man Thomas Jefferson‏‎, son of Col. Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph‏.
Born ‎ Apr 13, 1743 at Shadwell,Abemarle Co.,VA, died ‎ Jul 4, 1826 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,Virginia‎, 83 years, buried ‎ Jul 1826 at Monticello Cemetery,Abermarle Co.,VA. Occupation: ‎ 1801 at United States Of America; 3rd president

Married ‎ Apr 6, 1789 at Paris,France (37 years married) to:

woman Sarah Hemings‏‎, daughter of John Wayles and Elizabeth Hemings‏.
Nickname: Sally, born ‎ 1773 at Guinea,Cumberland,Virginia, died ‎ 1835 at Charlottesville,VA‎, 61 or 62 years. Occupation: slave of John Wayles and then Thomas Jefferson through inheritance, she worked primarily as nursemaid to Martha Jefferson
She was first "property" of John Wayles (who was also her father); but upon his death, she, and her brothers and sisters, were willed to his daughter Martha (wife of Thomas Jefferson). Sally (after receiving a small pox innoculation) accompanied Martha Jefferson to France at her Father's request. Durring the month of April 1789, records show that Thomas Jefferson spent a total of 216 francs on clothing for Sally, which suggests that he may have begun having relations with her at that time since he was not in the habit of buying things for his slaves.



man Thomas Corbin Woodson Sr. , Sr.‏
Born ‎ 1790 at Monticello,Virginia, died ‎ 1879 at Berlin Cross Roads,Jackson,OH‎, 88 or 89 years, buried ‎ at Cemetery Jackson County Roads,Ohio. Occupation: ‎ 1870 at Milton Township,Jackon Co.,OH; farmer
Name Suffix: Sr.
BIOGRAPHY: Sally Hemings was pregnant with Tom when shereturned home from Paris with Jefferson in 1789. She went in 1787 with his younger daughter in 1787, and returned with the family.

BIOGRAPHY: James Callender, "a scandal-mongering writer and Jefferson enemy", wrote..."It is well known that the man keeps and for many years has kept, as his concubine, one of his slaves. Her name is Sally. The name of her eldest son is Tom. His features are said to bear a striking, though sable resemblance to those of the president himself...By...Sally, our president has had several children. There is not an individual in the neighborhood of Charlottesville who does not believe the story, and not a few who know it" - taken from "Thomas Jefferson's Black and White Decendants Debate His Lineage And Legacy" Ebony magazine July 1993.

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas was sent away after the article broke, however, to live with a white family whose surname was Woodson. Because he was angry with Jefferson at having been banished from Monticello, he took the Woodson name. Thomas Woodson grew up to be a land-owner and he bought the freedom of Jemima Grant and their eleven children, including Frances Woodson. He and his sons fought against slavery and operated depots on the underground railroad.
woman Harriet Hemings‏
Born ‎ Oct 5, 1795 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA, died ‎ 1795‎, under 1 year old
man William Beverly Hemings‏
Born ‎ 1798 at Shadwell,Abemarle Co.,VA, died ‎after 1822 at Washington DC‎, at least 24 years. Occupation: ‎ at Shadwell,Abemarle Co.,VA; he was a slave untill he was allowed to "escape" with his sister Harriet, they eventually lived in DC
woman Thenia Hemings‏‎
Born ‎ Nov 1799, died ‎ 1802‎, 2 or 3 years
woman Harriet Hemings II , II‏
Married name: Coles, born ‎ May 1801 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA, died ‎ 1873/1876 at DC?‎, approximately 72 years. Occupations: ‎ 1801 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA; slave of Thomas Jefferson untill she and her brother were allowed to "run away", ‎ 1815 at Monticello,Philadelphia,and DC?; textile worker
Although Harriet was born a slave, she lived in the 'great house' and only did light duties such as errands. She learned how to spin and weave in a small factory on the plantation. She left Monticello at the age of 21 (not legally, but with permission) to live as a white woman for which she easily passed. Edmund Bacon (former Monticello overseer), upon Thomas Jefferson's instructions, paid her stage fare to Philadelphia and gave the girl fifty dollars.
man Madison Hemings‏
Also known as: James Madison Hemings, born ‎ Jan 18, 1805 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA, died ‎ 1877 at Pike Co.,Ohio‎, 71 or 72 years, buried ‎ at Williams Cemetery,Ross Co.,Ohio. Occupation: ‎ at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA; slave of Thomas Jefferson - later allowed to "escape"
BIRTH: He was named by Dolly Madison who was visiting Monticello at the time of his birth.

Although he could have passed as a white man he kept his black identity.
man Eston Hemings‏
Also known as: Easton, born ‎ May 21, 1808 at Abermarle Co.,VA, died ‎± 1854 at Wisconson‎, approximately 46 years

2nd marriage
man Thomas Jefferson‏‎, son of Col. Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph‏.

Married ‎ Jan 1, 1772 at The Forest,Charles City,VA (10 years married) to:

woman Martha *Wayles‏‎, daughter of John Wayles and Martha *Eppes‏.
Nickname: Patsy, born ‎ Oct 30, 1748 at Charles City,Virginia, died ‎ Sep 6, 1782‎, 33 years


woman Martha *Jefferson‏
Nickname: Patsy, born ‎ Sep 27, 1772 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA‎
woman Jane Randolph *Jefferson‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 3, 1774 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA‎
woman Maria *Jefferson‏
Also known as: Mary, born ‎ Aug 1, 1778 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA‎
woman Lucy Elizabeth *Jefferson‏‎
Born ‎ May 8, 1782 at Monticello,Abemarle Co.,VA‎