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man Thierry II (or Theodoric) Comte De Chaunois‏‎, son of Thierry I 'The Treasurer' De Chaunois Comte D'Autun , Comte D'Autun and N.N.‏.
Died ‎before 893, 1st married/ related to: Nn. Von Metz, ‎2nd married/ related to: Burgundy
[De La Pole.FTW]

Source: RC 258. Count of Chaunois, 880.


man Manases I "The Old" de Chalons‏
Born ‎estimated WFT 865 at Chalons,Champagne,France, died ‎ Oct 31, 920‎, approximately 55 years
[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: RC 258.
Count of Chalons-sur-Seine, of Vergy, Auxonne, Dijon, and Beaune.

ES ii, 189 [rev. in iii(1)], shows Ermengarde's husband, Giselbert, Duke ofBurgundy, as son of Manasses, as son of an unnamed daughter of Buvinus,Count of Metz.Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners" (258:38), calls him Count of
Chalons-sur -Seine, of Vergy, Auxonne, Dijon, and Baune.