man Job Mathis‏‎, son of Micajah Mathis and Mercy Shreve‏.
Born ‎ Apr 17, 1750‎

Married/ Related to:

woman Leah Ellis‏‎, daughter of Aaron Ellis and Susannan (Ellis)‏.
Born ‎ Oct 31, 1750, died ‎ 1797‎, 46 or 47 years
Estimable woman who had been brought up and educated in all of the ladylike accomplishments which were fashionable at that time. She was a strict member of the Baptist Church. It was said she resided 12 miles from Mannahawken, where there was a Baptist Church, and she used to ride on horseback to that place to attend the Baptist meetings.


man Micajah Mathis‏
Born ‎ Feb 2, 1786, died ‎ Jul 1, 1857‎, 71 years
man Elihu Mathis‏
Born ‎ Sep 12, 1792, died ‎ Dec 11, 1856‎, 64 years. Occupation: Surveyor, State Represent
He was a surveyor and by his unswerving adherence to justice and precision in his work he gained the confidence of his acquaintances, many of who when they were involved in difficulties or had business in his line, unhesitating and confidently sought his counsel and efficient aid. He was unusually well informed in legal matters for one who had never studied for the profession. Like many of the name he was noted for the soundness of his judgment, for keeping his own counsel, and confidence of others, and also for his firmness when he thought he was right. He was elected Township Assessor for nine years in succession. He was several years a Justice of the Peace and Represented for two years his district in the State Legislature of New Jersey. In 1838 Elihu bought a farm from Thomas Willits. He repaired the old farm building and built some new ones. After his death on December 11, 1856 aged 64 years and three months, his daughter Sophronia became the proprietor of the farm.
man Ellis Mathis‏
Born ‎ Oct 28, 1797, died ‎ Jan 9, 1862 at Mathistown‎, 64 years