woman Sprota of Burgundy‏‎, daughter of Rudolph of Upper "Rudolph I of Upper Burgundy" Burgundy, Duke of Upper Burgundy and Willa of "Willa of Swabia" Vienne‏. Adoption parents: Richard of "'the Justiciar', Richard of Burgundy" Burgundy and Adelaide of "Adelaide of Burgundy" Auxerre
Born ‎± ABT. 890 at Burgundy, France; 3‎
Name: Sprota of Burgundy
Given Name: Sprota of Burgundy
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 0890 in ,,Burgundy
Reference Number: 92353
_UID: F0269FE4B577F043ABA157073AF746294242
Note: m. 912 Bernard the Dane; mother of Torf. [Falaise Roll, Table XI]
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Marriage 1 Bernard the Dane of Normandy Regent b: ABT 0855 in ,,,Denmark
Married: 0912
Torf the Rich de TORVILLE Seigneur b: ABT 0915/0920 in Harcourt,,Norma

Married ‎ 912 at 3 to:

man Bernard the Dane of "'the Dane'" Normandy, Lord of Harcourt‏‎, son of Benjamin Harcourt and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± ABT. 855 at Denmark, died ‎after AFT. 912 at Harcourt, Normandy, France‎
Name: Bernard the Dane of Normandy Regent
Given Name: Bernard the Dane of Normandy
NSFX: Regent
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 0855 in ,,,Denmark
Death: AFT 0912 in Harcourt,,,Normandy
Reference Number: 92352
_UID: 23C0255979B66A4F8BC328AEC98B9674CBCC
The ancestor of the Harcourts. Contemporary of Rollo the Dane who in 879
granted him the Lordship of Harcourt in Normandy. [The Roll of Battle Abbey, p.

Governor and regent of Normandy in 912; m. 912 Sprota of Burgundy; father of
Torf. Bernard's descendants are the sires de Beaumont, comtes de
Meulent, the barons of Cancelles and Saint-Paer, the lords of Gournay
and Milly, the barons of Neubourg, the vicomtes of Evreux, the earls of
Leicester and many other noble French and English houses. [Falaise Roll, Table
XI, p. 14]

Descendant of the kings of Denmark; companion of Duke Rollo. [Falaise Roll, p.

Possible ancestors would be King Godfred (d. 810) and his son Horik (d.c. 850);
Godfred's nephew Hemming; of King Harald and his sons Harald Klak (d. 853/4) or
Rorik. See The Norman Achievment and A History of the Vikings and An Outline
History of Denmark as reference.
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Marriage 1 Sprota of Burgundy b: ABT 0890 in ,,Burgundy
Married: 0912
Torf the Rich de TORVILLE Seigneur b: ABT 0915/0920 in Harcourt,,Normandy,France
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man Torf of "'the Rich'" Harcourt, Sire de Tourville‏
Born ‎between 915 BET., - and at Harcourt, Brienne, Eure, Normandy, France; 3, died ‎ at Normandy, France
Name: Torf Harcourt 2
Name: Seigneur De Torville Torf 3
Birth: ABT 928 in Harcourt, Brionne, Eure, Normandy 4
Death: AFT 955 2
Death: ABT 970 in Normandy 5
Death: ABT 1019 2
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