woman Anna Margaret Albert‏‎, daughter of Johan Albert Jr. , Jr. and Mary Weniger‏.
Nickname: Annie, also known as: Albert/ Aulbach, Anna, married name: Shields, born ‎ Oct 4, 1870 at Brooklyn,Kings,NY, baptized ‎ Oct 16, 1870 at Most Holy Trinity Church,Brooklyn,Kings Co.,NY, died ‎ Jan 17, 1939 at New York‎, 68 years. Occupation: ‎after 1889 at New York; washing and ironing

New York Census, 1790-1890

1870 ALBERT ANNIE Kings County NY 140 17 W. Brooklyn Federal Population Schedule NY 1870 Federal Census Index NY311793

Married ‎ 1886/1887 (approximately 48 years married) to:

man Francis Joseph Shields‏‎, son of Andrew Sylvester Shields and Anna *unknown Mrs. Duffey‏.
Nickname: Frank, born ‎ Jan 1868 at Brooklyn,Kings Co. NY, died ‎ Feb 10, 1934 at Park East Hospital,New York City,NY‎, 66 years, cause of death: chronic myocardis, gastric ulcer and cholelethiares(sp?), buried ‎ Feb 14, 1934 at St. Johns Cemetery #1882. Occupations: ‎ at New York; harness maker, ‎before 1887 at New Jersey; sugar works, ‎ 1889 at 59 North 2nd Street,Brooklyn,Kings Co.,NY; harnessmaker, ‎after 1889 at Wall Street,New York City,New York; clerk-New York Stock Exchange
Nickname: Frank
Cause of Death: gastric ulcer
Occupation: New York Stock Exchange Clerk for 10 years

Frank lost his eyesight in one eye as a baby. He was sitting in his highchair next to a window when a snowball (it was snowing and kids were playing snowball fight) crashed through the window, breaking the glass. A piece of the glass flew into his eye and put his eye out.



man Francis? *Shields‏‎
Nickname: Frank, born ‎before 1888 at New York or New Jersey, died ‎ 1890? at New York‎, cause of death: He died shortly after coming back to his family, because he so run down from being "farmed out" when his mother was sick and couldn't care for him.
The following is based on an interview between my Aunt Peg (Margaret Shields/Eberhardt) and my Great-Aunt Lil (Lillian Shields/Tyree) in June 1978:

Although Frank is not listed on the family data sheet that my aunt gave me in '78 for Annie Albert/Shields and Frank Shields, I have added him as a child based on the interview; the other possibility is: that he is Annie's much younger brother left in hers and Justina's care after the death of their parents (John Albert and Mary Weniger/Albert). When Annie was so sick after her mother's funeral (Fall 1888) she couldn't take care of her family so the children were "farmed out".[which children?] When she got Frank back, he was so run down that he died.
man Edward Shields‏‎
Born ‎ 1889 at New York, died ‎ 1890 at New York‎, 0 or 1 years
The following is based on a typewritten copy of an interview between my Aunt Peg (Margaret Shields/Eberhardt) and my Great-Aunt Lil (Lillian Shields/Tyree) in June of 1978:

