man Augustus QUAGLIESE‏‎
Born ‎± 1850 at Roma, Italy , died ‎after 1930 at Roma, Italy ‎

Married ‎± 1880 at Italy to:

woman Madolina UNKNOWN‏‎
Born ‎± 1855 at Roma, Italy , died ‎after 1930 at Italy‎


man Giuseppe Agusta QUAGLIESE‏
Born ‎ 2, Mar, 1884 at Fabricqa, Roma, Italy, died ‎ 29, Dec, 1954 at Indianapolis, Marion, IN‎, 70 years
Arrive United States:  Philadelphia, Pa  Nov 21, 1909
Stowed away aboard the "S. S. San Giovanni" - Italia Line.
Past the point of no return when found, he worked aboard ship to pay his way. Stopped in New York to let passangers off and went on to Philladelphi, Pa. with freight. He was considered "crew" and not listed on passenger list.
1910 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Allegheny > 18-Wd Pittsburgh > District 515

19 Buffington St.

Joseph Quaglieze age 25 MW S Laborer Italy Boarder

1930 United States Federal Census > Indiana > Marion > Indianapolis > District 146
1418 Deloss Street.

Quagliezi George 48 MWM Italy - Italy - Italy (Giuseppe Agusta Quagliezi)
Ade Lena 35 FWM Italy - Italy - Italy
Madeline 6.6 FWS IN - Italy - Italy
Gussie 4.5 MWS IN - italy - Italy *
Tony .3 MWS IN - Italy - Italy born (Feb 19 1930)
* Error list on census as "Daughter"

I emigrated to the United States from Naples Italy on the vessel "San Giovanni".  My last residence:  Fabricqa, Roma, Italy.

Description:  Height:  5'2" tall
              Hair:    chestnut
              Eyes:    blue
              Weight:  145 lbs.
              Occupation: Laborer

Source: Declaration of Intention NO. 14162 dated: Feb. 11, 1929
Marion County Circuit Court: Signed by:  Geo. O. Hutsell Clerk
                             Witnessed:  Ehiora Lynioh Deputy

Certificate of Naturalization No. 6126644 Dated: March 23, 1945 age 59.
Joe was born in Roma, Italy, (Rome). He said he could see the "Colliseum" for the vinyard at his home. His father was Mayor of Rome and he also lead a Band, there are pictures of him in his Band uniform.

He worked in maintenance at "General Hospital" in Indianapolis for a while, and later went to work for New York Central RR as a switchman until he retired. He work near the corner of Oliver Ave and Harding St. in Indianapolis.

When we were young we use to go past his station on the way to the swimming pool.  He always called down to us and told us to be careful. We were all wearing swim suits and he would tell us to go home an put some clothes on, after that we would wrap towels around us.
We had no idea at that time the he would become my sister's Father-in -law 10 years later.   Small world.

Joe was a typical Italian, About 5'2", blue eyes, dark hair, a little "chubby", quick smile and good nature, thick accent. He was a great cook and made home made speggetti and raviola, you could smell the sauce for blocks.  He gave the receipe to my sister Jean and made her promise to keep it a secret, bless her heart she took it with her. He had all kinds of "Old World" cures and could even remove "Stys." I remember he had Asthma and burned a power to help him breath and slept sitting straddle a kitchen chair.
On December 26 of 1954 he was on his was home and was crossing the street, he was struck by a Van, it hit him so hard it knocked his shoes off. He was hospitalized for 3 days where he died on Dec 29, 1954.

Burial: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN _______________________________________________________________________
Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941 Record

Name: Joseph Quagliesi
Spouse Name: Ade Lena Fiore
Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1922
Marriage County: Marion
Source Title 1: Marion County, Indiana
Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Record 1920 - 1925 Inclusive Vol
Source Title 3: Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Ind
Book: 120
OS Page: 45
Age: 58 (should read 36)

Name of person to contact: Santa Sergi (Arrived in America Apr 19 1909
from Napoli, Italy.
Last name:

Quail has a core IMPORTANT IN ITALY north-west, but it has small strains in Fasca of Verona, Padova, Rovigo, in the upper +1 and in Campania, Quagliesi is almost unique.

Source: Indianapolis, IN
Date: Apr 27 1942
Roll: WW2_2370072

man Francesco QUAGLIESI‏‎
Born ‎± 1882 at Fabricqa, Roma, Italy‎