woman Queen Elfrida Ealdorman Of England‏‎, daughter of Earl Ordgar Of Devon and N.N.‏. Adoption parents: Earl Ordgar Ealdorman and N.N.
Born ‎ 947 at ,, Devon, England, died ‎ 1000 at Wherwell, Hampshire, England‎, 52 or 53 years

Married ‎ at Wessex, England to:

man King Edgar "The Peaceable" Of England‏‎, son of King Edmund I "The Magnificent" Of England and Princess Elgiva Of Wessex‏. Adoption parents: King Edmund I "The Magnificent" Of England and N.N.
Nickname: The Peaceable, born ‎ 943 at Wessex, England, died ‎ Jul 8, 975 at Wessex, England‎, 31 or 32 years, ‎1st marriage to: Queen Elfrida Ealdorman Of England, 2nd married/ related to: N.N.


man King Edward "The Martyr" Of England‏‎
Nickname: The Martyr, born ‎ 962, died ‎ Mar 18, 978‎, 15 or 16 years
man King Ethelred II "The Unready" Of England‏
Nickname: The Unready, born ‎ 968 at Wessex, England, died ‎ Apr 23, 1016 at London, Middlesex, England‎, 47 or 48 years