man Geoffrey II de Lutterell, Feudal Baron of Irnham , Feudal Baron of Irnham‏‎, son of Sheriff of Lincoln Andrew de Luterel and Pernel de la Mare‏.
Born ‎± 1230 at of, Yorkshire, England, died ‎ Feb 1270 at Irnham, Lincolnshire, England‎, approximately 40 years, buried ‎before Mar 1270
Birth date and place: 1228, Hooton Pagnell, West Riding, Yorkshire, England (Selected Families and Individuals)

Married ‎± 1254 at of, , England (approximately 16 years married) to:

woman Eve de Grey‏‎, daughter of Sheriff of Lincoln William de Grey and Amice‏.
Born ‎± 1232 at Cavendish, Suffolk, England, died ‎after 1276‎
Name: Eve de Grey (Selected Families and Individuals)

Birth date: 1232 (Selected Families and Individuals)

Marriage date and place: 1254, Irnham, Lincolnshire, England (Selected Families and Individuals)


man Baron Robert de Lutterell‏
Born ‎± 1255 at Irnham, Lincolnshire, England, died ‎ Jun 1297 at Irnham, Lincolnshire, England‎, approximately 42 years
Birth date: 1255 (Selected Families and Individuals)