Annie either carried and/or concieved Edward durring the time period (Summer-Fall of 1888) of her mother's decline and subsequent death. It is said that when Annie was at the cemetery for the funeral she caught cold because it was raining. She became very run down and couldn't take care of her family; so the children were farmed out [which ones?]. The doctor told Annie that she would carry the effects of the cold in her lungs for the rest of her life as she was spitting up blood. She then told him that she was pregnant [with Edward], and he said it couldn't be. When Edward was about two months old, Annie took him to the doctor [presumably the same one]. The doctor was a big man, and he bounced Edward on his knee and said, "God Dammit! Where did you get this baby from?!" [imagine a pediatrician doing that these days!] Then he gave him his examination; and he told Annie that he was sorry to tell her but Edward would not live more than a year. It was hard for Annie to believe that because Edward was so big and healthy in appearance. However, one day when he was about a year old and sitting in his highchair for dinner, Edward had a convulsion and died. [could it have something to do with the "cold" Annie had while she carried him?]
man John Frank Shields‏
Born ‎ 1899 at New York, died ‎before 1960‎, at most 61 years
man James Henry Shields‏
Nickname: Jim?, born ‎ Oct 25, 1894 at Brooklyn,Kings Co. NY, died ‎ Nov 26, 1960 at Rockville Center,NY‎, 66 years, buried ‎ Dec 1, 1960 at Greenfield Cemetery,Hempstead,NY. Occupations: ‎ at Valley Stream,NY; Captain of the fire department company #4, ‎ at New York; machinest in the navy yard, ‎ at Long Beach,New York; liquor store and conssesioner, ‎ 1930 at New York; refreshment concessioner
BIOGRAPHY: - taken from "Valley Stream Mail" (Thursday, December 1, 1960)
"Services Held For James Shields, Old-Time Resident"
"James Shields, a former resident of Valley Stream for over 40 years died Monday, November 28 after a long illness. Born Brooklyn, Mr. Shields was one of the organizers of the Valley Stream Fire Department Company of which he was an ex-Captain. He was a formerproprietor of his own buisiness in Valley Stream for over 12 years. He is survived by his wife, Amelia; two daughters, Mrs. Evelyn Baldwin, Mrs. Gladys Klingbeil; one sister, Mrs. Lillian Tyree; three brothers, Anthony, William, and Arthur Shields; seven grand-children; James, Barbara, Colleen, and Kenneth Baldwin, Karen, Gary, and Claudia Klingbeil.
Religious services were conducted at The Moore Funeral Home on 54 West Jamaica Avenue on Wednesday, November 30 at 8:00 P.M. Rev. Paul L. Sarturio, Pastor of Grace Methodist Church officiated. Interment will take place this morning, Thursday, December 1 in the family plot in Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead."
man Lester Shields‏
Born ‎ 1894 at New York‎. Occupation: ‎ 1930 at New York; musician
Disabled vet [presumably WWI] according to Arthur M. Shields, he couldn't drive.
woman Lillian Shields‏
Born ‎ Feb 16, 1903 at New York, died ‎ Apr 1987 at Wantagh,Nassau,NY‎, 84 years
man Anthony Joseph Shields‏
Nickname: Tony?, born ‎ Aug 16, 1904 at New York City,NY, baptized ‎ 1904 at Brooklyn,Kings,NY, died ‎ Sep 23, 1997 at Rockville Centre,Nassau,NY‎, 93 years. Occupation: ‎ at New York; stockbroker - worked Harris Windthrop
man William Joseph (Frances) Shields‏
Nickname: Bill, born ‎ Sep 21, 1907 at Covert St.,Brooklyn,NY,Kings Co., baptized ‎ Oct 6, 1907 at St. Brigid's R.C. Church Brooklyn,NY, died ‎ Sep 18, 1976 at Point Pleasant Hospital,NJ‎, 68 years, buried ‎ Sep 21, 1976 at Evergreen Cemetery,Brooklyn,NY. Occupations: ‎ at New York; bus mechanic and bar tender, ‎ 1930 at New York; brokerage clerk
Nickname: Bill
Cause of Death: heart attack
BIOGRAPHY: - taken from a newspaper dated June 29, 1970
"Shields Addresses Seniors- William Shields, standing, is shown here addressing approximately 450 senior citizens of Leisure Village at the American Legion Post Hall, Mantoloking Road, Thursday evening. Shields' speech questioned the increased cost of maintenance, calling the 37 to 63 per cent increase "unjust". Lawyers from Trenton and Perth Amboy havebeen retained by the members of Leisure Village who, according to Shields, areunsure of how the funds are being used by Leisure Technology, Incorporated, builders of the village. Another meeting has been scheduled for July 18, at 11 a.m.
- (I, Brenda Cabell, corrected the misspelling of 'Sheilds' while typing this).
William entered the Point Pleasant Hospital August 31, 1976.
man Arthur Merritt Shields‏
Born ‎ Jul 26, 1910 at Woodhaven,NY, baptized ‎ at St. Thomas The Apostle,Woodhaven,NY, died ‎ Jun 1980 at Valley Stream,Nassau,NY‎, 69 years. Occupations: ‎ 'S at Long Beach Boardwalk,New York; owned and ran concession stand(s), ‎ 1930 at New York; Oil burner mechanic