man James Clay‏‎, son of Charles Clay and Sarah "Sarah 1, Sarah 2" Unknown‏.
Born ‎ 1730 at ,Hanover,, died ‎ 1790 at Halifax County, VA‎, 59 or 60 years

James inherited the homestead at the death of his mother (Ancestor of Governor Clay of Alabama).

Married ‎ 1759 at Chesterfield, Virginia (30 or 31 years married) to:

woman Margaret "Peggy" Muse‏‎, daughter of William Muse and Mary Pope‏.
Born ‎ Apr 2, 1737 at Chesterfield, Virginia, died ‎ Feb 13, 1821 at Amite, Mississippi‎, 83 years, buried ‎ at Zach Lea Cem., Nr Liberty, 1st marriage to: N.N., ‎2nd marriage to: James Clay
According to Margaret's Obituary, reprinted in L. W. Rigsby's Historic Georgia Families, she was born near Richmond Virginia. There, in the enclave of the Church of England, it became her practice to listen to the preaching of the imprisoned Baptist preachers. Eventually she converted and chose to be baptized. The site chosen was the frozen over James River in the middle of the night, in order to avoid detection. Despite their precautions, they were apprehended and sentenced to either pay a considerable fine or be publicly flogged. Margaret could not afford the fine but was saved from the flogging by a kind-hearted soul who paid the fine for her.

After the death of her husband, James, Margaret went to live with her daughter Sabrina and her husband Zacharia Lea. The young family and Margaret lived for short period in or near Knoxville. Around 1805, they, and Zachariah's brothers and their families, moved to Mississippi, traveling down the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers on a flat boat; the "women would ply the oars while the men would ward off the Indians with their rifles." They settled on the Amite River, about 10 miles east of Liberty and 63 miles southeast of Natchez. Before long, they relocated a few miles away to Huron, where all of their children were born and Margaret lived out her remaining years.

Margaret was the acknowledged spiritual leader of the family, giving thanks at the table and conducting the family worship.

Margaret is buried with her daughter's family in the Lea Family Burying Ground at Lea Hall, Amite County, Mississippi.


man James Clay‏
Born ‎ 1765 at , Chesterfield, VA, died ‎ at Y
woman Pattie Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
man William Clay‏
Born ‎ Aug 11, 1760 at , Chesterfield, Virginia, died ‎ Aug 4, 1841 at , Grainger, Tennessee‎, 80 years

Wiliam was a Revolutionary War soldier, enlisting in Chesterfield County, Virginia, at the age of sixteen. He applied for a pension10 October 1832, at the age of seventy-two, when he was residing in Granger County, Tennessee. He was allowed pension for seven months' service as a Sergeant in he Virginia Troops. Part of the time he served under Captain Edward Mosely and Colonel Robert Goode.[LWRigsbyHistGaFamilies.FTW]

William Clay, son of James Clay and Margaret Muse Clay, enlisted in the Revolutionary War at the age of 16 an applied for a pension in Grainger County, Tennessee in 1832.
woman Martha Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Elizabeth Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Lydia Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
man Eleazer Clay‏
Born ‎ Oct 14, 1778, died ‎ Feb 18, 1863 at Farmington, Missouri‎, 84 years
woman Nancy Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Sabrina Clay‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Mary "Polly" "Mary Clay" Clay‏
Born ‎ 1775 at Chesterfield County, Virginia‎