woman Ealhswith, Queen of England‏‎, daughter of Ethelred "Mucil" Eald of the Gainai and Eadburh Fadburn‏.
Born ‎± 852 at , Mercia, England, died ‎ Dec 5, 905‎, approximately 53 years

Married ‎ 868 at of, , England (32 or 33 years married) to:

man Alfred "The Great", King of England‏‎, son of Ethelwulf, King of Wessex and Osburgh, Queen of Wessex‏.
Born ‎± 848 at of Wantage, Berkshire, England, died ‎ Oct 26, 901 at Winchester, Hampshire, England‎, approximately 53 years


woman Ethelfleda, Princess of England‏
Born ‎± 869 at , Wessex, England, died ‎ Jun 12, 918 at St. Peters, Gloucestershire, England‎, approximately 49 years
man Edward I "The Elder", King of England‏
Born ‎± 871 at ,, Wessex, England, died ‎ 924 at Farrington, Berkshire, England‎, approximately 53 years
Note: One early English chronicle claims, Thyra, the wife of Gorm, "The Old", King of Denmark was the daughter of Edward I; however, all other early sages ande chrnoicles identify her as the daughter of (Earl) Klakharald of Jutland or Holstein. This is most likely as indicated by he great love and devotion to the Danish people in her efforst to better their conditions and to educate them. Based upon the one supposition mentioned above, however, she was erroneously sealed to the above couple on 28 Sept. 1937.

First wife: Ecgwy
Second wife: Elfleda
Third wife: Edgive

(Family History Library archive record (family group sheet))
man Edmund, Prince of England‏‎
Born ‎± 873 at , Wessex, England‎
woman Abbess of Shaftesbury Ethelgiva, Princess of England‏‎
Born ‎± 875 at , Wessex, England‎
woman Elfridam (Elfrida), Princess of England‏
Born ‎± 877 at of, Wessex, England, died ‎ 920‎, approximately 43 years
First name: Elfridam (Ancestral File)

First name: Elfrida (Family History Library archive record (family group sheet))
man Ethelwerd, Prince of England‏
Born ‎± 879 at of, Wessex, England, died ‎ Oct 16, 922‎, approximately 43 years