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woman Elizabeth Menefee‏
Born ‎± 1715, died ‎between 1770 and 1800‎, 84 or 85 years
man Gerrard Jarrett "Gerrard Menefee" Menefee‏
Born ‎ 1721 at VA. AKA [Jarrett], died ‎ Mar 3, 1811 at Lincoln, Kentucky‎, 89 or 90 years
buried in Old Whitley Cemetery near Stanford, KY

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Hi Kelly - I am a descendant of James Menefee, son of Gerrard, who are both buried in the Whitley Cemetery, which is in Lincoln Co., Ky. Now, although I cannot prove it, I believe that since Nancy Menefee (daughter of Gerrard and sister to James)married an Elmore she is NOT the Nancy buried in the Whitley cemetery. I believe it was Nancy Menefee who was married to James (Gerrard's son).

About a year ago I had been searching for Nancy's (James' wife) last name - it has been listed as Hulch or Hatch on all information I could find. However, there were no records of Hulch or Hatch families in the Lincoln Co. area at the time and I had found where the marriage bond listed William Hu... (this name was read as Hulch or Hatch) was her father and the bond was witnessed by a John Hu... I was contacted by a Hurst researcher who told me that a William Hurst died in Tennessee in 1818 and listed in his will as an heir one James Manifee. This William apparently had had a daughter named Nancy -- Nancy Menefee (James' wife) had already died which would have explained James being listed as an heir in William Hurst's will. With this information, I believe strongly that James' wife was Nancy Hurst, daughter of William Hurst, Jr., son of William "Brindle Bill" Hurst and Judith Caffey and that she's the Nancy buried with James in the Whitley cemetery

Also, because of some of the above information, Now, I believe that the suggestion that James and Nancy were twins probably came about because of an error on the headstones of James and his wife, Nancy.

Hope this doesn't muddy the waters too much but thought I would throw it out there..

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Re: Menefee/Southerland and family Kelly O'Hanrahan 6/04/04

Posted by: Kelly O'Hanrahan (ID *****4524) Date: May 30, 2004 at 11:04:
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I have read quite a bit this morning and have straightened out my family line, wtih much appreciation to those who have participated on this site and have spent countless hours discerning the true family lines. First, I need to verify what my understanding of the family line and then I need some additional assistance.

1) It is my understanding that Gerrard Menefee b. 1721 in Montgomery Co., VA and d. 7 Mar 1811 in Lincoln Co., KY. Gerrard was married to Agnes Sutherland (b.1723 VA/d. 1822 Lincoln Co., KY). There were part of the "4 brothers who settled in the Tappahanock River Valley, etc. Of their children, Nancy A. Menifee [a twin b. 3 jan 1766 in VA/d. 30 Aug. 1817) did marry John Elmore. They were married by William Owsley per a document located in Lincoln Co., Ky signed on June 15, 1802, but the license was lost. Although I have that Nancy and her father Gerrard were died in what became Lincoln Co., KY, there were both buried in Old Whitley Cemetery near Stanford, KY.

Is the Stanford area or Whitely Cemetery part of Lincoln Co., Kentucky?

2) Going backwards, I have a marriage date of 1750 for Gerrard and Angnes Suhterland. Place would be VA. Does anyone have anything more specific?

3) Now the fun begins:

I think I am missing a generation in the beginning below and will be lucky if any of this material actually links up correction. HELP! :)

Gerrard's father is either William, John or George. b. 1689 in Westmoreland or Fanklin Co., Colony of VA. He married to ?? 1708-1740 place unknown and d. 1724-1780 in VA.

The person above's father was a William b. 9 Mar 1636 in VA and also married ??? 1658-1690 place unknown and d. 1690-1731, place unknown.

William's father was George II, b. 1622, place unknown, who married Mary Potts [or is it Pott] around 1634-1644, place unknown. He died 1645 in Jamestown, James City Co., Colony of VA. Information pertaining to his wife, Mary is b. 1599-1627, place unknown and d. aft. 28 Nov 1705 in VA.

Geroge II's father was George b. 1571-1600 in England. He married a Mary ??? 1597-1640, place unknown and d. 1625-1685 possibly by James River, Westover Estate, Charles City, VA. His wife Mary was b. 1580-1603 in England and d. 1625-1691 place unkown.

Thanks to anyone who responds!

