woman Adeliza‏‎
Born ‎± 1104 at of Appleton, Yorkshire, England, died ‎after 1134‎

Married ‎± 1128 at of, , England to:

man Oliver Saint Quintin‏‎, son of Herbert Saint Quintin and Mrs. Herbert Saint Quintin‏.
Born ‎± 1098 at St. Quinton Castle,, Wales‎

Alternate marriage places: St. Quintin Castle, , Wales; , York, England (IGI (International Genealogical Index))


man Robert Saint Quintin‏
Born ‎± 1130 at of St. Quintin Castle,, Wales, died ‎after 1134‎
man Herbert Saint Quintin‏
Born ‎± 1132 at of Skipsey, Yorkshire, England‎