woman (Hallock)‏‎
Born ‎ at England

Married/ Related to:

man Peter Hallock‏‎
Other name: Peter Holyoke, born ‎ POSSIBLY 1570-1590 at possibly, Norfolk, England‎, ‎1st married/ related to: (Hallock), 2nd married/ related to: (Widow) Howell
He was probably an English Puritan, but his antecedents are unknown. His name may possibly have been Holyoke, which has been known in England for centuries, but Hallock is not a common name there. Hallock is not of record at Yarmouth or Hingham whence Rev. Youngs and his company, including Peter Hallock/Holyoke migrated.
According to a well authenticated legend, Peter Hallock/Holyoke landed at Southold, L.I., about 1640, with 12 others, all members of a Presbyterian Church in Hingham, Norfolk Co., England, about 100 miles N.E. of London. They were accompanied by Rev. John Youngs, their pastor, and immediately set up a church, naming the place Southold, apparently after a Southwold in their native land.
Peter Hallock was accompanied later by his second wife, known as the Widow Howell. She had a son and a daughter by a former husband and Peter also had a son by a former wife. He promised her that if she would accompany him to this new world, her son should share equally with his son in his estate.


man William Hallock‏
Born ‎ ABOUT 1610 at England, died ‎ Sep 29, 1684 at Aquebogue or West Mattituck, Long Island, NY His burial place is not known.‎, 73 or 74 years
William and Margaret settled on the land purchased by his father, Peter, in West Mattituck, L.I. He willed the land where he lived to his sons, Thomas and Peter; to his son, William, land near Southold; and to son John, land in Wading River. He was greatly displeased with John because he had married a Quakeress and joined the Society of Friends.
The four sons of William stand at the head of the four divisions of the Hallock family in America.