man Jno "Jno Warren , Sr." Warren‏‎, son of James C. Warren, Sr. and Elizabeth Hedgman‏. Adoption parents: James Warren, Sr. and Elizabeth Unknown
Born ‎ 1721 at Charles City Co., VA., died ‎after 20 AFT., Oct at Amherst Co., VA.‎, at least 65 years
(per Norma Kirchhoffer)
Notes for John Warren:
In July 1741, James Warren's son John lived in a separate household on Moores Creek.

For two pounds sterling John Warren, James' son, was awarded a patent on 376 acres of land on the north side of Buffalo Ridge in Arbemarle Co., adjacent to James Warren's lands. The date was Sept. 30, 1748. The patent on James' adjacent land of 400 acres, lying on both sides of Stoney or Rocky Run, a branch of the Buffalo River, was not official until Sept. 5, 1749. James also paid two pounds sterling. these two tracts were in present day Amherst Co., 40 miles or more from James' and John's former homes near the Rivanna River. The new lands lay approximately 4 miles east of thepresent town of Amherst along the northward flowing Rocky Creek, a stream between the town and Buffalo Ridge.

Rocky Creek flows into the Buffalo River some 3 miles southwest of the entrance of the Buffalo River in Nelson Co., VA.

Oct. 20, 1786 Jno Warren, Sr. deeded to Benjamin Warren, both of Amherst Co., VA., 25 acres adjoining John Harvery, the new road, William Dillard, and Peter Joyner lines, called Spring Branch, witnessed by Jno (sic) Whittle, Jno (sic) Hutherson, and Peter Joyner.

The Library of VA. shows a land grant, 9/20/1748, Albemarle Co., VA. of 276 acres on the meadows on the north side of Buffalo Ridge, patent 22.

Also the Library shows a land grant, 9/10/1755, in Albemarle Co., VA. of 400 acres on the branches of Rocky Creek and Buffalo Creek, patent 23.

Married ‎between 1730 BET., - and at Probably Charles City, VA. to:

woman Susanna Christian‏‎, daughter of Charles Christian I and Elizabeth Hunt‏.
Born ‎ 1718 at Westover Parish, VA., Charles City Co., died ‎ at Amherst Co., VA.


man James Warren‏
Born ‎ 1749 at Amherst Co., VA., died ‎after AFT. 1814 at Lincoln Co., Kentucky‎, at least 65 years
man Jno Warren, Jr.‏
Born ‎ 1750 at Albemarle, Amherst Co., VA., died ‎ 1807 at Buck Creek, Pulaski Co., Kentucky‎, 56 or 57 years
man Charles Warren, Sr.‏
Born ‎ Jun 3, 1750 at Amherst Co., VA., died ‎after 10 AFT., May at Lincoln Co., Kentucky‎, at least 72 years
man Burris Warren, Sr.‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1751 at Amherst Co., VA., died ‎ 1815 at Rockcastle Co., Kentucky‎, approximately 64 years
man Benjamin Warren‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1760 at Amherst Co., VA., died ‎ Jul 20, 1813 at Pulaski Co., Kentucky‎, approximately 53 years