man Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet, Earl of Kent‏‎, son of Edward "'Longshanks'" Plantagenet, King of England and Marguerite Capet, Princess of France‏.
Born ‎ Aug 5, 1301 at of Woodstock, Kent, England, died ‎ Mar 19, 1329/30 at Winchester, Hampshire, England; beheaded‎, approximately 27 years, buried ‎ Mar 31, 1330 at Friars Minors, Hampshire, England
ID: I17520
Name: Edmund of Woodstock PLANTAGENET Earl of Kent
Surname: Plantagenet
Given Name: Edmund of Woodstock
NSFX: Earl of Kent
Sex: M
Birth: 5 Aug 1301 in of Woodstock,Oxfordshire,England 1
Death: 19 Mar 1329/1330 in Winchester,Hampshire,England 2 of beheaded
Burial: 31 Mar 1330 Friars Minors, Winchester, Hampshire, England 3
Reference Number: 10
_UID: 689409E6924B074BAAD42CADC9F198C285C0
!Executed 19 Mar 1329/30. [Magna Charta Sureties]


!Beheaded in 1330; son of Edward I, King of England by Princess Margaret. [Magna Charta Barons, p. 269]

1st Earl of Kent; son of Edward I and Margaret of France; m. Margaret Wake; father of Joan Plantagenet. [Royal Descents, p. 243, 280]

Father of Joan the Fair Maid of Kent; son of King Edward II. [Burke's]

Son of Edward I and Margaret; m. Margaret; father of Joan who m. Thomas de Holand and Edward. [WFT Vol 7 Ped 3931]

Youngest son of Edward I of England; half-brother of Edward II of England; 3rd earl of Kent (1321-30). In 1322 Edmund supported Edward II against the coalition of the marcher lords and Thomas, 2nd earl of Lancaster, who were seeking to force the expulsion of Edward's hated favourites, the Despensers. Edmund besieged Thomas of Lancaster's Yorkshire stronghold of Pontefract and witnessed his execution in 1322. In 1324 Edward made him lieutenant of Aquitaine, where he faced an invation by Charles of Valois. In 1326 Edmund joined Isabella, Edward's queen, in her conspiracy against her husband, and was one of the council appointed to govern for the young Edward III in 1327 after the king's forced abdication. He resisted Isabella's ascendancy and that same year she implicated him in a plot to free Edward II. She had him beheaded in 1330. [Plantagenet Encyclopedia, p. 66]
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Father: Edward I Longshanks PLANTAGENET King of England b: 17 Jun 1239 in Winchester,Westminster,England
Mother: Marguerite CAPET Princess of France b: 1279 in of Paris,Seine,France

Marriage 1 Margaret, Baroness WAKE b: ABT 1295 in Liddell,Cumberland,England
Married: 6 Oct 1325 in Blisworth, Northamptonshire, England 3
Edmund of Kent PLANTAGENET, EARL OF KENT b: ABT 1326 in of Woodstock, Kent, England
Robert PLANTAGENET b: ABT 1327 in of Woodstock, Kent, England
Margaret PLANTAGENET b: ABT 1327 in of Woodstock, Kent, England
Joan Fair Maid of Kent PLANTAGENET Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Countess of Chester, Lady Wake b: 29 Sep 1328 in of Woodstock,Kent,England
Thomas PLANTAGENET b: ABT 1329 in of Woodstock, Kent, England
John PLANTAGENET Earl of Kent b: 7 Apr 1330 in Arundel, Sussex, England

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Married ‎ Oct 6, 1325 at Blisworth, Northamptonshire, England; 3rd husband (23 years married) to:

woman Margaret of "Baroness Wake" Wake, Countess of Kent‏‎, daughter of John Wake and Joanna Fiennes‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 1295 at Liddell, Cumberland, England, died ‎ Sep 29, 1349‎, approximately 54 years
ID: I26618
Name: Margaret, Baroness WAKE
Surname: Wake
Given Name: Margaret, Baroness
_AKA: Countess of Kent
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1295 in Liddell,Cumberland,England
Christening: Bourne, Lincolnshire, England 1
Death: 29 Sep 1349
Reference Number: Newlin
_UID: 204C59CC4E952045869584372F25DCB59470
m. John Comyn; mother of Adomar. [Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The comyns, 1212-1314, p. X]

m. Edmund, Prince of England; mother of Joan. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD1, CD00
Author: Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication: Genealogical Research System, 1994
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woman Joan of Kent "Princess of Wales; Duchess of Cornwall, etc." Plantagenet, Fair Maid of Kent‏
Born ‎ Sep 29, 1328 at of Woodstock, Kent, England, died ‎ Aug 8, 1358 at Wallingford Castle, Berkshire, England‎, 29 years, buried ‎ Jan 29, 1384/85 at Grey Friars Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
Name: Joan Fair Maid of Kent PLANTAGENET Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Countess of Chester, Lady Wake
Surname: Plantagenet
Given Name: Joan Fair Maid of Kent
NSFX: Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Countess of Chester, Lady Wake
_AKA: Fair Maid of Kent, Countess of Kent
Sex: F
Birth: 29 Sep 1328 in of Woodstock,Kent,England 1
Death: 8 Aug 1385 in Wallingford Castle,Berkshire,England
Burial: 29 Jan 1385 Grey Friars Church,Stamford,Lincolnshire,England 2
Reference Number: 5
_UID: 141797BD94588947BF24E00EF305F6837DC9
!Married her cousin, 2nd marriage. [Funk & Wagnalls; The Story of England]


!Daughter of Edmund of Woodstock; married Thomas, Earl of Kent. [Magna Charta Barons, p. 268]

England, 10 Oct 1361 - Edward, the Prince of Wales, has surprised everyone by secretly marrying his cousin, the beautiful Countess Joan of Kent, the "Fair Maid of Kent". Political considerations apart, the marriage is still surprising because of Joan's chequered past. It is rumored that the stunning countess was one of the king's mistresses before she married Sir Thomas Holland in 1339. A year later she married William, the Earl of Salisbury, and stayed with him until 1349, when their union was annulled and the validity of the Holland marriage was confirmed. Any, or all, of these reasons may be behind the decision of the prince and his recently-widowed bride to marry in secret and present the world with a fait accompli. Two things are certain: the match is a love match, and it is now too late for anyone to intervene. [Chronicle of the Royal Family, p. 82]

Dau. of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent, and Margaret Wake; m.1. Thomas Holand, 1st Earl of Kent; m.2. Edward the Black Prince of Wales and was mother of Richard II, King of England; mother of Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent. [Royal Descents, p. 280]

m.1 Wiliam de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury; m.2 Sir Thomas de Holand, K.G., Earl of Kent; m.3 Edward the Black Prince; mother of Richard II, king of England; mother of Sir Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent; dau. of Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock. [Ancestral Roots, p. 48]

Dau. of Edmund, Prince of England, and Margaret Wake; m. Thomas de Holand, was mother of Thomas de Holand. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD1, CD1, CD00
Author: Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication: Genealogical Research System, 1994
Page: p. 48
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