woman Abbess of Tamworth Edgyth, Princess of England‏‎, daughter of Edward I "The Elder", King of England and Ecgwyn of England‏.
Born ‎± 896 at , Wessex, England, died ‎after Jul 15, 930‎, buried ‎ at Magdeburg, Saxony, Prussia, Germany
Alternate first name: Edith

Alternate death date: 21 Jan 947 (Website: www.avocadoridge.com/carney/getperson.php?personID=I10175&tree=tree1)

Married ‎ Jan 30, 925 at Tamworth, Staffordshire, England (1 or 2 years married) to:

man Sitric (Sygtrygg) "Caoch", King of York & Dublin‏‎
Born ‎± 841 at of, Yorkshire, England, died ‎ 927‎, approximately 86 years
Alternate name: Sitric (Sygtrygg) Caoch King Of York & DUBLIN (Website: www.avocadoridge.com/carney/getperson.php?personID=I10936&tree=tree1)

Alternate name: Sitric Caech ua imair, King of Dublin and York (ua Ímair), rí Dubgall y Finngall (Website: www.geni.com/people/Harald-King-of-Limerick/6000000001669621400)

Sitric Caoach UA ÍMAIR rí Dubgall & Finngall married Unnamed first wife.

Sitric also married St. Edith of Wessex, Abbess of Tamworth (927), daughter of Eadweard (Edward) I "The Elder" DE WESSEX King of England (899-924) and Ecgwyn, on 30 Jan 926 in Tamworth, Gloucestershire, England. (St. Edith of Wessex, Abbess of Tamworth (927) was born in Wessex, England and died about 927.)

(Website: www.celtic-casimir.com/webtree/4/5786.htm) (Pedigree extension is given.)