man Zachary TAYLOR, President‏‎, son of Richard TAYLOR and Sarah Dabney STROTHER‏.
Born ‎ Nov 24, 1787 at Montebello, Orange Co., Virginia, died ‎ Jul 9, 1850 at White House, Washington‎, 62 years, buried ‎ Jul 1850 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

GEN: See Historical Document.
Elected in 1848 over Lewis Cass by a popular vote of 1,360,967 to 1,222,342 and an electora l vote of 163 to 127. Chose Millard Fillmore as vice-president. Died in office, while Congre ss was in session. Was a second cousin of James Madison.

PLAC President of U. S.

!NOTE: Zachary was taken to Kentucky at age of 8 months. His father bought a 450 acre planta tion for 10 pounds. He lived there until the age of 23 when he embarked on his career. He j oined the Army and was known as an Indian fighter and served in the Mexican War. He was know n as "Old Rough and Ready". "Taylor was too busy killing Indians and Mexicans to even vote un til 1848, the year of his own election."
He was elected on the Whig ticket but was never very comfortable in the White House. He wa s more colorful as a General. He never returned to the plantation in Louisville alive. His t erm was from 9 March 1849 to 9 July 1850 when he died of acute indigestion and other complica tions. He was 12th President of the Unitied States and only served 15 months.

Married ‎ Jun 18, 1810 at Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky (40 years married) to:

woman Margaret Peggy Mackall SMITH‏‎, daughter of Walter SMITH and Ann Mackall‏.
Born ‎ Sep 21, 1788 at Calvert Co., Maryland, died ‎ Aug 14, 1852 at East Pascagoula, Mississippi‎, 63 years, buried ‎ 1852 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

!NOTE: Called "Peggy" most of her life she was born to a wealthy family in Maryland. Her old er sister had married a man in Kentucky and settled there so Margaret went to visit. She me t the young, Lt Taylor there and decided to stay for 2 more years to win his attention. The y were married and very much in love.
Peggy strove to be by her husband even when he was transferred all over the country. She too k the entire family along and made a home out of scant surroundings. When Zachary went to th e Mexican War she stayed behind in the U.S.
When Zachary was elected President she dutifully moved once again to his new "posting". Sh e never mingled much in the Washington social scene, but left much of the hostess work to he r daughter, Betty Bliss. When Zachary died she moved to live in Michigan with a daughter wher e she died in 1852. Her body was buried next to her beloved husbands in Kentucky.


woman Ann Margaret TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 9, 1811 at Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky, died ‎ 1875 at Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky‎, 63 or 64 years, buried ‎ at National Cem, Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky
woman Blandine TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎± ABT. 1814 at Christian, Todd Co, Ky.‎
woman Sarah Knox TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Mar 6, 1815 at Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky, died ‎ Sep 15, 1835 at Brierfield Plantation, Wilkinson, Ms‎, 20 years, buried ‎ at ,,,Ms
woman Octavia Pannil TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Aug 16, 1816 at Bear Grass Creek, Jefferson, Kentucky, died ‎ 1820 at Bayou Sara, Louisiana‎, 3 or 4 years
woman Elizabeth "Betty" TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ 1818 at Christian, Todd Co, Ky., died ‎ UNKNOWN at Unk‎
woman Margaret TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Jul 27, 1819 at Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, died ‎ 1820 at Bayou Sara, Louisiana‎, 0 or 1 years
woman Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 20, 1824 at Near, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, died ‎ Apr 17, 1879 at Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky‎, 54 years, buried ‎ at National Cem, Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky
man Richard TAYLOR‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 27, 1826 at Louisville, Jefferson, Ky, died ‎ Apr 12, 1879 at New York, Ny‎, 53 years, buried ‎ at ,,,Ms