man Robert Sibley‏‎, son of John Sibley and Mary Unknown‏.
Born ‎ 1728 at Leicester, England, died ‎ 1810 at Mecklenburg County, North Carolina‎, 81 or 82 years
Much of the information regarding Robert Sibley was tekn by James Scarborough Sibley, author of The Sibley Family in America 1629-1972, was taken from Census Records and the Diary of John Osborne, a resident of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and a neighbor of John Sibley.

It appears that Robert Sibley was born in Mecklenburg but moved toHalifax County Virginia, where his grandfather lived, around 1754. In 1755, he married Jerusha Chandler, whose family appears to have been as numerous there at the time as the Sibleys were. All of Robert and Jerusha's chil;dren were born in Halifax County Virginia.

Around 1782, Robert and Jerusha moved to Charlotte County Virginia.

Around 1802, Robert moved back to Mecklenburg, probably to be near his ailing father who died shortly thereafter. In 1804, Robert sold 200 Acres of Land in Mecklenburg County to his son Elijah. Robert's Will was probated in Mecklenburg County in 1809.

The Diary kept by Robert's father's neighbor, John Osborne, indicates that (1) John was Robert's father, (2) Robert's brother was Elijah, (3) Robert lived in Virginia and came to North Carolina to "visit his people in Mecklenburg," and (4) he owned, bought and sold slaves.

Married ‎ 1755 at Halifax County, Virginia (54 or 55 years married) to:

woman Jerusha Chandler‏‎
Born ‎± ABT. 1732 at , Halifax, Virginia‎


man John Sibley‏
Born ‎ 1757 at Halifax County, VA, died ‎ 1827 at Tennessee‎, 69 or 70 years
man Leonard Sibley‏
Born ‎ 1758 at Halifax County, VA, died ‎ 1832 at Henry county, KY‎, 73 or 74 years

Leonard was engaged in the freighting business in prince Edward County, Virginia, until 1814. He was crippled in one leg when a wagon passed over it. He moved his family to the Henry-Trimble-Ol dham Co., Ky., area in late1814 and purchased 200 acres of land on corn Creek, near the prese nt town of Bedford, KY., and M and Nancy Tandy. The Deed is dated 16 January 1815 and was recorded 30 July 1815 at the Henry Co Clerk's Office. About1818 he purchased Fairmount Plantation n which consisted of about 600 acres and a huge, eight room log house called Fairmount, located on a promontory overlooking the Little Kentucky River. The house had separate guest rooms at each end of the front porch and massive stone chimneys at each end of the house. This home was built by Colonel William Marshall,Jr., in 1780 on land granted to him for his Revolutionary War service. Fairmount lies about three miles north of Sulphur, Ky., on the west side of the Little Kentucky River. It was owned by Coleman Mayfield Sibley in1975.
man Elijah Sibley‏
Born ‎ 1760 at Halifax County, Virginia, died ‎ 1832 at Mecklenburg County, North Carolina‎, 71 or 72 years

LDS IGI Record Film Number: 2034644

Revolutionary War Soldiers & Sailors, Disk 2, Volume XIV
Sibley, Elijah, Jr., Private, Capt Jonathan Woodbury's Co., Col. Jacob Davis's regt; marched July 30, 1780; discharged Aug 7, 1780; service, 12 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island, including 4 days (72 miles) travel home. Roll dated Sutton.

[Sibley, James Scarborough, The Sibley Family in America]: "Elijah Sibley bough 500 acres of land on Waxhaw Creek and Richardson's Creek in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., (now Jackson Township of Union County) in 1811 which made him the owner of 700 acres in the area a short distance from the birth places of Andrew Jackson and James Knox Polk. He had disposed of all but about 184 acres of his land before his death and this 184 acres was acquired by his son, Elijah M. Sibley, in 1841."
man Robert Sibley‏‎
Born ‎ 1763‎
woman Mary Sibley‏‎
Born ‎ 1765‎
man Gabriel Sibley‏‎
Born ‎ 1767, died ‎ 1834‎, 66 or 67 years