man Sir Knight John Ferrars‏‎, son of Earl of Derby Robert Ferrers and Eleanor (Alianore) Bohun‏.
Born ‎ Jun 20, 1271 at of Chartley, Staffordshire, England, died ‎ Aug 1312 at , Gascony, France‎, 41 years
Alternate surname: de Ferrers (Ancestral File)

Gascony is a region in France.

Married ‎± 1301 at of, , England (approximately 11 years married) to:

woman Hawise Muscegros‏‎, daughter of Sir Knight Robert de Mucegros and Agnes de Ferrers‏.
Born ‎ Dec 21, 1276 at of Charlton, Musgrove, Somersetshire, England, died ‎ Jun 29, 1375 at London, London, England‎, 98 years, 1st marriage to: William Mortemor, 2nd marriage to: John de Bures, ‎3rd marriage to: Sir Knight John Ferrars
Alternate first name: Haiwasia (Ancestral File)

Alternate first name: Hawys (IGI (International Genealogical Index))

Alternate surname: Mucegros (Ancestral File)

Alternate surname: de Muscegros, de Muscegross (IGI (International Genealogical Index))

Alternate birthplace: Bicknor, Kent, England (Ancestral File)

Alternate death date: Aft 24 Jun 1340 (Ancestral File)

Alternate marriage places: Chartley, Stafford, England; Cardiff, , England; , Stafford, England; , Somerset, England (IGI (International Genealogical Index))


man John Ferrars‏‎
Born ‎± 1304 at of Chartley, Staffordshire, England, died ‎ 1321‎, approximately 17 years
woman Eleanor Ferrers‏
Born ‎± 1305 at of Chartley Castle, Staffordshire, England‎
Alternate first name: Alianore (IGI (International Genealogical Index))
woman Perronelle Ferrars‏
Born ‎± 1308 at of Chartley, Staffordshire, England‎
man Robert Ferrers‏
Born ‎ Mar 25, 1309 at of Chartley, Staffordshire, England, died ‎ Aug 28, 1350‎, 41 years
Death date: 28 Aug 1350/1351