man Francesco Baudino‏‎, son of Pietro Angelo Baudino and Catterina Meinardi‏.
Born ‎ Jul 5, 1865 at Montalenghe, Torino, Italia, baptized ‎ Jul 5, 1865 at Montalenghe, Torino, Italia, died ‎ 1921 at Aguilar, Las Animas, Colorado‎, 55 or 56 years
This information taken from LDS microfilm roll 26.

Additional information came from the following Email: From: Angie Geiser [] Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 5:05 PM
Subject: Baudino Family

Hi Dan,

My name is Angela Baudino Geiser. My neice Sharla shared your information with me and I have been doing some research since. Francesco Baudino is my grandfather, (born 1865, died 1921) and I'm sure it's the same person you have information on. His wife was Teresa, (born 1883, died 1963). I found the Ellis Island records where they came from Montalenghe in 1906. (My grandfather had come before in the early 1900's to Aguilar, CO and was a merchant hauling goods and providing services with wagons and stagecoaches) My brother Gerald is still carrying on the business today with G & C Trucking.
Francesco went back to Italy, married Teresa and they both came to America in 1906. My father, Angelo Henry Baudino, was born on August 25, 1907, died in 1960. My father also had three sisters, Katherine, Marie, and Alma. (Katherine and Alma are still living, but in poor health.)

I also read a reply you made to Natalie Thompson, and I am confused by one thing. In Sharla's information, you say that Francesco's father was Pietro Angelo, and his mother was Catterina Meinardi. In Natalie's message, you say that your grat-great grandfather was Giacomo and that he was married to Catterina Meinardi. Could you clear this up for me? Thanks for any information you have!

From: Angie Geiser []
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 7:23 PM
To: DC
Subject: Re: Giovanni Piancino


Yes, I received the family group sheets. Thank you. I haven't had a lot of time to look them over--busy at work with a financial audit happening next week. However, the information you sent today fascinates me. This is what I think--Giovanni who married Francesca and had a daughter Teresina is not the same Giovanni who is Frank Baudino's brother-in-law. Remember in 2002 when we e-mailed, I had a confusion about the Meinardi connection and something did not make sense. Anyway, the Giovanni who was accompanied by Maria Rodelia, are my great aunt and uncle, and their daughter Natalina is a cousin. I visited them in a suburb of Chicago when I was about 17 years old, and stayed with Uncle John and Aunt Mary. Natalie is living in Washington with her brother Martin Piancino. His wife passed away, and she is divorced. They are both elderly (of course, and in poor health). Her dad John (Giovanni) and she visited us in Aguilar, Colorado when I was very young. Aguilar is about 18 miles from Trinidad. I think Natalie might have been 6 months old when they came to America from Italy. Uncle John's sister was Teresa Piancino, who married Frank Baudino. They are my father Angelo's parents aand my grandparents. Somehow, I knew that my grandfather Frank paid his brother-in-law John's way to come to America. Some of our cousins visited Natalie a few years ago, and brought me back some pictures of Martino Piancino and wife Maria (Iano) Piancino and their son John when he was about 13 or 14 years old. There is also a pic of Martino's brother Peter and wife Mincota and daughter Teresina (must have been a popular name--my middle name is Teresa, after my paternal grandmother). I would like to share with you sometime a little history written by my aunt Alma Baudino Dosen (my dad's sister) for an Aguilar Centennial book, which states that Frank traveled from Montalenghe to Aguilar, Colorado in the early 1900's and started a horse, wagon, and buggy business to supply services and products. He returned to Italy and married Teresa Piancino in Turin Italy on November 4, 1906, returned to the U.S. and continued the business he started. This is a 3rd generation business, that is still owned by one of my brothers. I have a brother Frank who was named after his grandfather. My brother was killed in a truck accident in 1979 at the age of 39. I have an 18-year old son named Frank.

Hope this all doesn't sound too confusing!! I'm off to a football game tonight. I will anxiously await a response from you.


Married ‎ Nov 4, 1906 at Montalenghe, Torino, Italia (14 or 15 years married) to:

woman Teresa Piancino‏‎, daughter of Martino Piancino and Maria Iano‏.
Born ‎ Jul 27, 1883 at Montalenghe, Torino, Italia, baptized ‎ Jul 27, 1883 at Montalenghe, Torino, Italia, died ‎ 1963 at Aguilar, Las Animas, Colorado‎, 79 or 80 years


man Angelo Henry Baudino‏
Born ‎ Aug 25, 1907 at Aguilar, Las Animas, Colorado, died ‎ 1960 at Aguilar, Las Animas, Colorado‎, 52 or 53 years
woman Katherine Baudino‏‎
woman Maria Baudino‏‎
woman Alma Baudino‏‎