man Prince William of England Duke of Normandy , Duke of Normandy‏‎, son of Henry I "Beauclerc" King Of England and Matilda "Atheling" Princess of Scotland‏.
Born ‎before Aug 5, 1103 at of Selby,York,England, died ‎ Nov 26, 1119 at At Sea,Near Barfleur,France‎, at least 16 years
The Plantagenet Chronicles, ed. by Dr. Elizabeth Hallam, p. 37. He was the Heir Apparent. He drowned when his ship "Le Blanc Nef" (the White Ship" sank off Barfleur after hitting rocks. The crew were drunk after reveling with the Prince and his entourage. The Prince was seventeen.
Called the Aetheling; died without issue in a shipwreck. Source of birthdate is Royal Gen.

Married ‎ Jun 1119 at Lisieux,Calvados,France to: