man Thomas Warren‏‎, son of Edward Warren, Knight, Sir and Susan Booth‏.
Born ‎ May 25, 1604 at Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire, England, died ‎ Dec 20, 1677 at Sandbach, buried in Prestbury, England‎, 73 years
Thomas Waren secured passage to Virginia by becoming an indentrued servant of the Greenleafe's and is listed as such on one of th logs.

Virginia land patent records of 1635 show that Thomas and Susan Warren, "relict of Robert Greenleafe", were deeded 300 acres of land between them.

Thomas immigrated to Virginia and married Susan Greenleafe. Susan came to America in 1620 aboard The Jonathan with her children, Thomas, age 3, and Ann, age 22 weeks. Susan was 23 years old. Thomas and Susan were married in 1634. In 1635 he patented 300 acres of land in Charles City Co., VA. Part was in Susan's name for her personal adventure and part was for her former husband, Robert Greenleafe, being an ancient planter in the time of Sir Thomas Dale and the remainder in being due to Thomas for his personal adventure and transportation of tow persons into Virginia, John Fooke and Ruth Whitfield.

Thomas Warren, 300 acres, Chas City Co., Nov. 20, 1635, pg. 314. South upon Bayliffs-East upon the main woods, west upon the River, and north upon Four Mile Creek. 150 acres in right of his wife kSusan Greeneleafe, the relict of Robert Greeneleafe, 50 acres due for her per ad and 100 for said Robert, her former husband, being an Ancient Planter in the time of Sir Thomas Dale, 50 acres due said Warren for his own per adventure and 100 acres for the transportation of two servants, John Fouke, and Richard Whifield.

Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666---1635, Robert Greenleaf, Susan Greenleaf by Thomas Warren of Charles City, VA.

On the History of Cheshire we have a Thomas Warren, child of Edward Warren and Susan Boothe, that was buried December 1677 at Prestbury, England and died Sandbach.

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Speaking for myself I believe all is in agreement with Thomas Markham
being the husband of Mrs. Susan Greenleafe. If anyone disagrees let it be known.


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Dear Norma ........

Thank you for all your messages!

Regarding the confusion as to who Susan Greenleafe married. I do have a note in my files from the last time I spoke with Wilma Warren Raysin. Wilma told me that there was an article in a Virginia genealogy publication a few years ago which discounted the Thomas Warren-Susan Greenleafe relationship. I'll look for that reference tomorrow and will get back in touch.

Do notice in the Thomas Markham references I sent you that it shows Thomas Markham married to "Susan the relict of Robert Greenleafe" on 11 July 1636 .... then the following year, on 11 July 1637, there is another reference to Thomas Markham's "wife Susan Markham, the relict of Robert Greenleafe". So we have two references showing Susan as Thomas Markham's wife.

The reference for Thomas Warren on 20 Nov. 1635 states the land he received was "S. upon Bayliffs _______ (Bailey's Creek - L.H.F.)" The L.H.F. initials are those of Louise Pledge Heath Foley, compiler of the book "Early Virginia Families along the James River, Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches, Henrico County-Goochland County, Virginia" Volume I. This lady has written several books on Virginia records, however, I'm not certain exactly what her sources were.

Then .... the reference for Thomas Markham, 11 July 1636, states "S. upon Curles joyning upon Baylys land".

Thomas Markham on 11 July 1637 again claimed land "S. upon Curles joyning upon Baylys land".

I think we have enough evidence to show that there truly was an error in an early transcribing on the 1635 record and that it should have said "Thomas Markham", not
"Thomas Warren". Also, realistically, I don't think proper women in those early days jumped from one man to another so quickly!!

One last thing on this subject. I may have mentioned this before, however, a few years ago, I did receive an e-mail from a woman associated with an early Virginia settlers organization (I'm still looking for those papers! ... surely they're filed here someplace!!). When I originally wrote to this organization, I mentioned "Thomas Warren and Susan Greenleafe" ... when she responded to me, she wrote "Thomas Markham and Susan Greenleafe"!!

I do agree with you, Norma, that although there was a Thomas Warren, he obviously was not married to Susan Greenleafe.

Married ‎ May 25, 1634 at Charles City, VA (43 years married) to:

woman Susan "Susan Greenleaf , Mrs" Greenleafe, Mrs.‏‎
Born ‎ 1601 at England, died ‎ at Virginia, 1st married/ related to: Robert Greenleaf, ‎2nd marriage to: Thomas Warren


man John Warren‏
Born ‎ 1640 at Old Rappahannock Co., Virginia, died ‎ Nov 25, 1690 at Charles City., Westover Parish, York Co., VA.‎, 49 or 50 years
man Richard Warren‏‎
Born ‎ 1641 at Charles City Co., VA., died ‎ at Probably Isle of Kent, Maryland.
man Thomas Warren, Jr., Lieutenant‏
Born ‎ 1644 at Charles City Co., VA., died ‎ Dec 19, 1684 at Probably Isle of Kent, Maryland.‎, 39 or 40 years

2nd marriage
man Thomas Warren‏‎, son of Edward Warren, Knight, Sir and Susan Booth‏.

Married to:

woman Elizabeth Sheppard‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER