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woman Rosina Spears‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER


man Samuel Spears‏
Born ‎ 1761 at , Halifax, North Carolina, died ‎ May 27, 1838 at , Hawkins, Tennessee‎, 76 or 77 years
! History Samuel Spears

Samuel had a grandson named Kindred by his son Jesse. There was a
Kindred in Halifax Co., N.C. (Son of James) that could have been h is
father... or Father-in-law. This Kindred was closely associated wi th James Jones. A Lazarus Jones, probably his son, was married t o Samuel's sister
(Kiziah). See other notes pertaining to Samuel under Arthur Spears.
Another story, that I find quite possible, is that Samuel Spears wa s a slave that ran away with, and married, his master's daughter. Sa muel's son, Jesse,
is buried in an all black cemetary in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Jes se's wife, Ferubby Haynes Spears, is buried along side him.
Thus, should this really be the case, it would explain why Jesse h ad a run away marriage, himself. Also, all connections to the name o f Kindred would then be via Sarah, as she would have been the white o ne.
Should all this be true, I feel quite proud to be directly descend ed from a couple that loved enough to break all accepted barriers i n a time so long ago. Steve Sims, 5th great- grandson of Samuel