man George W. Riley‏‎, son of Woodford Riley and Bettie Rodgers‏.
Born ‎ 1850 at Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎ Dec 12, 1917 at Kenton County, Kentucky‎, 66 or 67 years, buried ‎ at Independence Cemetery

Kentucky 1910 Census, Kenton County

George Riley
Enumeration District: 0125 Color: W
Age: 58 Birth Place: Kentucky
Visit: 0151
County: Kenton
Relation: Husband
Relatives: Wife Nora 58, Kentucky
Son Garnett 34, Kentucky
Son Denver 22, Kentucky
Daughter Sallie 20, Kentucky
Son John M 18, Kentucky
Uncle Andrew J 77, Kentucky

Could any of these be this George Riley?::

-1870 RILEY GEORGE E. Kenton County KY 264 Independence Pct. Federal Population Schedule KY 1870 Federal Census Index KY519131285
1860 RILEY GEORGE W. Kenton County KY 449 Independence P.O. Federal Population Schedule KY 1860 Federal Census Index KY11093006
1870 RILEY GEORGE W. Kenton County KY 285 Cokes Pct Federal Population Schedule KY 1870 Federal Census Index KY519131286
1840 RILEY GEORGE Kenton County KY 254 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule KY 1840 Federal Census Index KYS4a2187817
1850 RILEY GEORGE Kenton County KY 134 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule KY 1850 Federal Census Index KYS5a1444163
1860 RILEY GEORGE Kenton County KY 422 Independence P.O. Federal Population Schedule KY 1860 Federal Census Index KY11093005
1890 RILEY GEORGE Kenton County KY 136 No Township Listed KY 1890 Veterans Schedule KY16017018

GenForum posting by Florence Bryson,, 7/1/2001 "Riley's of Kenton County, Kentucky." "The Farm was owned by Thomas and Nancy Riley, Jr. We tried to find the cemetery in May but didn't have any luck. The only marker that can be read is that of Joseph Cain who m. Elizabeth. I was told the other markers were all fieldstones but were probably all members of the Cain and Riley families. The Drees Co., who bought the part of the farm where the cemetery is locted are moving all of the stones to Independence Cemetery. My interest is the Cains. Carol Ackley was a riley and lives near Florence, KY. She may have info on the later generations."

Genforum posting by Florence Bryson (above): I have been in contact with a Carol riley Ackley woho lives in Boone Co., KY. My interest in the family of Sanford (Riley) is in his dau., Virginia, who m. her first cousin, Joseph Cain. Her father, Sanford (Riley) and his sister, Elizabeth , were the children of Tomas and Sarah Riley, Jr. there were nine children but no Alfred. There was a John T., James, Sarah, Madison, Thomas, Jacob and a Whitten or Whiting. Elizabeth Riley m. Joseph Cain, Sr., in 1835 in Campbell Co., Kentucky (Kenton Cty was not created from Campbell until 1840.). Their son, Joseph B. Cain m. Virginia Riley. Joseph Cain and Elizabeth Riley Cain are buried on the Riley Farm near Independence, Ky. Carol has much more on the Riley's. Her email is

Married/ Related to:

woman Nora I. Callent‏‎, daughter of William Callent and Martha J. Riley‏.
Born ‎ 1851 at Boone Co., Kentucky, died ‎± ABT. 1930 at Probably Madison Pike, Kenton County, Kentucky, at the home of Garnett Rile‎, approximately 79 years, buried ‎ at Independence Cemetery, Independence, KY
John W., son of the original Thomas, had a son names James who married Elizabeth Vaughn on May 6, 1824, in Boone Co., KY. They had five children-one named Martha. Martha married a Wm. Callent. Together they had 3 daughters, and yes, Nora Callent was one of them. Her two sisters were Elizabeth and Sally. One of the five children born to James and Elizabeth was Andrew Jackson. So this is where your Uncle Andrew fits into the picture. He was the uncle of Nora. His real name was Andrew Jackson Riley. He married a Sarah Ellis and they had 4 children-Jefferson Garnett, Walter Ellis, Lynn and Richard. So it looks as if George who married Nora were first cousins, once removed. This was very common back in those times.


woman Dora Riley‏
Died ‎± ABT. 1938 at family legend
According to family legend, Dora was a large woman due to "she drank a lot of water." She may have died cc: 1938. She did not live in Kenton Co., Kentucky for sometime according to some family membors.
man Fred Riley‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
man George Riley‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Garnett Mitchell "Garnett Mitchell Riley" Riley, Sr.‏
Born ‎ Oct 7, 1875 at Bank Lick Creek, Kenton County, Kentucky, died ‎ 1955 at Independence, Kentucky‎, 79 or 80 years, cause of death: Cardio Vascular complications, buried ‎ at Independence Cemetery, Independence, Kentucky. Occupation: ‎ at Steel Worker, Groom.;
There is a quote in the book from Garnett M. Riley concerning the original Riley's. Evidently they came over with Lafayette to fight in the Revolutionary War, and after the War, they settled in Culpepper, VA.

If you would like me to copy any of this information from the book in our local library, I will be happy to do so. But, there are not too many dates given. I would need your address since it is too much to E-mail.

Hope this helps you! Genealogy is so fascinating. It is like solving a big mystery!

Take care,
Carol Riley Ackley in KY
man Charles W. "Charles Riley" Riley‏‎
Born ‎± ABT. 1880 at Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎ Apr 8, 1972 at Age 92. Certificate: vol 21, 10089. Kenton Co., Kentucky‎, approximately 92 years
man Denver Riley‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1888 at Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎± ABT. 1952 at Kenton Co., Kentucky‎, approximately 64 years
woman Sallie Mae Riley‏
Born ‎ May 21, 1889 at Independence, Kentucky., died ‎ Nov 1, 1974 at Independence, Kentucky‎, 85 years, buried ‎ at Independence, Cemetery, Independence, Kentucky
GROGER, SALLIE 400-56-0817 KY 21 May 1889 Mar 1974 KY Erlanger, Kentucky 41018
man John Morgan Riley‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1892 at Kenton Co., Kentucky, died ‎ Mar 12, 1967 at Certificate: vol. 13, 6039‎, approximately 75 years