woman Margaret, Princess of England‏‎, daughter of Henry III Plantagenet King of England , King of England and Eleanor Berenger Countess Of Provence‏.
Born ‎ Oct 5, 1240 at Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England, died ‎ Feb 27, 1274/1275 at Cupar Castle,Cuper,Fifeshire,Scotland‎, approximately 33 years, buried ‎ at ,Dunfermline,Fifeshire,Scotland

Married ‎ Dec 26, 1251 at ,York,Yorkshire,England (approximately 22 years married) to:

man Alexander III, KING Scotland‏‎, son of Alexander II King of Scotland and Marie De COUCY QUEEN OF SCOTLAND , QUEEN OF SCOTLAND‏.
Born ‎ Sep 4, 1241 at ,Roxburgh,Roxburghshire,Scotland, died ‎ Mar 19, 1285/1286 at ,Kinghorn,Fifeshire,Scotland‎, approximately 43 years, buried ‎ Mar 29, 1286 at ,Dunfermline,Fifeshire,Scotland, ‎1st marriage to: Margaret, Princess of England, 2nd marriage to: Joan, Princess of England, 3rd marriage to: Yolande Comptesse De Montfort de Dreux