man Achilles av Peleus‏‎, son of Peleus av Aeacus * and Thetis av Nereus *‏.
Also known as: Achilleus, born ‎before 1225 BC, died ‎ BC‎, cause of death: of a shot above the heel by Paris (son of ____), buried ‎ at No Burial?
Was said to be practically invulnerable except for the foot that he was held by as he was dipped in the river Styx.

Married/ Related to:

woman Deidameia av Lycomedes *‏‎, daughter of Lycomedes * and N.N.‏.



man Neoptolemus av Achilles‏
Also known as: Pyrrhus, born ‎ BC, died ‎ at Delphi
Name Prefix: King of Ioclus