man Baron John de Grey‏‎, son of Sir John de Grey and Margaret Odingsells‏.
Born ‎ Oct 29, 1300 at Rotherfield Grey, Oxfordshire, England, died ‎ Sep 1, 1359‎, 58 years
John DE GREY Sir was born on 29 October 1300 in Rotherfield Grey, Oxfordshire, ENGLAND. TITLE: 2nd Baron of ROTHERFIELD

Married ‎before Dec 27, 1317 at of, , England to:

woman Catherine FitzAlan‏‎, daughter of Baron of Bedale Brian FitzAlan and Agnes Maud Baliol‏.
Born ‎ 1300 at of Bedale, Yorkshire, England, died ‎before Aug 7, 1328‎, at most 28 years, buried ‎before Aug 7, 1328 at Church Blackfriar, York, Yorkshire, England
Alternate first name: Katherine (New FamilySearch)

Catherine FitzAlan was age 6 in 1306. (Ancestral File)

Bedale was also Bedall.


man Baron Grey of Rotherfield John de Grey‏
Born ‎ 1319 at of Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England, died ‎ Jun 4, 1375 at Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England‎, 55 or 56 years, buried ‎ at St. James,, Northamptonshire, England
John de Grey was age 40 in 1359. (Ancestral File)
woman Joan de Grey‏
Born ‎± 1321 at of Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England, died ‎ Apr 1385‎, approximately 64 years
man John Gray‏
Born ‎before 1350 at Barton, Yorkshire, England‎
Alternate surname: de Grey (New FamilySearch)