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man Peter Harrison‏‎, son of John Harrison and N.N.‏.
Died ‎ 1593 at England

TITL Tennessee Cousins: A History of Tennessee People
AUTH Ray, Worth S.
PUBL Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1984
Tennessee Cousins
Tertiary - This reference has a number of errors - be sure to check sources.


man Richard Harrison‏
Died ‎ 1603 at Accomac Co., Virginia

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\REPO\CALN\MEDI Book\DATA\TEXT QUAY 2Richard was Master's Mate aboard Barth
olomew Gilbert's vessel the "Adventurer", the ship sent to search for the lost c
olony of Roanoke Island. Richard and the Master, Bartholomew Gilbert were allege
dly killed by Indians. Richard was the first white person killed by the Indians
in the Colony of Virginia by Worth S. Ray, Pub. 1984.\Pub. 1972.House of Craven
s: Father of Benjamin is Richard Harrison born 1595, son of Rowland Harrison, bo
rn 1550, son of John Harrison born 1530, son of Thomas Harrison died. 1595, son
of John Harrison and Margaret, Lord Mayor of Yorke, and back to Henry de Hede -
died. March 31, 1374 of Durham, Northumberland, England.\Coat of Arms embraces
10 generations and is the same as displayed by Daniel Harrison, son of Isaiah Ha
rrison and Robert Harrison, grandson of Isaiah, Rockingham Co. VA in the 1700's.
\Issue of Richard Harrison father of Benjamin the Signer:\Thomas Harrison, Rev
. (1619-1682) father of Isaiah of Oyster Bay, NY and Rockingham, VA.\Edward Har
rison -settled in Boston, MA.\Richard Harrison - settled in New Haven, Conn in
1644.\Benjamin Harrison - died. 1648; married. Mary -----, settled in the James
River, Virginia Colony. He was the ancestor of the Presidents Harrisons and Sig
ner of the Declaration of Independence.\J. Houston Harrison has identified Rev
Thomas Harrison (1619-1682), a native of Kingston-on-Hull, Durham, England as th
e forebear of the Rockingham Co. Virginia Harrison families. Chapter VII, pp. 77
-78.\Dellman O. Hood, pub 1960, has accepted the results of J. Houston Harrison
's research in this connection as reasonably adequate. p. 449. Several Tunis Hoo
d descendant family members recite a tradition in their respective families to t
he effect that President. Wm Henry Harrison and his grandson President. Benj. Ha
rrison, were descendants of Isaiah Harrison. No reliable evidence confirming suc
h tradition has been found. J. Houston Harrison had heard of the same tradition,
and devoted considerable research in that connection, his findings failed to su
bstantiate the tradition. Those Harrison families were descendants of Harrisons
who settled early in Eastern Virginia, and were known as the James River branch
of Harrisons. It is quite possible, however that they may have been some distant
relationship between them and Rev Thomas Harrison, the probable father of Isaia
h Harrison.\President. Abraham Lincoln however, was a lineal descendant of Isai
ah Harrison, and therefore a kinsman of all Tunis Hood descendants.\See Record