This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Aragon. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Aragon, Alfonso III King of Aragon 1265-11-04
Aragon, Alfonso III of 1265-11-04
Aragon, Aznar 666
Aragon, Aznar Galindez 710
Aragon, Beatriz of  
Aragon, Constance of 1179
Aragon, Constanza of 1179
Aragon, Constança of 1239-10-00
Aragon, Fernando of 1246
Aragon, Galindo Aznarez 685
Aragon, Isabel of 1271-01-04
Aragon, Jaime II King of Aragon 1267-08-10
Aragon, Jaime II of 1243-05-30
Aragon, Jaime II of 1267-08-10
Aragon, Jaime of  
Aragon, Juan of  
Aragon, Leonor of 1251
Aragon, Maria of 1245
Aragon, Pedro III King of Aragon 1240
Aragon, Pedro III of 1236
Aragon, Pedro of 1275
Aragon, Sancho of 1247
Aragon, Sancho of 1251
Aragon, Sancho of 1276
Aragon, Toda 735
Aragon, Violante of 1236
Aragon, Yolanda of 1273
Aragon, Yolande of 1238-01-00