man Joel Jasper "Joel J. Warren" Warren‏‎, son of Bassett Warren and Mahala Long‏.
Born ‎ 1843, died ‎ at London, Kentucky, buried ‎ at Probably Pittsburg Cemetery
Joel Jasper was possibly in the Civil War on side of Union. If this docuementation from is correct he would have been about 21 years old on enlistment: Joel J Warren Kentucky 12 September 1864 Priv Lexington, KY Union

Married ‎ Dec 29, 1864 at Laurel County, Kentucky (49 years married) to:

woman Mary Evelyn Hodge‏‎
Born ‎ 1843, died ‎ Feb 19, 1914 at Pittsburg, Laurel County, Kentucky‎, 70 or 71 years, buried ‎ at Probably Pittsburg Cemetery


man William Bassett Warren‏
Born ‎± 23 ABT., May at Laurel County, Kentucky, died ‎ 1941 at Pittsburg, Kentucky‎, approximately 71 years, buried ‎ at Probably Pittsburg Cemetery. Occupations: ‎ at Coal Miner; , ‎ 1916 at Bought New South Brewery and Ice Company House/had a store;
Excerpt from "The Mt. Echo", 1904: "February 26, 1904: Born, to the wife of Bass Warren a ten pound girl. Bass has been gathering catnip ever since."
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<< I see you list a Warren in the "Pittsburg Book." In what context and how do I get a copy? Thanks Rod Warren >> The Warren family is William Basset warren, son of Joel Warren. I can type
it up for you.

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William Basset Warren, son of Joel Warren and Evelyn Hodge Warren, was borned
in Laurel County, Kentucky. He had one brother, Thomas Warren, who was the
first polio victim in the City of Pittsburg. He moved to Ohio and lived
there until his death. He had several children.

Three sisters, 1) Martha Bell Warren who married John David Hale. They had
four sons, Roscoe, Oliver, Bill and Charles. One daughter, Eva who married
Givens McNeil. They have one son. 2) Lovada Warren who married Jasper
Reynolds. They had four or five children. They lived in Tennessee for years
until their deaths. 3) Annie Warren, who died in her youth.

Mr. Warren also had some half brothers and sisters who were raised in Piney
wood Section.

W.B. Warren married Betty Walters whose great-grandfather Albert came over
from England and married a full blooded Cherokee Indian girl named Abbie
Mane. Bass and Betty Warren begat Oscar Columbus and Arthur Dewey who were
twins. Both served in World War I. Oscar married Goldie Tolle, they had no
children. Arthur Dewey married Eva Petrey. They had two boys and two girls.
Arthur and wife are dead. Children are still alive. Edward Warren married
Kate McIlquham, they moved to Oregon where they homesteaded and lived there
until their death. They had eleven children. George Warren married Lillian
Young. They have five sons and four sons dead. George and Lillian now live
in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Lovada Warren married Jason McCarty, son of Kate and Evan McCarty. They had
three girls and one boy.

In 1910 triplets were borned. Lettie, Goldie, and Sylvia. Goldie and Sylvia
died at birth.

W.B. Warren was a coal miner. Then in 1916 he bought the New South Brewery
and Ice Company House, where he had a store, starting out with stalk bananas
and fur items, which in a few years grew to a big business dry goods,
groceries, shoes, etc. Betty, his wife, passed away in January 1921.

Mr. Warren later married Mrs. Anna Graybeal, who with her step sons, John and
Claud Graybeal were in business together. Mr. Warren bought out John and
Clay Graybeal's part of the business and moved his store down to the Graybeal
store building, which was known as Pittsburg Coal Company Office and
Commesary where the coal miners traded with script.

Mr. Warren continued in business until a short time before he passed away in
1941 being 71 years, 7 months, and 7 weeks old.

Mrs. Anna Graybeal Warren passed away in 1950 in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky.

man Thomas Warren‏
Born ‎ at Laurel County, Kentucky, died ‎ at Ohio
First polio victim in the town of Pittsburg, KY. Moved to Ohio and lived until his death. Had several children.
woman Martha Bell Warren‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Lovada Warren‏
Born ‎ at Laurel County, Kentucky, died ‎ at Tennessee
woman Annie Warren‏‎
Died ‎ at died in her youth