man Louis of "Holy Roman Emperor; Louis II le Jeune" Italy, King of Italy‏‎, son of Lothar "King of Italy" Carolingians, Holy Roman Emperor and Ermengarde of Tours, Empress of the West‏.
Born ‎between 825 BET., - and at Alsace-Lorraine, Austrasia; 3, died ‎ Aug 12, 875 at Near Brescia, Lombardy, Italy; 3‎, buried ‎ at St. Ambrose, Milan, Italy
Name: Louis II King of Italy Holy Roman Emperor 1 2
Sex: M
Name: Louis II King Of Italy 3
Name: Louis II le Jeune 4
Birth: ABT 822 in France 1
Birth: ABT 822 5
Death: 12 AUG 875 in Near Brescia, Lombardy, Italy 1 2
Event: Ruled 855-875
Event: Acceded 855 Holy Roman Emperor 5
Event: Fact 839 King of Italy 5
Louis II, King of Italy (Andre Roux: Scrolls,194.) (Stuart, Royalty for Commoners, Page 14, Line 25-41.)
(Rosamond, Frankish kingdom under Carolingians, Page 180).

AKA: Louis II, Emperor of the West. Also Known As: Louis "Le Jeune". Born: in 825, son of Lothaire I, Emperor of the West and Ermengarde de Tours. Note - between 844 and 875: Louis II was crowned King of the Lombards (Italy) by Pope Sergius II in 844 and remained King until his death in 875. He became Emperor of the Occident on Easter Sunday in 850. Upon the death of his brother, Charles de Provence, Louis II's Kingdom is enhanced by Provence and the Northern part of Charles' Kingdom. When his remaing brother, Lothar II dies in 869, leaving no male heir, Louis II would have gotten the remaining lands, but his rights were strongly contested by his uncles Charles le Chauve and Louis le Germanique. In Italy, he fought with some success in alliance with the Papacy against the Sarracens from whom he took Bari. His daughter, Ermengarde, became Queen of Provence through her marriage with Boson. Married in 851: Engelberge de Spolete, daughter of Erchanger, Count d'Alsace.

Died: on 8 Dec 875 in Brescia, Italy, Some sources indicate that Louis II died on 12 August 875. He deeded his Kingdom to Louis le Germanique's son, Carloman.

Father: Lothair I Holy Roman Emperor b: 795 in Altdord, Bavaria
Mother: Ermengarde de Tours b: ABT 805 in Tours, Touraine, France

Marriage 1 Engelberge b: ABT 835 in France
Married: WFT Est 838-854 4
Married: BEF 5 OCT 851 in 2nd wife
Ermengarde de Lorraine b: ABT 855 in Lorraine, France

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Married ‎before 5 BEF., Oct at 2nd wife (at least 23 years married) to:

woman Engelberge of Alsace‏‎, daughter of Erchanger of Alsace, Count of Alsace and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 827 at Altdorf, Mittelfranken, Bavaria, died ‎between 896 BET., - and ‎, 73 or 74 years
Name: Engelberge of ALSACE
Surname: Alsace
Given Name: Engelberge of
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 0827 in Altdorf, Mittelfranken, Bavaria
Death: 0896/0901
Reference Number: Foster,Min
_UID: AA8243CE91D104449595386E8C6EC479EE5D
Dau. of Erchanger, Count in Alsace; m. Louis II, Emperor of the West; mother ofIremgard of Francia. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD1, CD00
Author: Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication: Genealogical Research System, 1994
From 'Glick/Foster Ancestry' at


woman Ermengarde of "Iremgard Trungard Francia Lorraine, Trungard of " France‏
Born ‎between 850 BET., - and at Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France, died ‎ 897‎
Name: Ermengarde of FRANCIA
Surname: Francia
Given Name: Ermengarde of
_AKA: Trungard or Iremgard
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 0850/0852 in France
Death: 0897
Reference Number: 303775
_UID: F92356A41BC4E44C935E347E0A1EC8813954
FOSTER, MINOR, NEWLIN, WAITE LINES - 31st ggrandmother

Dau. of Louis II, Emperor of the West, and Engelberge of Alsace; m. Boso II, Count of Vienne. [GRS 3.03, Automated Archives, CD1, CD00
Author: Automated Archives, Inc.
Publication: Genealogical Research System, 1994
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