man William Callent‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER

Married/ Related to:

woman Martha J. Riley‏‎, daughter of James Riley and Elizabeth Vaughn‏. PRIVACY FILTER


woman Sally Callent‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nora I. Callent‏
Born ‎ 1851 at Boone Co., Kentucky, died ‎± ABT. 1930 at Probably Madison Pike, Kenton County, Kentucky, at the home of Garnett Rile‎, approximately 79 years, buried ‎ at Independence Cemetery, Independence, KY
John W., son of the original Thomas, had a son names James who married Elizabeth Vaughn on May 6, 1824, in Boone Co., KY. They had five children-one named Martha. Martha married a Wm. Callent. Together they had 3 daughters, and yes, Nora Callent was one of them. Her two sisters were Elizabeth and Sally. One of the five children born to James and Elizabeth was Andrew Jackson. So this is where your Uncle Andrew fits into the picture. He was the uncle of Nora. His real name was Andrew Jackson Riley. He married a Sarah Ellis and they had 4 children-Jefferson Garnett, Walter Ellis, Lynn and Richard. So it looks as if George who married Nora were first cousins, once removed. This was very common back in those times.
woman Elizabeth J. Callent‏
Born ‎ Mar 12, 1854 at On Bank Lick, Kenton County, Kentucky‎