man Garnett Mitchell "Garnett Mitchell Riley" Riley, Sr.‏‎, son of George W. Riley and Nora I. Callent‏.
Born ‎ Oct 7, 1875 at Bank Lick Creek, Kenton County, Kentucky, died ‎ 1955 at Independence, Kentucky‎, 79 or 80 years, cause of death: Cardio Vascular complications, buried ‎ at Independence Cemetery, Independence, Kentucky. Occupation: ‎ at Steel Worker, Groom.;
There is a quote in the book from Garnett M. Riley concerning the original Riley's. Evidently they came over with Lafayette to fight in the Revolutionary War, and after the War, they settled in Culpepper, VA.

If you would like me to copy any of this information from the book in our local library, I will be happy to do so. But, there are not too many dates given. I would need your address since it is too much to E-mail.

Hope this helps you! Genealogy is so fascinating. It is like solving a big mystery!

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Carol Riley Ackley in KY

Married ‎ Sep 25, 1912 at Covington, Kentucky (34 years married) to:

woman Nora Mae Waddell‏‎, daughter of Roy Raymond Waddell, Sr. and Katerine Ries‏.
Born ‎ Apr 7, 1895 at Covington, Kentucky, died ‎ Aug 31, 1947 at Long Beach, California‎, 52 years, cause of death: Liver cancer, buried ‎ at Long Beach California, ‎1st marriage to: Garnett Mitchell "Garnett Mitchell Riley" Riley, Sr., 2nd marriage to: Robert Watson
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Birth: 4/7/1895 -- Covington, Kentucky
8/31/1947 -- Long Beach, California
Spouse: Robert Watson
Garnett Mitchell Riley, Sr.

Parents:Roy Raymond Waddell, Sr. , Catherine Ries

Fred Waddell email 6.2.02

Hi Rod,
Bev is sending you info regarding Roy Sr. Waddell's siblings. You know, since our correspondence, Bev and I looked at the records again, and noted that Roy Sr. had died of malhutrition, and my father, Charles (his son) was the one to sign off on the death certificate. It is hard to imagine, and bothers me, that our grandfather, Roy Sr. died of nutrition. No one should have to die that way, but alcoholism, very often results in chronic malnutirtion, as you know. I think of this, and my Dad's life. They were so very poor. I can remember stories of my dad that bean soup and corn break was the only thing they had to eat during the entire day, and it was my dad's responsibility, and perhaps the responsibility of his brothers and sisters to pick up coal thrown down from the trains. The firemen on the trains took pity on them and threw off blocks of coal that they used to heat their house. So hard to imagine, and so very sad. Perhaps it accounts for why I can't ever remember ha! ving any contact with my grandmother or grandfather Waddell.
Bev and I leave tomorrow morning for Maryland to see our kids and grandkids. Will return on Sunday evening.
Take care of yourself,
till later!

Married by Minister H. C. Runyan of Latonia, KY.


man Garnett Mitchell "Garnett Mitchell Riley , Jr." Riley, Jr.‏
Born ‎ Dec 10, 1913 at Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎ Aug 28, 1987 at Crescent Springs, Kentucky‎, 73 years, buried ‎ at Kenton Co., Kentucky
man Howard Milton Riley‏
Born ‎ Jun 19, 1917 at Madison Pike, Independence, Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎ at Texas
HOWARD RILEY Request Information
SSN 466-14-8929 Residence: 75489 Tom Bean, Grayson, TX
Born 13 Oct 1921 Last Benefit:
Died Nov 1995 Issued: TX (Before 1951)

From Nora and Garnett Riley's family bible: Howard was born on a Tuesday at 12:20 AM, weighing 7.5 lbs.
man James Whitcomb Riley‏
Born ‎ Jul 9, 1920 at Independence, Kentucky, died ‎ Jan 20, 1945 at Near Beeville, Texas, Copilot, Navy plane crash‎, 24 years, buried ‎ at Texas
woman Estelle Margaret Riley‏
Born ‎ Mar 5, 1922 at Independence, Madison Pike, Kentucky/Independence, Kenton Co., KY, died ‎ at Living in Covington, KY.