woman Alice Lee‏‎
Born ‎± ABT. 1648 at Richmond, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA‎

Married/ Related to:

man Thomas Felton‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER

2nd marriage/ relation
woman Alice Lee‏‎

Married/ Related to:

man William LEE, (Twin)‏‎, son of Richard II LEE, Col (Emigrant) and Anna Constable‏.
Born ‎ 1651 at ,Northcumberland, Virginia, USA, baptized ‎ at Of, Surry, King And Queen, Va, died ‎ Sep 1696 at ,Northcumberland, Maryland‎, 44 or 45 years, buried ‎ at ,Northcumberland, Maryland

William died 1697 in Va, at 46 years of age.


woman Mary LEE‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1676 at Richmond, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA‎
man John LEE‏
Born ‎± ABT. 1682 at Surry, Virginia, USA‎
man William LEE‏
Born ‎ 1682 at ,Northhampton, Virginia, USA, died ‎ Dec 4, 1717‎, 34 or 35 years

TITL Smith, Carol, ,
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