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Re: Menefee/Southerland and family Elizabeth Ussery 6/04/04
Re: Menefee/Southerland and family Kelly O'Hanrahan 6/04/04


buried in Old Whitley Cemetery near Stanford, KY
man Jonas MENEFEE‏
Born ‎ 1726 at Brumfield Parish, Culpeper Co., VA.---see notes, died ‎ 1782 at Culpeper Co., VA.---dates Everton File, see facts‎, 55 or 56 years, buried ‎ at Will enetered into probate 1783, written 1779
Baptism: 20 NOV 1985 SLAKE

Endowment: 22 Aug 1995 JRIVE

Sealing to Parents: 14 DEC 1985 SLAKE Source Call No.: 1396088 Type: Film

Sealing to Spouse: 11 JUL 2000 COCHA

Elizabeth Chew

Everton File Vol I disk 2 10774 sub by Wm H Hopkins, Sr
Jonas' Will: son John and brother of Jonas named as executors
Will dated 2-23-1779
Properly signed and witnessed, was entered for probate Nov. 18,1782. It is recorded in Will Book B, page 533 in Culpeper Co. circuit Court clerk's office:

I, Jonas Manifee [sic] of the Parish of Bromfield in the County of Culpeper, being sick and weak but sound sense and memory thanks be to God for the same do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth;

Item it is my will all my just debts be paid---

item it is my will that my track of land in Hamshor [Hampshire?] County be should sould to the highest bidder and the money arising therefrom to be in the hands of my beloved wife Elizabeth Manifee for her and the family's support--

item it is my will that my beloved wife Elizabeth Menifee have and enjoy all my estate during her natural life or widowhood--

item it is my will after my wife's death that my hole Estate Euqly divided between all my children then living--

item I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife Elizabeth Manifee executrix and my son Henry as Exr. of this my last will and testament in witness hear of I have set my hand and fixt [sic] my seal this twenty-third day of February in the year of our Lord 1779.

[Mary Thompson][mthompson@aol.com] Culpeper Co. VA. Deed book E page 39: rented 128 acres of land from Lord Fairfax. In Virginia deed book II page 39. On Page 44 is the will of Jonas of Brumfield Parish. Has record of son Henry. In a deed at Hampshire Co., W. VA. dated 11 Apr 1762, gerrard Menefee buys land adjoining Jonas Menefee, his brother. Brother johb bought land there also in 1765.
Book "The Undying Past, Shenandoah National Park" by Darwin Lambert. On p. 277 it says that there is a Menefee graveyard between the headwaters of Frazier Hollow & Butterfield Branch. There are about 25-30 graves, several sunken graves. Native rock markers & one engraved granite tombstone for Catherine
Frazier Menefee, wife of BFM. died 1900. To get there you go up Pass Mountain Trail to abandoned Oventrop trail to old road trace & follow it northwest about on mile. Cemetery is in an old orchard about about 150 feet west of chimney & house ruins, the Ben Menefee place.
copy of e-mail from Margaret Smith nee Menefy, New Zealand to Sue Eagle Sparkman, on Genforum, Menefee Family Genealogy Forum:---4-3-1998

Thanks for your response. It was exciting to make contact with a Menefy in N. America.
The earliest recorded use of the name Menefy or variants that I can find in England [or anywhere else for that matter] is about 1580 in Devon. As far as the variant spelling is concerned, family folklore has it that one of my ancestors decided to change his last letter of his surname from an "I" to a "Y" because he wanted to sign his name with a flourish, but I have no doubt that all the Menefys, Menefees, Menefies, Minifies, and Menifies have a common ancestor somewhere along the line.
Another part of the Menefy Legend says that they were of Huguenot descent. The date 1580 date in Devon fits well with the persecution of Protestants in continental Europe as does the first recorded presence of my ancestor, Richard, in Andover in 1688.
The Menefys who came to New Zealand between 1893 and 1913 were the descendants of the eldest [William Henry Menefy] of two brothers [and five sisters] who were born in Andover, Eng. between 1830 and 1844. Some of the other brother's [Alfred Purver Menefy] descendants are now living in North America. There is one [Sydney] Menefy family still resident in England although there are several Minifies still living in Devon.
Wouldn't it be nice to find that my particular ancestors were descended from a stay-at-home branch of your Menefee ancestors, or that both had a common ancestory in Europe?...
[My note- These names sure run through our family, too; the Menefee's had a propensity of naming children after the previous generations.]

woman Martha Menefee‏
Born ‎± 1715, died ‎between 1742 and 1800‎, 84 or 85 years
Admix. of Daniel Flowere, dcd, with Bro. John Menefee, L200
man William Menefee‏
Born ‎ 1723 at VA., died ‎ 1797 at Knox Co., TN‎, 73 or 74 years
man John Menefee‏ Crosier page 57
Born ‎ 1718 at Spotsylvania Co.. VA., died ‎± Aug 24, 1765 at Brumfield Parish, Culpeper Co., VA.‎, approximately 47 years
FTM CD. 14
Will mentions 200 acres to be divided equally between John and Henry when Henry becomes 21. Also mentions 6 slaves to the two of them and one slave for each of his daughters. He names his son John and his brother Jonas as executors.
Adopted child: man Jonas MENEFEE‏
Adopted child: man William Menefee‏
Adopted child: woman Martha Menefee‏
Adopted child: man John Menefee‏ Crosier page 57
Adopted child: woman Elizabeth Menefee‏