man Berkhard of Baar, Count of Baar‏‎, son of Adalbert of Swabia & ""The Illustrious"" Thurgau, Count of Swabia/Thurgau and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 860 at Baar, Thurgau, died ‎ 911‎, approximately 51 years
Name: Burkhard, Count of BAAR
Surname: Baar
Given Name: Burkhard, Count of
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 0860 in of Baar, Thurgau
Death: 0911
Reference Number: Foster,NEw
_UID: 2D764DC67A356D4EBE5B3B9F4357D127A5C1
Count in the Baar; son of Judith of Friuli and Adalbert II, Count in the Thurgau. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD00]

FOSTER, NEWLN LINES - 32nd ggrandfather
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Father: Adalbert II of Swabia the Illustrious ADELBERT II Count of Thurgau b: ABT 0837 in of Swabia,of Thurgau
Mother: Judith Dau. of FRIULI b: ABT 0845 in of Friuli,,,Italy

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Burkhard II, Duke of SWABIA b: ABT 0875 in of Swabia
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man Berkhard of Swabia, Duke of Swabia‏
Born ‎± ABT. 875 at , died ‎ Apr 29, 926 at Ivrea‎, approximately 51 years
Name: Burkhard II, Duke of SWABIA
Surname: Swabia
Given Name: Burkhard II, Duke of
_AKA: Richard I
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 0875 in of Swabia
Death: 29 Apr 0926 in Ivrea
Reference Number: Newlin,Wai
_UID: C16FD4174C8AF2459F2FBECB5588E61F6136
Duke of Swabia; father of Bertha. [Charlemagne & Others, Chart 3340]

NEWLIN, WAITE LINES - 31st ggrandfather

Duke of Swabia; son of Burkhard, Count in the Baar; m. Reginlinde of Nellenburg; father of Bertha of Swabia. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD1, CD00
Author: Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication: Genealogical Research System, 1994
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