand) m. Rand 7 Mar 1844 Charles H. Baker (9) John V. m. Sarah E. (Turner), (10) David Edward, Sr. m. Sarah Catherine (Gray); Heirs; William & Lassa m. Hiram Millsap, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Edward, John Cooper; Ref: Duncan Genealogy; RPR 14 Nov 1834
woman Mary Polly Cooper‏
Born ‎ Mar 6, 1782 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ Jun 6, 1813 at Nash Co., NC‎, 31 years
man George H "George Cooper" Cooper‏
Born ‎ Nov 24, 1784 at Edgecombe Co., NC, died ‎ Oct 12, 1845 at Nash Co., NC‎, 60 years
Birth, Marriage, & Death > Edgecombe County, North Carolina Vital Records, 1720-1880
Cooper, George Born 1784 Death Oct 12, 1845

Edgecombe County, North Carolina Vital Records, 1720-1880
about Cooper, George
Name: Cooper, George
Birth Date: 1784
Date of Death: Oct 12, 1845
Location of Death/ Last Known Location: Nash co., NC
Other Notes/ Race/ Military Information: Captain in Militia
Location of Birth: Edgecombe Co., NC

man William (Billy) Cooper‏
Born ‎ Apr 18, 1787 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ Nov 14, 1849 at Nash Co., NC‎, 62 years, buried ‎ 1849 at William B. Cooper Cemetery, Nashville, NC
man William Cooper‏‎
Born ‎ Mar 12, 1786 at Nash Co., NC, died ‎ Jun 19, 1870 at TN‎, 84 years